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Investing In Real Estate For
Safety & Profit

Masterclass Video Series Produced By The Real Estate Guys™ & Peak Prosperity

Long-time friends, Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart, are advocates with us for investors transitioning out of paper assets and into REAL ASSETS.

In fact, they asked us to spend some time educating investors about the practical steps for investing in real estate for security and profitability.

As investors begin to move away from bubble markets looking for safer alternatives, we foresee money finding its way into real estate … for many good reasons.

You can get ahead of the curve and position yourself to benefit from current market changes and future trends.  

So grab your friends (perhaps over a meal?) and ….

Join Host and Co-Host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, Robert Helms and Russell Gray, as they discuss with Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity the vast economic benefits of real estate investing …

You’ll learn:

  • How to use real estate to build long-term tax-advantaged income & wealth

  • The process for finding and evaluating opportunities

  • How to recruit a team of supporting experts

  • The nuts & bolts of property ownership & management

  • And so much more!

Now is the time to start educating yourself about real estate investing so that you are positioned to take action when the time is right.

Learn how to prudently invest in income-producing properties from the go-to industry experts …

Episode #1: The Case for Real Estate Investing

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Episode #2: The 4 Steps of Successful Real Estate Investing

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Episode #3: The Math Behind the ROI: Valuation

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Episode #4: The Math Behind the ROI: Financing

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