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For real estate investors, it’s important to get out of your home, office (and perhaps your comfort zone!) to look at markets, network with fellow investors, meet with members (and prospective members) of your personal advisory board and provider network; and of course, inspect properties and put deals together!

To help you, every once in a while our producer lets us out of our studio to conduct live events.  While it’s fun to get out, it’s really cool when we get to meet our listeners.  Plus, attending a live event is a great way for you to get away from the distractions of your daily life and totally focus on your interest in building wealth through real estate.  It’s a win-win (we love that)!

Here are some of the kinds of events we put together:

Seminars, Workshops and Retreats

In a  sound bite society with instant access to jigabytes of data, sometimes you just need to get away to focus on a topic.  There are lots of real estate gurus out there doing seminars – some are good and some are not so good.  And many service providers will provide educational events to teach you how to do business with them (nothing wrong with that if the education is sound). We focus on events and topics that we think are important, but are often overlooked.

Market Field Trips

You want to own more property, right?  And you probably want to get a “good deal” on it too.  And then you want it to be trouble free while you own it, and quintuple in value after just a few weeks.  We know just the place:  Fantasy Land!

The fact is, the MARKET is probably the most important of getting a “good deal” and yet so many people completely overlook developing a real understanding of the markets they’re in – or considering.

But a “great” property (low price, great terms, good condition, favorable financing) can be dragged down by a weak market.  Conversely, an average deal can be a home run if the surrounding market is strong.  Ideally you get both!  But we think it starts with the market (actually, there’s more to it than that, which we discuss in the Strategy session on our trips).

So, imagine having a professional investor go into a town to do some advance work, like lining up local market experts to show you around several of the major sub-markets, and preparing a big notebook of all kinds of economic, demographic and geographic information; then mapping a tour which includes major employment centers, shopping and entertainment areas, and typical commute patterns your tenants would be faced with.  Get the idea?

Now imagine you go through the whole experience, and no one locks you in a room and shoves a contract in your face and says, “Today and today only. Sign here and press hard.”

This is a real estate market field trip, The Real Estate Guys™ way!  No wonder so many “field trippers” travel to visit and re-visit markets with us, and bring their friends, family and investment partners.  Not only are the trips highly educational, they’re FUN!  And you meet lots of prospective team members to help you when you decide you’re ready.

Networking Events

Social networking the old fashioned way!  There’s nothing like getting together in a room (or on a field trip bus or a cruise ship) to meet and mingle with people from all over who are interested in real estate investing.  Our marquee networking event is our Annual Investor Summit at Sea™.  Yes, it’s expensive.  Did you want to hang out with a bunch of people who can only afford cheap?  There’s something to be said for a high barrier to entry.

And stay tuned, because we’re always working on fun stuff.  So make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and when something awesome is happening, we’ll be sure you get all the details.