Mobile Home Park Investing - Paul Moore

Develop real wealth over generations with smart, creative real estate investments … like mobile home parks!

After selling his successful staffing company, Paul Moore entered the real estate sector. Before he knew it, he had completed 85 successful real estate investments and exits.  Paul also appeared on HGTV, rehabbed and managed dozens of rental properties, developed a waterfront subdivision, and started two booming online real estate marketing firms.  As managing director of two commercial real estate funds at Wellings Capital, Paul has made it his mission to help investors like YOU generate real wealth over generations.
Wellings Capital is centered on providing stable, yield-producing investments.  Paul and his team do this by partnering with best-in-class operators in a variety of profitable real estate niches … including mobile home parks! With the right tools and a little bit of work, the savvy investor can turn a mobile home park into a profit-churning, value-maximizing ROI machine.  
If you’re ready to explore a stable, tax-advantaged, and income-generating investment opportunity …   

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