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Atlanta Field Trip

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Atlanta Real Estate Setting the Tone

If you’ve never been to a seminar or field trip with The Real Estate Guys™, the first thing you should know is our events are educational.  This means no “run to the back of the room”, “today and today only” or other slimy high pressure tactics to sell you something on the first date.  In fact, we’re radio guys and we don’t sell real estate.

However, we’re guessing you probably want to OWN more real estate.  After all, how much money can you make on a property you don’t own?

So on this trip, you’ll meet local market experts who provide many of the kinds of services you’ll need if you decide Atlanta is the market for you.  But nothing gets sold on the trip.  If you like what you see and who you meet, then you can follow up on your own. No pressure from us or any of our guest speakers. That’s the why the trip isn’t free or subsidized.  You pay for education and that’s what you get.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s talk about…


When you arrive at the Atlanta airport (ATL) on Friday, be sure to schedule your flight to arrive by 4:00 pm.  You’ll need to have enough time to fight the rush hour traffic (all those prospective tenants coming home from work) and get to the host hotel by 5:00 pm.  You don’t need to rent a car, but we don’t cover your cab fare, so plan ahead.  We’ll have a deal with the host hotel, so after you register we’ll let you know if they have a shuttle.

Friday night, we’ll have a meet and greet followed by a market overview presentation.  You’ll want to read up on the market before you come because we’re not going to share a bunch of information readily available to you on the internet.  You’re here to SEE the market, MEET the people and get away from your daily grind so you can focus on thinking about investing in this market.  If you’re like most A.D.D. computer users, you probably have 10 windows open and check your email between paragraphs.  We think you want to give this a tad more attention. 😉

After the classroom session, we’ll head out to a yummy dinner (included, except for your adult beverages) and everyone will get to know each other.  Our trips attract people from several states and we sometimes have international guests as well.  So not only are you building relationships in Atlanta, but you’ll get connected to other investors from all over.  Knowledge, networking and nutrition…and it’s only the first night!

Saturday morning we’re up and at ’em early.  We grab a quick breakfast and pile into the bus for a FULL day of touring. Don’t worry, we provide snacks, potty stops, enough lunch to keep you alive, and lots of coffee to keep you alert.  We all know the world needs more lerts.

We’ll visit the CBD (that’s real estate lingo for the Central Business District), loop around the metro, drive through several suburbs, and visit with local property management and real estate experts.  The group is small, so you’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions.  It’s very interactive.  We’ll also share with you the single MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION to ask your property manager.

Your mission is to look at this market’s infrastructure (transportation, education, medical, public services), employment and economic base, and get a feel for its stability and direction.  Beyond that, you want to see the sub-markets and where the pockets of opportunity are.  Of course, opportunity is in the eye of the investor, so we’ll look at a A, B and C stuff.  If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, we’ll explain it on the trip.

We usually emphasize single and multi-family residential because that’s what most people in our audience are interested in. But we also look at commercial and retail as well.  If you have a specific interest, be sure to let us know what you’re interested in when you register.

Remember, this trip isn’t about buying properties during the trip.  We know you want to, but first things first.  The trip is about learning the market and sub-markets to help narrow your property search criteria.  We think it’s important to start with the market first, then build a support team in the market, and THEN (with your team’s help), identify sub-markets, neighborhoods and properties that fit you and your investment objectives.

After a long day in the bus, we cap it off with a group dinner (also included).  And we usually try to find something fun we can all go do as a group.  Then back to the home base hotel for a quick nap before it’s time to…

Rise and shine on Sunday morning! 

After breakfast, we’ll have a live interactive strategy session, followed by presentations and Q&A with our local market experts.

After this power weekend, you’ll know more about Atlanta than most people who’ve lived there for years! 

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So what’s so special about Atlanta?

We thought you’d never ask!

After getting our hearts broken by those fast and easy markets during all that frothy pre-recession exuberance, we’ve settled down and now find ourselves attracted to well-grounded markets. Emphasis on “ground”, which is very important, as you’ll learn on the trip.

It’s no secret the economy has changed.  Lots of US manufacturing jobs went overseas (can you say “Detroit”?) and they don’t look like they’re coming back any time soon.  Plus, technology is also changing the way business is done, so even absent the trauma of Wall Street’s bond shenanigans, it’s smart to think carefully about the economy underneath any real estate market you choose to invest in.

Atlanta has some real pluses. Here are a few:

  • Atlanta has a huge population base with well over 5 million people in the Atlanta metro MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area), which puts it in the top 10 MSA’s in the USA.  Lots of people means political clout, critical mass to maintain and improve infrastructure, and a labor pool to attract employers.  All good things.
  • Atlanta has a great strategic location and one of the busiest airports in the world.  Retailing is alive and well, but much of it happens online.  That means lots of boxes getting shipped.  Atlanta is home to United Parcel Service – perhaps you’ve heard of them?  Distribution is a “grounded” business, meaning it happens here.  You can’t move those jobs to India or China.  It defeats the whole purpose.  When it comes to distribution, closer is better.  We talk about this a lot on the field trip.
  • Big educational infrastructure.  There are lots of colleges in the Atlanta area.  One of them offers a VERY attractive value in education.  In a weak US economy, people place a higher value on education to improve their chances of getting a job.  They also need a good deal on that education.  And when people move into an area to go to school, many times they don’t leave, especially if there are local employers and a good quality of life.
  • Quality of life (didn’t we just say that?).  Great weather, nice people, and lots to do.  Plus it’s pretty!  And business executives not only like places where their employees want to live, but head honchos also like to have a nice environment to enjoy during those few occasions when they actually leave the office.
  • Atlanta is home to several Fortune 500 companies.  We already mentioned UPS, but Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Delta Airlines are also headquartered here.  Atlanta has a very diverse economy, which is also a very good thing.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea.  It’s a major market, with great infrastructure and is strong in many of the things that matter.  That’s the BIG picture.  But to go from the 30,000 foot view to picking a neighborhood, a team and ultimately a property…well, that’s going to require getting on a plane and meeting the market face to face.  That’s why we do these trips.  It’s like a dating service.

While you focus on doing whatever you do to live, thrive and survive, we’re flying around meeting people and leveraging our experience and connections to line up a super efficient two and half day real estate adventure for you.  So for the price of admission and your airfare, you can cruise in on a Friday afternoon, get the Cliff notes, enjoy a guided tour; meet us, our friends in the market, and several other like-minded investors from all around; plus have a little fun- and be back home in time to go back to your day job on Monday morning.

So what are you waiting for?

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