Making Sense of Silver:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Silver …
But Didn’t Know to Ask

All that glitters may be gold, but 
it could be silver’s time to shine! 

If you’ve heard the buzz about silver and are wondering why ….
this 9-Part video series is all about … 

Making Sense of Silver


Financial Strategist, Russell Gray
Precious Metals Expert, Dana Samuelson


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Enjoy Nine Information Packed Episodes …. 


Episode One:   
Introduction to Silver and Why It Matters 


Episode Two:  
Silver’s Important Role in a Crisis 


Episode Three:   
Understanding Silver’s Split Personality and its Hot and Cold Relationship with Gold 


Episode Four: 
Demystifying the Gold to Silver Ratio and How to Use It Strategically 


Episode Five: 
Factors Affecting Silver’s Cost, Price and Value 


Episode Six: 
Types of Silver and Buying Smart 


Episode Seven: 
Silver Purity, Pricing, Premiums and Packaging 


Episode Eight: 
Possession, Privacy, Taxes and Storage 


Episode Nine: 
How and Where to Buy 


Nine education episodes featuring insights from a 30-year veteran insider. 


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This information is free … but it’s not cheap.  Precious metals are booming for a reason … in fact, TRILLIONS of them.    


Silver and gold are often considered “safe havens” when currencies are under pressure.  And there’s never been more pressure on currencies than this current crisis.


MANY Main Street investors are following the lead of larger investors and central banks and making the move into precious metals


… but before YOU get on the bandwagon, it’s important to get educated.


That’s why we created this series and invited one of the most respected and experienced industry insiders to freely share his knowledge with you.


So grab a friend, a notebook, a tasty beverage, and settle in to enjoy … 


Making Sense of Silver: 
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Silver … But Didn’t Know to Ask


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