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The Big Peach is just that … a BIG opportunity.
Dive into the Southern Charm of Atlanta!

Atlanta has one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. 

In 2019, it was named the fourth-fastest growing metro area in the nation … with a population rapidly approaching 6 million. 

It’s easy to see why people are flocking to “The Big Peach.” 

In 2019, Atlanta ranked third in U.S. cities that host the most Fortune 500 Companies … with big names such as GE, Costco, and Kraft Foods calling it home.

That same year, it also ranked third in best cities for startups … just below the big coastal hubs of New York and San Francisco. 

Generous tax incentives for film productions in Georgia were signed into law in 2008. Since then, the film industry in Atlanta has grown exponentially … bringing in billions. 

With so many new residents moving to the area, the need for housing is HUGE … and so are the opportunities for real estate investors. 

Atlanta is home to THE busiest airport in the United States … Hartsfield-Jackson International … making it a major distribution hub for packages, and people too!

p>And when it comes to amenities, Atlanta doesn’t disappoint. 

New tenants are flocking to historic streets lined with Georgia’s famous Bradford pears and enjoying world-class museums and hot destinations such as the Georgia Aquarium and Atlanta Botanical Garden. 

Outdoor lovers can explore an extensive city-wide trail system that spans many outdoor parks … and step inside one of the city’s favorite BBQ joints for a break. 

For decades the city has hosted major professional sports franchises, including the MBA’s Atlanta Braves, the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, and the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. 

There are so many reasons Atlanta is a market worth watching. 

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