COVID-19 Crisis Investing Video Series

Discover the risks and opportunities in the global pandemic.



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13 powerful, practical videos of candid conversations with … 
Fed, Wall Street and IMF insiders; best-selling authors and experts on investing, economics,
the financial system, real estate, energy, precious metals and more.


Peter Schiff … Richard Duncan … Nomi Prins 

Robert Kiyosaki … Tom Wheelwright … Ken McElroy 

Brien Lundin … Art Berman … Danielle DiMartino Booth

Chris Martenson … Adam Taggart

The World is in the Midst of a Four-Phase Cascading Crisis …

HEALTH crisis creates an ECONOMIC crisis which threatens to become FINANCIAL SYSTEM crisis.

But in an attempt to save both the economy and financial system, the Federal Reserve iscreating MANY TRILLIONS in new currency …

… which many observers fear could lead to a DOLLAR crisis.

Everything about EACH crisis is UNPRECEDENTED … and so are the RISKS and OPPORTUNITIES.

It’s a BIG picture … and it takes MANY PERSPECTIVES to survey the landscape, assess the dangers, and chart the best course forward.

So Robert Helms and Russell Gray pulled together a world-class brain-trust of insiders, investors and experts to share their thoughts and insight with YOU and your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

It’s FREE … but it’s not cheap.  In fact, it cost thousands of dollars many hours to coordinate and produce.


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The world is on a precipice.  The economy is being decimated.  The financial system is more fragile than it’s ever been.  The dollar is under EXTREME pressure.

It’s both URGENT and IMPORTANT to help as many people as possible understand what’s happened, what’s happening, what’s coming, and what they can do to avoid risk and capture opportunity.

Because DESPERATE people do and vote for DESPERATE things.

Education, awareness and preparation help inoculate society from the ravages of an economic pandemic.

So we are SO GLAD you’re here.  Every person who survives and thrives these tumultuous times adds to the aggregate financial health of society.

So in addition to watching this series for yourself, be SURE to SHARE it with EVERYONE you know.

There’s no cost and there’s no sales pitch.  It’s our way of flattening the curve of impact on the financial system.

To GET THE MOST out of this series, watch it with family, friends and colleagues.

Take time to DISCUSS what you’ve heard, learned, and can do to implement Education for Effective Action.

And if you have young adults in your life, put in EXTRA EFFORT to get young people into the discussion.  All of this affects their futures.  They need to know.

Of course, your education and awareness aren’t completed in a single video series.

Let this series be the foundation and launch pad for a new level of understanding, attention, and action in growing and protecting your financial future.

Lastly, please let us know what you think … what you like, what confuses you, what you’d like more information about.

We’ll do our best to create more content to help you and your tribe PROSPER through this crisis … and beyond.

We believe the flip side of every crisis is opportunity.  The bigger the crisis, the bigger the opportunity.

But the BEST opportunities go to those BRAVE and BOLD people who are aware, prepared, connected and able to act when others are paralyzed.

Watch these videos and enhance your awareness and understanding the REALITY of what’s happening and what you can do to survive and thrive.


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The COVID-19 Crisis Investing Video Series


Candid conversations with former insiders from the Fed, Wall Street and the International Monetary Fund

Insights from experts in economics, investing, real estate, oil, precious metals and the COVID-19 pandemic

Practical perspectives on the most dangerous threats and the best opportunities likely to emerge as the crisis continues to unfold

13 powerful videos with conversations unavailable anywhere else!

Meet your hosts and faculty …

Robert Helms – Host of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show and an author, investor, and international real estate developer.  Robert is your host and moderator.

Russell Gray – Co-Host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show and a financial strategist, author, investor, and entrepreneur.    Russ is your co-host.

Chris Martenson, PhDCo-Founder of Peak Prosperitycreator of The Crash Coursebest-selling co-author, and an expert on the economics, energy, the environment, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adam Taggart – Co-Founder of Peak Prosperitybest-selling co-author, entrepreneur, and expert on crisis preparation.

Peter Schiff – Founder and CEO of Euro-Pacific Capital, best-selling author of Crash Proof 2.o and The Real Crashhost of the Peter Schiff podcastand an outspoken pundit on economics and the financial system.

Nomi PrinsFormer Wall Street insider with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, best-selling author of CollusionIt Takes a Pillage and All the President’s Bankers.

Richard Duncan PhDFormer advisor to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), economist, best-selling author of The Dollar Crisisand publisher of MacroWatch.

Danielle DiMartino Booth – Former insider at the Dallas Federal Reserve, best-selling author of Fed Upan expert on monetary policy, economics and finance; founder of Quill Intelligence.

Tom Wheelwright CPATax strategist to high net-worth individuals including Robert Kiyosaki; best-selling author of TaxFree Wealthan expert’s expert on tax matters; founder of WealthAbility.

Brien LundinWorld-renowned expert on precious metals and mining stocks; publisher of the Gold Newsletter; producer of the New Orleans Investment Conference which is the world’s longestrunning investment conference.

Art Berman – A seasoned geologistconsultant, newsletter publisher, and expert on the oil and natural gas industry.

Ken McElroy – Prolific strategic real estate investor, syndicator and developeran entrepreneur and best-selling author of The ABCs of Real Estate InvestingRobert Kiyosaki’s investing partner and advisor for real estate investing.

Robert Kiyosaki – World’s best-selling financial author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and related titleshost of the Rich Dad Radio Showmulti-millionaire real asset investor.



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