Turnkey Opportunities for Investors

Turnkey Single Family Homes


Single Family Homes in cash-flowing markets with top property management teams … It’s an asset class Warren Buffet and large institutions are trying to find their way into.  But, for now, syndicators are best positioned to win big for themselves and their investors. Here are a couple of our favorite go-to markets and teams … 

MidSouth Home Buyers in Memphis, TN – Terry Kerr

Gillen & Associates in Central Florida – Jean Gillen

Apartments / Multi-Family


Apartments in Central Florida continue to be in demand … Well, let’s face it, what’s not in demand in Central Florida?  People … baby boomers, retirees, millennials, vacationers … they’re flocking to Florida! However, demand is only one part of the equation for a healthy market.  Dig into the sub-markets with sustainable economic engines and limited supply to find the perfect project for your next apartment syndication. We don’t know anyone who knows the Central Florida market better … Contact long-time investor and broker Jean Gillen of Gillen & Associates >> 

Affordable Housing in Phoenix, AZ is attracting a wave of population coming from high-taxed and expensive states!  Employment gains in this area are coming in at five times that of the national rate.  If you’re wondering what market to expand your investments into next, this may be one to add to your radar … For inventory, brokerage services, management, and/or construction, contact Andrew Thruston at PJ Hussey & Associates, Inc. >> 

Build-to-Rent Properties


Build-to-Rent 1-4 Unit Properties in strong markets with good cash flow offer you as a syndicator the ability to raise money for your own mini-development project … pretty cool!  Not only does Chris Funk’s team handle the development for you, but their top-class management team ensures continued cash flow for you and your investors for years to come.  Explore their operations in Atlanta, GA and Ocala, Jacksonville, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral & Palm Coast, FL!  Contact Chris Funk’s Team at Southern Impression Homes >> 

Build-to-Rent Fourplexes in strong, stable markets mean you get to boast of being a multi-family property developer.  Even better, you and your investors get the cash-flow benefits of some economies of scale and the low-maintenance expense of brand-new buildings.  And your buildings are built within an all new community of fourplexes … There’s no lazy-landlord running down your property values with their neighboring units!  To learn about their latest projects underway … Contact Steve Olson and the Fourplex Investment Group >> 

Build-to-Rent Single Family Homes custom designed to appeal to the strong tenant base in diverse and growing Central Florida sub-markets.  Consider getting involved on the development side, or wait for the pretty brand new take-out product … Either way, you and your investors get a low-maintenance, smart-home with all the hi-tech features today’s up and coming tenant base loves.  Learn more about project underway … Contact Jean Gillen of Gillen & Associates >> 

Resort Properties


Belize Properties offer investors and vacationers alike a beautiful destination … and an appealing investment opportunity.  With the power of financial leverage not quite in full force yet … Right now investors have a unique and timely opportunity to own real estate before leverage triggers a significant increase in asset prices.  And meanwhile, you and your investors enjoy pristine beaches and waterfront experiences!  So consider showing your investors a whole new world of opportunity … Contact David Kafka of RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize >>

Mobile Home Parks


Mobile Home Parks may just be a hidden gem in real estate investing.  Billionaire investor and real estate businessman, Sam Zell (not a bad role model for a real estate syndicator) is the largest owner of mobile home parks in the nation.  As Robert would say … “A clue!”. Whether you get in the mobile home park game by investing passively in a fund or raising capital for a piece of the pie … To look into mobile home parks, contact Paul Moore with Wellings Capital >> 




Self-Storage returns over the past decade have outpaced most other property types … And successful syndicator, Dave Zook, is one of the investors reaping these benefits.  Now you can join him by raising capital to participate in his pre-vetted projects.  As a “sub-syndicator”, you’ll learn the ropes, benefit from riding shotgun on a project and have confidence that your investors will have a great first experience with you.  Contact Dave’s Team at The Real Asset Investor >>



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Oil & Gas investments may not be for the newbie investor, but for you and/or your experienced investors that are willing to take extra risk for extra rewards … think EXTRA BIG TAX-SAVINGS! … explore drilling for oil, owning producing oil wells, and/or even skimming profits from salt water disposal wells.  To learn more about incorporating oil & gas investments into your offerings, funds or personal portfolio, contact Panther Exploration >>




Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are certainly not what comes to mind when thinking of investing in real estate.  But successful syndicator, Dave Zook, continues to invest in this industry because the demographic trends are compelling … And the cash flow and tax-benefits are extraordinary!  To learn more about ATM investments and discover if this industry is a match for some of your investors’ needs … Contact Dave’s Team at The Real Asset Investor >> 


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