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The Real Estate Guys™ are committed to Education for Effective Action™!


We LOVE events! For real estate investors, it’s important to get out of your home, office … and your comfort zone!. Look at markets, network with fellow investors, meet with members (and possible members) of your personal advisory board, connect with property providers … And, of course, vet and put deals together!


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Seminars & Workshops


Secrets of Successful Syndication

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Produced by The Real Estate Guys

Go bigger faster! Real estate syndication is simply when you put together a group of investors and share the risks and rewards of bigger deals or a bigger portfolio. It’s how most big-time real estate investors do it.  You don’t have to be Donald Trump to do multi-million dollar deals. You can start out syndicating small deals and work your way up. Join us for two FULL days of Powerful, Proven Training!  To go big with your real estate investment business, click here now >>





How to Win Funds and Influence People

Sales Training Workshop

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Produced by The Real Estate Guys

In business, you either know how to generate revenue … or you work for someone who does. Good news! Sales skills CAN be learned. If you can communicate, you can become a master salesperson. In this workshop with Russell Gray, discover the simple secrets to attract capital, negotiate win-win deals, and build a loyal network of investors, clients, and team members.  To discover How to Win Funds and Influence People, click here now >>





Create Your Future™ Goals Retreat

January 17-20, 2020 in Lake Las Vegas, NV

Produced by The Real Estate Guys™

If success isn’t an accident, but rather a purposeful pursuit of specific outcomes, why do so few people have motivating clarity about the actions they take EVERY DAY? This two-day event isn’t about investing or real estate. It’s about helping you identify WHAT you want and WHY … and then giving you the tools to design the life you want. You’ll start the New Year by writing clearly defined goals, timelines, and action plans … so that YOU can take life by the reins!  To purposely pursue your best future, click here now >>





Residential Assisted Living Academy Training

October 25-27, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

Produced by Gene Guarino

How much can you learn in just three days? At this learning academy with Gene Guarino, you’ll discover the enormous opportunity to generate cash flow by converting single-family homes to assisted-living senior residences. This training offers classroom time, networking, resources for branching out in this booming industry on your own, and a day in the field looking at real-life properties. RAL Academy™ has trained thousands of people how to do good and do well.  You could be next! To start get your cash flow booming, click here now >>




Brad Sumrok’s Live One Day Apartment Investor Training

October 26, 2019 in Houston, TX

Produced by Brad Sumrok

Learn directly from Brad at the live 1 day Apartment Investor Training! Discover how to retire early by investing in apartments! You’ll get to network and meet many other like minded investors, learn the ABC’s of apartment investing and SO much more!   To find out exactly what to do to get started in apartment investing, click here now >>




Apartment Investor Weekend Training

November 16-17, 2019 in Dallas, TX

Produced by Brad Sumrok

Earn double digit returns and retire early by investing in apartments! Brad Sumrok has been helping people do just that since 2006 … after he retired from his own six-figure corporate job. At this event, learn Brad’s simple, proven step-by-step process that may result in YOUR early retirement … Just like it has for so many others … click here now >>





Peak Prosperity Seminar

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Produced by Peak Prosperity

It’s no secret that the world is experiencing massive change in terms of the economy, energy options, and the environment. But you CAN take charge of your future prosperity and security. This three-day seminar is full of critical insights AND actionable items to help you be resilient and prepared for the future. Get the latest look at Chris Martenson’s time-tested Crash Course so you can take action. Reduce your vulnerability and increase your prosperity. … find out more now >>




Online Trainings


The Future of Money and Wealth 

14-Hour Video Series

Produced by The Real Estate Guys

What do Bitcoin, gold, oil, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, the USA, the dollar, the Fed, and yuan, and YOUR investing all have in common? MUCH more than you might realize.  You probably know something’s going on … Gold and oil are up, the dollar is down, interest rates are rising, and something triggered an explosion in crypto in 2017.  To delve into these topics … and more, click here now >>




How to Win Funds & Influence People 

Order the Video Series

Produced by The Real Estate Guys

In business, you either know how to generate revenue … or you work for someone who does. Good news! Sales skills CAN be learned. If you can communicate, you can become a master salesperson. In this video course with Russell Gray, discover the simple secrets to attract capital, negotiate win-win deals, and build a loyal network of investors, clients, and team members. Order today … click here now >>






Investing In Real Estate For Safety & Profit

Webinar Series 

Produced by The Real Estate Guysand Peak Prosperity

Join host and co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, Robert Helms and Russell Gray, as they discuss with Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity the vast economic benefits of real estate investing … Money will be finding its way into real estate in the coming years as investors begin to move away from bubble markets looking for safer alternatives. Position yourself to benefit from these market changes! To learn practical steps for securely and profitably investing in real estate,  click here now >>




Tradeshows & Conferences


Social networking the old fashioned way!  There’s nothing like getting together in a room (or on a cruise ship) to meet and mingle with people from all over the world who are interested in real estate investing.  Our marquee networking event is our Annual Investor Summit at Sea™.  Yes, it’s expensive. Most of these high-level conference are. We’ve heard it said you become the sum total of the people you hang around most … Did you want to hang out with a bunch of people who can only afford cheap?  There’s something to be said for a high barrier to entry.



2020 Investor Summit at Sea™

Sign-up for the Advance Notice List! June 11-20, 2020

Produced by The Real Estate Guys™

Join some of the biggest brains in real estate, economics, wealth building and business!!! Past Summit faculty include Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, G. Edward Griffin, Chris Martenson, Tom Hopkins … And who knows what brilliant minds we’ll gather this time. There’s nowhere you can get this caliber of speakers all in one place at one time in such an intimate setting. Plus, we’ve already gathered over 100 successful investors from around the world! These are great people to get to know. Remember… you’re only just ONE great idea or relationship away from going to the next level. We hope to see YOU on the Summit at Sea™!  To personally get to know highly successful investors, click here now >>




Apartment Investor National Conference

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Produced by Brad Sumrok

Brad’s Apartment Investor Mastery Training has EXPLODED … and for good reason. Brad’s the real deal. He walks the talk … and his training delivers results. At his first ever national conference, Brad’s put together a powerful line-up of outstanding speakers … covering hot topics and attracting investors from all over the country.  To meet and hear from some of the most knowledgeable, connected and successful investors and syndicators in the nation, click here now >>





Residential Assisted Living National Convention

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Produced by AL Family

Assisted living and senior housing are hot-button topics in real estate. And the market is only getting hotter! Imagine being at the forefront of providing affordable care to a BOOMING demographic … The RAL National Convention is the conference for you! Learn how to make your assisted living business more streamlined, attractive, and profitable. Join expert Gene Guarino and a line up of many other assisted living experts!  To up your residential assisted living game, click here now >>




New Orleans Investment Conference

November 1-4, 2019 in New Orleans, LA

Produced by Brien Lundin

The world is rapidly changing … think rising interest rates, collapsing oil prices, and ever increasing residential rents. Modern real estate investors NEED to see the big picture … because the reality is that this isn’t your parents’ real estate market. Immerse yourself in learning about issues in global investing from some of the biggest brains in the business. This event is our FAVORITE investment conference of the year (besides our very own Summit at Sea™, of course)! We’ll be there … and we hope you will too! To join us on the global economic scene click here now >>



Market Field Trips & Property Tours


The MARKET is probably the most important part of getting a “good deal” and yet so many people completely overlook developing a real understanding of the markets they’re in – or considering. But a “great” property (low price, great terms, good condition, favorable financing) can be dragged down by a weak market.  Conversely, an average deal can be a home run if the surrounding market is strong.  Ideally you get both!  But we think it starts with the market.

So, imagine you have a professional investor go into a town and do some advance work … like lining up local market experts to show you around several of the major sub-markets, and preparing a big notebook of all kinds of economic, demographic and geographic information … Then mapping a tour which includes major employment centers, shopping and entertainment areas, and typical commute patterns your tenants would be faced with.  Get the idea?

Always hosted by a professional investor, these market trips are highly educational …   And they’re FUN!  Plus you meet lots of prospective team members to help you when you decide you’re ready to put your market education into action! There’s never anyone forcing you to buy a property on the spot … But as a bonus for ready-to-go investors, there’s often access to exclusive off-market inventory.





Belize Discovery Trip

November 15-18, 2019 in Belize

Produced by The Real Estate Guys

Words can’t describe the beauty and charm that is Belize. The best way to get to know this picture-perfect tropical island? See it yourself! On this fun-filled and educational tour, you’ll receive insider market knowledge from The Real Estate Guys™ and meet local market experts. A prime location with warm weather and balmy Caribbean seas, Belize is only increasing in popularity. Join us to discover this in-demand market for yourself! To find out more click here now >>





Panama Coffee Farm Tour

November 15-17, 2019 in Panama

Produced by David Sewell

Come tour David Sewell’s actively operating specialty coffee farm! In beautiful Boquete, Panama, you’ll wake up and smell the cash flowing in from all over the world. See for yourself how you can caffeinate your investment portfolio with a diverse and dedicated (we liked that word better than addicted) customer base that spans the entire globe. And at the same time, invest in the local well-being of Panamanian farmers and families. Space is limited to 12 guests per tour, so reserve your spot now. To fill your cup from global streams of cash flow, click here now >>





Paraguay Citrus & Greenhouse Plantation Tour

December 9-13, 2019 in Paraguay

Produced by The Agri Terra & Paraguay Ag Invest Team

Join experienced global investor, Robert Helms, to expand your horizons and take a trip to beautiful Paraguay!  Together with a small group of The Real Estate Guys™ listeners, Robert will accompany you through a tour of Owner and CEO of Agri-Terra KG, Carsten Pfau’s citrus and greenhouse plantations.  Explore how to earn long term profits generating food for the ever-increasing global population. Kick the dirt, eat the fruits of its labor, and find out how you can get in the game without getting your hands dirty!  Learn about the strength of the agricultural economy in Paraguay … Space is very limited, so look into reserving your spot right    away. To explore produce-farming that produces great profits, click here now >>





Fast Track to Financial Freedom Through Short-Term Rental Investments

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Produced by Tim Hubbard & Rest Methods

Short-term rentals are quickly becoming the stay of choice for business and personal travel. And demand is growing MUCH faster than supply. This has created a unique opportunity for investors looking to earn BIG. This three-day live training event is the fastest way to learn time-tested methods for short-term rental success. Tim Hubbard is an international investor, world traveler, and Owner and Managing Director for Midtown Stays (a highly successful short-term rental property company) … And he’s sharing all his expert secrets, tips and strategies for success.  Click here to get all the details now >>





The Peini Cacao Plantation Tour

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Produced by The Peini Cacao Plantation

Come spend a few fun-filled and educational days in the tropics getting to know the team at The Peini Cacao Plantation! Find out what it takes to produce fine flavor/organic cacao … And convert it to CASH FLOW! Learn about the whole chocolate process from “seed to bean to bar” and see if this profiting from this $98 billion industry is for YOU! Discover how you can own a parcel in a cacao plantation … click here now >>







Atlanta Field Trip

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In our rapidly changing economic landscape, Atlanta presents some real pluses to prospective investors … a huge population, a strategic location, strong educational infrastructure, high quality of life, and a diverse economy home to several Fortune 500 companies. On our Atlanta field trip, you’ll get to spend a full day touring Atlanta, covering both metropolitan and suburban markets. You’ll get familiar with the market’s infrastructure and meet other investors and local market experts. After this power weekend, you’ll know more about Atlanta than most people who’ve lived there for years!  To kick the dirt in Atlanta, click here now >>






Cleveland Field Trip

Sign-up for the Advance Notice List! Date To Be Announced.

Produced by Great Lakes Capital Solutions

Join this fun-filled weekend of real estate market exploration and education in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is poised to make a major move in the real estate market. Once a forgotten city with a struggling manufacturing sector, Cleveland is rebuilding a stronger, more diverse economy and workforce. It is a diamond in the rust belt. Cleveland is a leader in healthcare … has an emerging tech hub … eight Fortune 500 companies call it home … and it’s attracting a newer, younger population. Cleveland is certainly making a comeback! Learn how you can profit in Cleveland!  Click here now >>






Dallas Field Trip

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Dallas is quite a happenin’ city … it offers a state economy conducive to job creation, strong transportation, education, and communication infrastructure, low tax and regulatory burdens, and a large labor pool. But potential investors can’t just throw a dart at a map of Dallas and invest wherever it lands. On this field trip, we pack lots of learning into two information-packed days … so that you can figure out HOW and WHERE to invest in Dallas,  click here now >>






Memphis Field Trip

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Interested in a field trip that’s an educational opportunity, not a sales pitch? You’re in luck! Every field trip we host is a no-pressure opportunity to get to know a market … in this case, a market that’s GREAT for cash flow! You’ll get two days to explore this major job center that was recently ranked the No. 1 single-family home cash-flow market in the U.S. The internet can’t substitute for seeing a location with your own eyes … so join us on our next trip, and get to know the best and greatest that Memphis has to offer. To get cash flowing your way from Memphis, click here now >>