The key to a healthy economy

The “Make America Great Again” freight train keeps on rolling along…

Of course, some people think America was already great.  So they see all this rhetoric as just politically motivated hyperbole.

Others think America was never great and now just got a whole lot worse.

Then there’s those who think America used to be great in some bygone golden age, but has now somehow lost her way and is in need of a savior…or at least an extreme makeover.

There’s probably some truth in all views.  But we think they all miss the most important point …

Whose job is it to make America (or any society) great… again or for the very first time?

As real estate investors, we care about economics, demographics, trends, and all the various macro-winds that blow around our investment vehicles.

Our goal is to avoid headwinds and catch some tailwinds.  Life is just easier with the wind at your back.

So is Donald Trump going to make it better … or will he make it worse?


Just like Presidents Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter, and every other President going back as far as you’d like to go.

Some people did better.  Some people did worse.

But how can that be?  How can different people produce dramatically different results in the SAME economic and political environment?

We hope the answer is obvious…

It’s individual choice … and individual action.  Emphasis on individual.

Each individual decides how to respond to external forces.  Challenges and opportunities are ALWAYS present. Which do YOU see today?

We’ve been guilty of missing opportunities because we were fixated on some problem over which we had NO control.

So instead of acting on what we did control, we wasted precious time, energy and focus on complaining… fretting over being stuck (in our own minds) by things we didn’t control.


Meanwhile, other people were busy taking effective action … using what they had, doing what they could, and seizing opportunity abandoned by other people paralyzed with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Robert Kiyosaki and his investing partner Ken McElroy were AGGRESSIVELY buying real estate in 2009 … when most people were afraid and angry at corrupt banks, misguided government policies, corporate greed, and irresponsible borrowing.

Was it justified to be angry at the people who played a role in imploding the mortgage and real estate markets?

Sure it was.  We were.

And it’s certainly totally reasonable to be outraged when bad actors get bailed out … while the honest, responsible people who played by the rules get nothing.

But if all you are is scared and mad, you miss out. Fear and anger don’t make you money.

And here’s the bigger perspective …

An economically healthy nation consists of a collection of economically healthy states, which consists of a collection of economically healthy individuals.

Which are YOU?  And which do YOU control?

Each of is part of a nation, a state, a community.  But each of us are individuals.  We can only control ourselves.

It’s not selfish to focus the bulk of your attention and energy on your own financial well-being. We’d argue it’s your civic duty.

In the safety briefing on an airplane, you’re told if there’s a drop in cabin pressure, put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST.


First, so YOU aren’t a burden on others. And next, so you can help others.

Yelling about how awful it is that the cabin lost pressure … and how stupid the pilot is … or how irresponsible the plane manufacturer is … while all that may be true … none of it helps.

What helps is YOU taking care of yourself FIRST. Doing what needs to be done.

First, don’t be a burden.  Next, create opportunity for others.   When each individual does this, the whole (family, community, city, state, nation, world) is greater.

So no matter how you FEEL about what’s going on in the world, remember… you probably have virtually no control over it.

Does that mean it’s “fair”?  That everyone is dealt the same hand?

Of course not.  Every real estate investor knows every single deal is different.  Every day is filled with diversity of circumstances.  Real estate investing is FAR from a level playing field.

We’re not saying fair play, equal access and the things society strives for aren’t important.  They are.

They’re just out of your direct control.

The surest path to making America (or wherever you are) great, is to take what the externals give you and find ways to make yourself great.

If enough people do that, America and the world WILL be greater … one person at a time.

For centuries, real estate has been a predictable wealth builder for average people … when they have the freedom to own it.

From that standpoint, most of us have hit the lottery. Most of us live where we have the lawful right to own real estate.

And no matter where you live, if you have that right, your country is already great.  At least great enough for you to become great.

Could it be better? Sure. And a great way to start is for YOU to own more properties that are profitable.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t call out injustice or stand up to tyranny.  Of course you should … no matter where you land on the political or philosophical spectrum. Every voice has a role in the symphony of public discourse.

Just remember the airplane. The MOST important thing is for YOU to stay healthy and strong.  That’s your first and most important contribution to the greater good. Real estate investing is a GREAT way to do it.

Until next time … good investing!

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The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.

This travel ban affects real estate investors …

We’ve heard some chatter in the news about regulations restricting travel.

Apparently, China’s restriction on the movement of capital is affecting global real estate markets.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Check out this January 26 Bloomberg headline …

China’s Army of Global Homebuyers is Suddenly Short on Cash

“China’s escalating crackdown on capital outflows is sending shudders through property markets around the world.”

This highlights a point we’ve been making for quite some time … China’s growing global financial influence has Main Street ramifications.

Consider this Bloomberg article from late last year …

World’s Biggest Real Estate Frenzy Is Coming to a City Near You

“Welcome to ground zero for the world’s largest cross-border residential property boom. Motivated by a weakening yuan, surging domestic housing costs and the desire to secure offshore footholds, Chinese citizens are snapping up overseas homes at an accelerating pace.”

“In the U.S., they’re increasingly searching for properties in Houston, Orlando and Seattle, which displaced San Francisco in the first quarter as the third-most viewed U.S. market on, a Chinese search engine for offshore real estate.”

Now let’s put the two articles together and marry them to some other thoughts and observations.

First, these are just reports.  They’re the START of your investigation, not the conclusion.

The facts you uncover aren’t by themselves “good” or “bad.”  They’re just information.

What the information means to YOU depends a lot on how you’re approaching your investing.

If you’re flipping in Houston or Orlando, you might be riding a hot market wave driven by Chinese demand … whether you know it or not.

But if the Chinese demand is receding, you could get caught.  That would be bad.

So perhaps you’d want to reduce your exposure … and only flip houses you could afford to hold until the market got hot again.

On the other hand, if you’re a long-term income investor, you might think it’s GREAT that the flow of Chinese money is slowing.

Lower prices make it easier to get a deal that cash flows.

The point is that the facts are neutral.  What matters is how YOU interpret and respond.

There is no one size fits all answer … and that’s GOOD.  Otherwise, there’d be a lot less opportunity.

Of course, you can only respond to the facts you see.

So if you’re not paying attention to the linkages, you might not think Chinese financial policy has any affect on your real estate investing half a world away.

But these articles indicate it does.

We’ve been talking about China for a while now.  And now, there’s a whole NEW dynamic to consider …

Like him or not, President Trump is stirring several pots pretty aggressively.  China may be on Trump’s list.

After he was elected, but before he was inaugurated, Trump vowed to name China a currency manipulator.  But so far, he hasn’t done it.

China is an economic force on many levels.  Just as the rest of the world has needed to watch the United States (and still does) … for the last few years, the United States has needed to watch China.

And now, the United States needs to watch China watch the United States!

How will the dance between the two largest economies play out on Main Street?

The rise of China has made investing more interesting, exciting, and complicated.

The rise of Donald Trump has turbo-charged all of that.

Here’s the GREAT NEWS…

Compared to stocks, bonds and commodities, real estate is SUPER simple and boring.

That’s good for us because we aren’t that bright.

But compared to real estate investing 30 years ago, it’s more complicated.

So again, how it feels to YOU depends on what you invest in and how long you’ve been investing.

We think stock, bond and commodity investors will increasingly discover real estate in their search for yield, stability, wealth preservation, privacy, asset protection, and simplicity.

That’s because real estate is arguably one of the best safe haven investments in volatile times.

But there’s a learning curve to be a real estate investor.  You can’t just sit in your crib with an app and dial up investment properties.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re personally dealing with tenants and toilets.


However, it does entail learning a new investing language, and building new relationships with advisors and purveyors of opportunities.  You’re joining a new club.

But even if you already know how to invest in real estate, you have a learning curve too.  Because the world is rapidly changing due to geo-politics, demographics, technology and systemic weakness.

It’s wise for experienced real estate investors to develop a sense of macro-trends and how they translate to Main Street real estate investing.

It’s dangerous to keep your nose too close to the grindstone.

Of course, it’s no secret we see a big opportunity for experienced active real estate investors to partner with transitioning paper asset investors through syndications.

Whether the money is fleeing China or a bubbly U.S. stock market, investors are looking for better places to store and grow their wealth.

Those movements will create challenges and opportunities depending on how you position yourself.

The key is to pay attention, seek out wise perspectives and new ideas, and to build a network of people who can help you take appropriate action.

We don’t know where the world will be in the coming months.

But we know on April 1st, we’ll be huddling up with our Investor Summit at Sea™ faculty and nearly 180 investors from all over the world.

We’ll be talking Trump, China, the U.S. dollar, gold, real estate markets and niches, and more.

You’re invited to join us.  It’s always amazing.

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The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.

The 15th annual Investor Summit at Sea

The Real Estate Guys 15th annual Investor Summit at Sea is a real estate investing conference on a cruise ship featuring Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki, G. Edward Griffin and many other notable speakers


When The Real Estate Guys™ 15th annual Investor Summit at Sea™ kicks off on April 1st, the world will be about 70 days into a VERY active Trump administration.

How will President Trump’s agenda unfold?  And more importantly, what impact will Trump’s agenda and actions have on financial markets and YOUR investments?

Of course, there’s a lot more than Donald Trump to consider when thinking about the financial markets, the U.S. and global economy, and the challenges and opportunities facing investors … real estate and otherwise … as we sail into 2017 and beyond.The Real Estate Guys 2017 Investor Summit at Sea will take place aboard Royal Caribbeans Liberty of the Seas with stops in Roatan, Belize and Cozumel.

Recently, global financial elites gathered in Davos, Switzerland for  The World Economic Forum.  One of the hot topics was global trade and where it may be headed in an era of growing U.S. nationalism.

Think about the role of global trade in the flows of capital in and out of financial markets, including real estate.

When China puts capital controls on its wealthy in an attempt to stop the flight of capital from China, it has a direct impact on real estate values … because wealthy Chinese like to store their wealth in real estate.  Often U.S. real estate.  When they can’t move their money, it slows things down.

And that’s just one example.

What if the U.S. imposes tariffs?  Does that mean the cost of imported goods go up?  How will that affect the working class folks who live paycheck to paycheck … and rent from you?

We’re not here to say any of these policies are good or bad.  It doesn’t matter what we think.  And frankly, it doesn’t matter what you think either.

This issue will be decided by the people in power.

Sure, the citizenry may have some influence over politicians, but at the end of the day the politicians will decide.  And whether we like it or not, we’ll all need to look at the reality and adjust accordingly.

The GREAT news is there’s always a LOT of opportunity in change.

And those who are paying attention, thinking and talking things through with smart people; and then are proactive in developing options and contingency plans … are best positioned to not just survive … but THRIVE in a rapidly changing world.

So we’re FAR from pessimists.  We see HUGE opportunity.  But we’re not Pollyanna either.  Somewhere in between optimism and pessimism is realism.  And the best way we know to get there is to commit time and effort into stay informed and well-advised.

And THAT’s why we put so much effort into each year’s Investor Summit at Sea™!

Each year, we assemble a UNIQUE collection of subject matter experts.  This is a group of people you can’t find all together anywhere else.

And the magic isn’t so much hearing what they have to say to YOU … it’s when you watch them interact with EACH OTHER.  That’s wisdom and perspective you truly can’t fine anywhere else!

Of course, the faculty is only ONE part of the equation.  The other is the amazing collection of smart, savvy, active investors the Summit attracts … from all over the world!

You'll enjoy meeting and talking with other smart, active investors from around the worldNow, you have a diverse collection of thought leaders, subject matter experts, and real world investors … all learning and talking together … in presentations, panels, parties, round tables … even over dinner, drinks and port excursions.

Best of all, each and every Summit at Sea™ is its own unique blend of people, perspectives and circumstances.  

And when you consider the value of just ONE great idea or relationship … especially if you’re managing a decent sized portfolio … the Summit at Sea™ is a BARGAIN.

Serious investors routinely pay $1000 a day or more for a two-day seminar … which often does not include food or hotel.

The base price of the Summit at Sea™ is less than that … and INCLUDES the hotel room, the cruise, most meals and MUCH more.  It’s a screaming deal.

But it’s not cheap.  And you don’t want it to be.

The time and money are a barrier to entry to the less serious.  That means the Summit at Sea™ is full of dedicated, successful people … the kind of great relationships most people want to have.

The Summit at Sea™ is designed to help you learn more important things and meet more of the right people … better and faster than anything else you might do with a week of your valuable time.You'll meet amazing people and make life long friends on The Real Estate Guys Investor Summit at Sea

No wonder the majority of Summiteers AND faculty come back year after year.

We’re already over 80% sold out.  

But we always save some space for stragglers and those who are just discovering the Investor Summit at Sea™.

So NOW is the time to reserve YOUR place aboard the 15th annual Investor Summit at Sea™.
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Peak Portfolio Management


portfolio management

Are you prepared to hit a peak in your investing cycle?

Whether you’re an old hand at investing or a beginner, you’re probably wondering what to expect in a changing political and social environment and how you can optimize market cycles to work for YOU.

On our latest show, we interview successful multi-family investor and Rich Dad advisor, Ken McElroy.

Ken currently owns over 10,000 units and provides safe, affordable housing for thousands of people.

We picked Ken’s brain so we could get YOU his best advice on managing multi-family rental units and figuring out what tenants want.

We also chat about what’s changing in real estate, how to get started as a new investor, and what to do when you’re at your peak.

In this edition of The Real Estate Guys™ show you’ll hear from:

  • Your peak pontificating host, Robert Helms
  • His past his peak co-host, Russell Gray
  • Award-winning multi-family investor and Rich Dad advisor, Ken McElroy






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Your cycle as an investor

One person can look at the metrics and notice that unemployment’s down, the stock market’s up, and wages are trending higher. That person might think the market’s ticking up.

A different person can look at the same metrics and note that home ownership is down and inflation is up. They will conclude that the market’s trending down.

There are so many different metrics to measure market cycles.

Here’s the secret: there’s more than one cycle.

Rent prices can be up while occupancy is low. When home ownership trends upward, landlords will have fewer tenants.

The most important cycle is YOUR cycle as an investor. You might be still acquiring knowledge, OR you might be an investor at the top of your game.

Wherever you are personally as an investor, there are things you can do to optimize your holdings (and potential holdings).

We think Ken McElroy is a GREAT example of how to optimize holdings at the peak of a cycle.

Q&A with Ken McElroy

Ken and his partner, Ross McCallister, of MC Companies, were recently honored as one of the top 10 management companies in the U.S.

We sat down with Ken to get an insider’s view on what’s happening with multi-family units right now.

What’s going on in the apartment space right now?

For now, Ken said, “It’s time to sit back and let others buy.” Last year MC Companies only made one new deal, and he’s moving really slowly.

Not that that’s always easy. MC Companies has over 800 investors. With his partner Ross, Ken manages a team of 350 people who buy, manage, and close on properties.

To have the discipline to say no … especially when they have the equity … is difficult. But it’s what’s best for their company right now.

They wait until they see the right fit for their investing philosophy. Then they buy.

Not before.

How’s your tenant retention?

Ken hasn’t tested it this cycle, but across the nation, 96% of rental units are occupied. Occupancy is high across the board right now, with some exceptions in certain markets.

“What will really be interesting are the next few years,” says Ken. “The companies that are hunkering down now are the ones who’ll do really well.”

How are tenant expectations changing? What can investors change to add value and retain tenants?

Ken’s properties are a level below high end. What he’s really seeing demand for, he says, are basic services you’d come to expect: a safe community, garden spaces, pet options, and WiFi.

Those things are pretty easy to deliver. Especially when you take Ken’s approach:

“We’re continually trying to figure out what tenants want,” he said. “That’s what keeps people there.”

Tell us more about pets.

A couple years ago, Ken and his company realized they’d never had a problem with a pet.

So they took a leap and decided to completely embrace tenants with pets.

They’ve even formed a whole brand around it, including pet clubhouses and pet parks in every community.

They’re now known as the go-to management company for pets.

It’s all because they went back to basics, Ken says. They looked at what residents want, and they asked themselves, “What could we do differently?

Ken’s tenants have, as you can imagine, a doggone good time.

What are some technological changes you’re seeing in the real estate market?

Ken pointed us to what’s happening in retail right now: thousands of big box stores are closing, while online retailers are booming.

People are buying differently now … and that includes real estate.

It’s possible to find and bid on properties electronically, rent apartments online,  and even buy properties … all without physically seeing them.

Ken projects brokers will need to make themselves resources in an age where heaps of information reside online.

You figured out a way to show apartments without labor. Tell us about that.

Ken’s company has actually moved away completely from paid advertising.

Their strategy now has two parts.

First, they’ve moved toward community and blog-based awareness. Ken has a team that manages his company’s digital presence and writes blog posts.

As soon as they started blogging, he told us, their traffic went up.

Second, they’ve reallocated the money they spent on advertising to call centers that help answer questions and set up appointments.

Interested potential tenants can make an appointment and then just show up at the property. Although every property has an office with a property manager or two, prospective tenants can look at open model units on their own.

This gives people the option to engage how they want, then ask questions after. And, it means a property manager is always in the office.

What’s your advice for newbies?

“I believe in my soul that real estate investment is the greatest thing,” Ken told us. “There’s nothing better.”

Ken’s lifestyle attests to that. He takes several months off every summer to travel with his family … and the money still comes roaring in.

For Ken … and for many others … real estate investing means financial freedom.

Ken’s advice? “Start how I started.”

Ken started with a single two-bed, two-bath condo. He worked on the ground, getting to know every aspect of the real estate business.

Fifteen years later, he’s living proof of the benefits of real estate investing. He now co-owns a company with 350 employees, builds his own units, and has hundreds of investors.

To be successful starting out, first get educated, Ken says. “People invest in us for what we know and what we stand for.”

Then, “Jump in.” You have to start somewhere.

The timing matters, the market cycles matter, yes … but ultimately, you just have to DO it.

A stellar example of smart, successful investing

We’ve learned a lot from Ken over the years, and we think Ken has a lot to offer to you, too.

Ken was the first person to help us think about strategic market selection. We realized there was a strategy to choosing markets.

Success wasn’t actually just dumb luck.

Ken was looking at geographies in a way that made sense, and now he’s looking at market cycles the same way.

He’s not buying right now … but not because he doesn’t have the money. He’s simply unwilling to compromise his company’s needs.

Of course, if you’re like Ken, the temptations you’ll face are many.

There’s pressure to perform from investors and employees. There’s the thrill of the deal.

Not giving in to those temptations is one of the reasons Ken is so successful.

He’s figured out a way to channel his DESIRE for acquisition into his current portfolio … by fixing, leveraging, remodeling, improving, and generally taking his investments to the next level.

Ken uses his time and his team to focus on ways to bring quality up and costs down so he can squeeze every penny possible from his holdings.

And he never neglects the human factor. His properties provide a great environment for tenants.

When the market pulls back, he’ll be prepared.

We like to say that “There’s no perfect investment, but real estate is the most perfect you can get.”

Ken started his entire journey with a single duplex. Look where he is today.

Wherever you are in your investment cycle, we hope Ken’s journey inspires you!

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The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.

Discover How to Raise Money for Investing in Real Estate through Syndication

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Featuring a Fine Faculty of Experienced Experts…


Robert HelmsRobert Helms

The founder and host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, Robert has a long and storied background in real estate as an investor, developer, educator and syndicator.  His entertaining and engaging presentation style, practical knowledge and diverse perspectives make him a crowd favorite.  In addition to serving as the event emcee, Robert will share why real estate and syndication make sense now, where to find both money and deals, and case studies of real world syndications.


Russell GrayRussell Gray

Russ is the long-time co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show.  A business and financial strategist with three decades of experience in marketing, investing and financial services, Russ has a knack for seeing the big picture and knowing how to put the pieces together into an actionable plan.  He will explain the fundamentals of syndication, the four essential skills every syndicator must have, and how you can start to build your syndication business immediately…no matter where you are today.


Mauricio Rauld of Premier Law GroupMauricio Rauld, Esq.

Mauricio is an attorney who helps investors properly set up their syndication companies, offering documents and asset protection structures. Mauricio is very experienced with interstate and international offerings, as well as the use of self-directed retirement account funds in syndication.  He will share the critical concepts you must understand about setting up your entity structures, raising and handling money, and complying with state and federal securities laws.  


Brad Sumrok teaches investors how to invest successfully in apartmentsBrad Sumrok

Brad is a high-performance multi-family investor and passionate educator.  After successfully making the transition from corporate America to full-time financially independent real estate investor.  Brad will share his personal story, how he uses multi-family syndications to expand his real estate empire – and how you can too!


 Michael Becker brokers loans for apartments and other commercial properties and is an active syndicator.Michael Becker

Michael is an expert in commercial financing and an active real estate syndicator.  He’s very experienced in the art and science of combining debt and equity to get commercial deals done.  He’ll be sharing what lenders are looking for in both properties and partner, and how you can best structure your commercial deals for highest ROI and best chance of approval.


 Glen Mather is the Founder and President of NuView IRA. Glen Mather is an expert on how to use retirement accounts to purchase real estate and invest in private placements without paying a tax penalty.Glen Mather

After leaving a long and successful career in corporate America, Glen discovered the power of using his own individual retirement account to invest in real estate.  Today, Glen is the founder and CEO of a retirement account custodian and is considered one of the nation’s leading experts on self-directed retirement accounts.  With over $6 TRILLION in assets, retirement accounts are one of the best sources of investment capital for syndicators.  Glen will show you exactly how they work, including real world case studies.


Beth Clifford 

Beth is a classically trained economist, multi-company entrepreneur and international real estate developer. She holds an Economics degree from Northwestern University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Beth is a principal in an international real estate development company. In the course of her career, she has managed development projects with an aggregate value in excess of $1 billion.  Beth’s energy, knowledge, passion and practical teaching make her a SOSS favorite.


Kathy Fettke is the founder of Real Wealth NetworkKathy Fettke – NEW!!!

Kathy is a an active real estate investor, syndicator, investment club leader, and media personality.  She’s the author of the #1 best seller, Retire Rich with Rentals, and is a frequent guest expert on such media as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR and CBS MarketWatch.  Kathy’s story of going from homemaker to successful syndicator is both inspiring and educational … and a testament to the power of real estate and syndication for building real wealth.


Gene Guarino is the founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy where he trains investors on how to invest in residential assisted living facilties.Gene Guarino, CFP

A long time real estate investor, syndicator and trainer, Gene is highly focused on the residential assisted living niche.  He operates several assisted living homes himself, and has helped dozens of students open their own care homes all over the country.  Many of these projects were funded through private capital.  Gene shares valuable insights about the residential assisted living niche and successful syndication in general.


David Sewell is founder of International Coffee Farms Corporation and is a long time real estate investor and syndicator.David Sewell

David is a Canadian born international real estate investor and long time syndicator.  He’s raised multi-millions of dollars in his career and continues to be active today.  David is focused on Latin American farmland investing, with an emphasis on specialty coffee and cacao.  David’s diverse experience, expertise and candor make him a popular contributor to any discussion of real estate investing and syndication.


Cherif Medawar is highly experienced in real estate fund management, real estate syndication, commerical real estate investing, and tax saving, asset protection strategies and structures in Puerto RicoCherif Medawar – NEW!!!

Cherif is a highly experienced real estate syndicator with over $100 million under management.  He’s an expert in commercial real estate investing and manage substantial holdings in Puerto Rico.  Cherif recently launched a crowdfunding platform to help match investors with opportunities.  A popular speaker, trainer and best-belling author, Cherif brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to share with aspiring syndicators.


Victor Menasce is active in real estate investing, real estate development, real estate syndication, and is the author of Magnetic Capital, and the founder of Talks with George Ross, Donald Trump's long time attorney.Victor Menasce

Victor is a very active Canadian real estate investor and syndicator with projects in both Canada and the United States.  He’s the author of two books, including Magnetic Capital – How to Raise All the Money You Need for ANY Worth Venture (forward written by our very own Robert Helms).  Victor has been mentored by and works with George Ross, who was Donald Trump’s long time business attorney and an original judge on The Apprentice.  Victor is also the President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization.  He brings a broad background in business, technology, start-ups, fundraising, strategic networking, real estate investing, and real estate development.


PLUS…you’ll hear from several real world syndicators…including some who kicked off their careers at this very event!


People LOVE the Secrets of Successful Syndication seminar…


“I attended the Secrets of Successful Syndication event in August and just closed on my first syndication three months later utilizing the information taught during the conference. Forget the ROI for real estate, the real ROI is made through attending your conferences. Thanks guys!” – Ricky C., Quitman, Texas, USA

“I’ll be attending again. I did three successful syndications since the last seminar.” – Ryan D.

“It was truly an eye opening seminar. I was amazed by the number of speakers involved and hands on content. After Day 2, I understood why people come back to take the seminar again and again.” – Joji M.

Fantastic content, speakers and great networking opportunities!” – Elisabeth E., Washington, USA

“Awesome two days of incredible content and strategies.  Plus amazing associations and networking!” – Kyle W., Dallas, Texas, USA

Gave me confidence to get started.” – Paul H., Michigan, USA

“I have spent many thousands of dollars on real estate seminars and training and this was BY FAR the best event I have ever attended. This event has set me on a course that will transform my life, real estate investing, and business.” – Joe N., Utah USA

“It was such an amazing, fabulous and mind stimulating event. I learned so much. You guys truly go above and beyond!” – Lynn Y., Upland, California, USA

“Wow. Ton of info all presented in a fun, upbeat fashion.” – Steve C., Mississippi, USA

Incredible value! Highly recommend to others.” – Dennis Kay, featured real estate agent on House Hunters International, Belize

“An extremely valuable networking opportunity!” – Brian B., Alaska, USA

“This event exceeded my expectations. I am so glad I made the trip!” – Shanna N., Alberta, Canada

Very pleased with the professionalism.” – Matt T., Washington DC, USA

“I met incredible people.” – Manasi S., California, USA

“This was the kick start I needed!  Thank you!” – EJ B., Colorado, USA

Awesome, I repeat, AWESOME. You can expect to keep seeing us!” – Luis H., Panama (4 time attendee)

Great people, speakers and guests – with great passion, knowledge and insights.” – Brooke R., New York, USA

“I’m leaving with three great actionable ideas!” – Matt Theriault, Host, Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, California, USA

“This is my 2nd time attending. This meeting was much better than last year. The [first meeting] was the spark for me. I learned a ton and thank you guys for all your help. I am full time with 450 units in 60 days.” – Mark R., Arizona, USA

“Thank you so much! Great content and context!” – Matt R., Sacramento, California, USA Exceeded my expectations!” – Edwin M., North Carolina, USA

“My third syndication seminar and it just keeps getting better!” – John K., California, USA

“Thank you! I loved it!” – Burke W., California, USA

Worth every dollar paid!” – Louis B., Quebec, Canada

Great overall value!” – Christopher A., New Mexico, USA

Wonderful event!  I look forward to attending another.” – John C., Arkansas, USA

“Tremendously informative! Each speaker provided terrific insights about getting started, overcoming challenges, and putting teams and deals together.” – Bob G., Silicon Valley, California

“So blessed to have the opportunity to be here and learn from all of you.” – Lynn C., California, USA

Life changing event!” – Aldrian H., Alabama, USA

The content and enthusiasm was great!” – Mark M., Texas, USA

“Great event!” – Ash B., Alberta, Canada

Worth every penny.  Highly recommend!” – Carl M., California, USA

“Ken McElroy was amazing!! And Mauricio taught me what and why I need to know about securities laws.” – Shiva R., Los Angeles, California, USA

“I’m thrilled plus! I met so many high quality people who gave me encouragement that this is doable.” – Linda M., Colorado, USA

“Russell Gray simplified it the best and made it understandable.” – Nick A., Southern California, USA

“I really enjoyed this seminar. It was very informative and motivational. I believe this seminar will return a high yield.” – Ryan E., Illinois, USA

Outstanding event!” – Michael S., Illinois, USA

“I now have a better understanding of the true value I am bringing to the market place.” – J Massey, Host of the Cash Flow Diary podcast., Southern California, USA

“I’m so very happy I was able to attend. Thank you for setting this up!” – Bill P., South Dakota, USA

“Thanks for a great event.  I loved everything about it!” – Kevin B., Pennsylvania, USA

“I loved the variety of speakers.  Networking opportunities were great!” – Tim H., California, USA

“The program provided a sound basis to move from personal real estate investing to becoming a syndicator.” – Dr. Greg O., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

“The information will allow my partner and I to continue our goal setting and beginning our syndication of deals. This clinic helped us validate where we’re at with our investing and what we need to do next.” – Jana H., Spokane, Washington, USA

“Thank you again! I’m onto my 2nd syndication since last year’s training. This time it’s bigger than I could have ever imagined. Because of what I’ve learned, I’ve just had my offer accepted on a 52-unit apartment complex. It was the seminar last year that gave me the major push and motivation I need to move onto larger deals.” – Sepehr B., Southern California, USA

Exceptional value!” – Tyler S., Tampa, Florida, USA

“Under promised, over delivered!” – Daniel S., West Virginia, USA

Great event – extensive information.” – Ernest A., Dallas, Texas, USA

“This is my second syndication seminar…not stale or repetitive.  In fact, content was fresh and very relevant.” – Dr. Jason B., New Jersey, USA

“Great info to spring me into action!” – Dave M., Colorado, USA

“I loved the real world examples in all presentations.” – Jill S., Minnesota, USA

Totally awesome event!” – Karl P., Georgia, USA

“Great content and even greater context!  A thought provoking jump start for strategic plan. Thanks!” – Uri R., Georgia, USA


It’s decision time…


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