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Southern Impression Homes/ SunCoast Property Management – Chris Funk

Great Markets. Brand New Properties. Strong Cash Flow.
Affordable Price. Top Property Management Team.

In today’s changing real estate market, it’s hard to get inventory at a price that gives you a good cash flow yield. Chris Funk’s team has the answer … Build-to-Rent your own investment property!

Chris Funk and his team entered the real estate game like many investors … acquiring and renovating foreclosed homes after the ’08 crash.  As the economy recovered it became harder and harder to get bargains on their acquisitions.

So they expanded into development and new construction … and Southern Impression Homes was born. Now you can ride their coattails into developing your own portfolio of single family homes. Chris knows the success that comes from a good real estate investment. He wants his investors to get a great property for a great deal in a great market.

While their primary market is Jacksonville, Florida … Chris’ team is also building and managing portfolios for investors throughout Northeast Florida and in Atlanta, Georgia. The market in Northeast Florida is BOOMING. Chris’ team is your key to success!

Chris and his team have locked up prime land at prices that allow them to pass those savings onto investors … What exactly does this mean for you? You can get a NEW property that cash flows just as well (maybe even better) than existing, older properties.

Better cash flow. Better tenants. And less maintenance! 

… And because even a great property needs a GREAT support team to help maximize occupancy and keep it running efficiently and effectively, Chris developed their sister company, SunCoast Property Management.

Renowned for their top class property management, SunCoast manages 
over 2,000 properties in multiple markets in Florida and Georgia … So you better believe they’ve got their operations dialed. 

SunCoast property management was built by investors … for investors. Their team understands the importance of managing real estate and operates with the knowledge that their goals and your goals must be aligned.

Jump on better returns without settling for lower quality.

Simply fill out the form below … And a member of the Southern Impression Homes or SunCoast Property Management team will be in touch!

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