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Residential Assisted Living
National Convention

New Dates & Location Coming Soon!
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Residential assisted living represents the biggest real estate boom for the next 25 years and helps ordinary people turn one single family home into a financial legacy.

The late Gene Guarino, founder of Residential Assisted Living Academy was both our friend and a well-respected expert in the space … We’re THRILLED his team and family are continuing his mission to help others discover the opportunity to ‘Do Good and Do Well” in this fast-growing industry. 

RAL NAT CON is the first and only national convention focused exclusively on Residential Assisted Living.

Last year, hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs and industry professionals gathered together from across the country at RAL NAT CON to learn, grow, sell and network … And this year will be even BIGGER!

We’re big proponents of catching a ride on this “silver tsunami”

A massive wave of seniors is coming and their influence in every demographic shift is undeniable. 

As the Boomers continue to get older and live longer, the need for senior housing and assisted living is only going to grow … As will the opportunity it provides for entrepreneurs and investors.

This is your chance to be at the forefront of this incredible opportunity in residential assisted living!

 At this comprehensive conference, you’ll learn:

  • How to virtually guarantee new residents and fill housing spots

  • How to stock and staff your home for the most success

  • In’s and out’s of funding your assisted living business

  • Options for investing in RAL homes as a hands-off investor

  • And much more!

This event will be jam-packed with workshops, educational sessions and networking to help you build a RAL business that is BIGGER and BETTER than ever before.

For anyone who wants to get started, expand, invest in, or help support the mission of providing high quality senior housing and care in a residential setting, this is the event of the year and a can’t-miss opportunity.

New Dates & Location Coming Soon!

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