November 3-5, 2017



We love turnkey, cash flowing real estate … You too?  Check out Indy!


  • In 2015, Indy became the second most POPULOUS city in the Midwest

  • Indy is fast becoming one of the Top Distribution Hubs in the U.S.

  • Millennials are flocking to Indy for JOBS, Affordability, and FUN

  • Indy is named a “Silicon Valley of the Midwest” attracting diverse businesses

What does all this love on Indy mean for you? Really, two things …




But what use is a great market without a great team …

Our friend, Aaron Adams, is one of those guys you meet and you just want to do business with. He has done thousands of deals and currently manages over 2,000 rental properties for his investors.

Aaron is a relationship guy with a people-focused real estate philosophy.  His investment strategy is based on market trends – find out where people are moving and why. Then provide affordable homes to them.  And he’s really good at it!

He chooses markets with strong economic drivers.  Markets that are transitioning from working class to middle class neighborhoods and markets that possess key indicators to support long-term demand.

And then, he creates cash-flowing properties in those markets with the right team to maximize profits.

Indianapolis is one of those markets.  And his team is top-notch.

Don’t just take our word for it … Take your investing to the next level with a due diligence trip to Indy yourself!

We’re all about Education for Effective Action™.  You won’t make money on property you don’t own.  So start taking steps.  Indy could quite possibly be one of your favorite markets and Aaron, your go-to provider … It’s worth checking out for sure!


Tour Logistics:


When you join Aaron on his next Indianapolis Market and Property Tour, you’ll …


  • Discover why so many are racing to the Indianapolis Market!

  • Learn Aaron’s proven systems for creating streams of Passive Cash Flow and “Mailbox Money”

  • Get expert Tricks of the Trade for Evaluating, Buying and Cash Flowing from real estate

  • See a Proven, Thriving Real Estate Investment Model … from the acquisition process, through the rehab, to the property management, including screening, placing and servicing tenants

  • Get in the field and learn hands-on how to Identify the Best Neighborhoods for Cash Flow and Appreciation

  • Leverage into even more real estate by learning Aaron’s techniques for wraparound mortgages and seller financing

  • And even … have a chance to get in on Exclusive Investment Properties with Non-Recourse Financing already in place!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

November 3-5, 2017

Only $497 per person


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