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Over ten hours of powerful, proven training videotaped at a live two-day workshop … complete with downloadable workbook, exercise sheets, and reference materials.


If you’re SERIOUS about your success, sales is the ONE skill you must master.


The good news is … sales is a LEARNABLE skill.  The GREAT news is you can discover How to Win Funds and Influence People from the comfort of your own home or office!

Any real estate investor, syndicator, or financial professional can …


Raise big money …


Negotiate profitable deals …


Build a large and loyal network of investors, clients and team members


by discovering the simple secrets of How to Win Funds and Influence People.


Most good people despise the thought of selling … because they think it means lying, cheating, manipulating, and being pushy, obnoxious, and selfish.

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

In fact, sales is a NOBLE profession.  A PROFESSIONAL salesperson is a MASTER at discovering important unmet needs … then explaining in a non-threatening way exactly HOW a solution works … and WHY it’s in the BEST interests of the prospect to invest in it.

Professionals focus on SOLUTIONS … not pushy sales tactics.


“Every entrepreneur needs to be good in sales.”
– Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad in Before Your Quit Your Job


Either YOU know how to generate revenue … or you’re dependent on someone who does.


Most people start a business or get into investing to be INDEPENDENT.  Yet, most small businesses fail.  In fact, it’s said up to 96% fail in the first five years.  That’s TRAGIC … and largely avoidable.

Researchers say most entrepreneurs fail because of cash-flow issues … not connecting well with customers … lack of a compelling and unique value proposition … lackluster leadership … and the inability to communicate their value proposition in clear, concise, and compelling fashion.

But ALL those failures can be solved with the ONE SKILL which makes everything else easier … SALES.


“Sales solves nearly every problem in business.”
– Ken McElroy, Co-Founder MC Companies, Rich Dad Advisor for Real Estate, best-selling author


When you know How to Win Funds and Influence People you can be TOTALLY CONFIDENT when you sit down face-to face with …

… a buyer or seller in a BIG DEAL that could make you MILLIONS …

… a WEALTHY investor who could write a HUGE check to invest in YOUR deal …

… a TALENTED SUPER-STAR who could make your team WAY better!


IMAGINE … having the proven skills to to know EXACTLY what to ask, what to say, how to inspire and persuade … so you can negotiate great WIN-WIN deals, generate BIG revenue, create RAVING FANS, get FABULOUS testimonials and LOTS of referrals!

No need to imagine … or wait for the next live once-a-year training … because we videotaped the entire workshop so YOU can discover How to Win Funds and Influence People … from the comfort of your own home or office!

Mastering How to Win Funds and Influence People is a GAME CHANGER. 

But don’t take our word for it … check out what people who’ve taken the course have to say …


“I am extremely happy I chose to invest in How to Win Funds and Influence People.  I will be able to implement immediately and I’m certain it will a substantial impact!” – Shanna B.


Great, to the point, useful content.  Easily able to implement the skills from this training.  I feel set up for success with this content.” – Debra F.


“Countless nuggets for success!” – Kurtis D.


“I’m excited to master the process and watch my career skyrocket as a result!” – Ash B.


“I thought I knew all about sales and marketing. I was wrong!  Very impressed with the content.  It will be used on a daily basis.  My only regret is I didn’t get the training sooner.” – Nancy M.


This training is LIFE-CHANGING and impacts more than selling.  I’ve been helped to become a better and more effective communicator.” – Stacey H.


“Great!  I couldn’t ask for better training!” – Michael F.


“I feel very confident this training gives me a strong foundation to start my new venture.  I strongly recommend!” – Vee K.


“I’ve taken many sales training courses.  This is the BEST!” – Bobby M.


Exceeded expectations.  I’m have difficult time with confidence, and this training energized and educated me.  I’m excited!” – Ryan P.


“I’ve engaged in many professional sales training courses over the past 10 years.  I can’t think of one with more applicable and effective strategies and techniques than How to Win Funds and Influence People.” – Brolin W.


Incredible training!  I can’t wait to use these skills!” – Emily N.


“This course helped me understand the sales process in a clear, concise manner … more so than the many books I’ve read on the subject.” – Kevin W.


“The skills and techniques Russ teaches are INVALUABLE.  I’ve been able to use them to successfully sell a business.” – John B.


“I started the training with the mindset that sales for me was unthinkable.  Now I can see a possible career in sales.  It’s not scary anymore. Thank you!” – Tom W.


Worth a million dollars!” – Travis D.


Great in so many ways beyond sales.  Can change the way a person lives their life.” – Aran D.


“I have a guy committing to invest after my first meeting with him…so the training has already helped me.  It feel like it’s getting easier and momentum is starting to build.” – Linda M.


The sales training has been game changing. I can’t believe I’m comfortable asking for $25,000, $50,000, $100,000!  A year ago if you told me I’d be doing this I wouldn’t have believed you. I‘m in tears of gratitude to you. Thank you!” – Monick H.


It’s decision time …


Business decisions are simple trade-offs … upside potential versus downside risk.

You’ve read this far.  You’re obviously interested.

You probably know your life will be MUCH better when you can raise more money, negotiate better deals, recruit and lead top talent, create a faithful tribe of raving fans, a large collection of compelling testimonials, and a steady stream of interested referrals.

That’s all the upside.

The downside is the time and expense of going through the training … the same training HUNDREDS of people have already taken … and RAVE about.

It seems like an no-brainer … but think about this …

If you walk away … and you don’t get this proven, practical, career-changing training … the upside becomes the downside, and vice-versa.

Because when you DON’T develop your sales skills, you LOSE all the upside.  And all you have to show for it is the little bit of money and a few hours of your life that you didn’t invest in developing your most valuable skill.

You have SO much to gain and so little to lose.  If you only learn ONE thing that helps you do ONE deal, it’s probably well worth it.  Then all the rest of your career, every other deal is PURE PROFIT.

Go for it.

How to Win Funds and Influence People

How To Win Funds And Influence People – Jul 30 – 31, 2021


How to Win Funds and Influence People




July 30-31, 2021


Dallas, Texas, USA


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How to Win Funds and Influence People is a powerful, two-day, highly interactive sales training workshop especially designed for real estate investors, syndicators, and financial professionals.


Discover the Simple Secrets to …


Raise Big Money

Negotiate Great Win-Win Deals

Form Powerful Strategic Alliances

 Build a Loyal Network of Investors, Clients, and Team Members


“Every entrepreneur needs to be good in sales.”

– Robert Kiyosaki, Before You Quit Your Job


Sales is essential to financial freedom …


You either know how to generate revenue, or you work for someone who does.  Even landing a job takes sales skills.

So EVERYONE is “in sales” … whether they admit it or not.  The only question is whether or not you’re any good at it.

When you know how to generate revenue, form strategic relationships, recruit and inspire team members … you’re FREE.

With solid sales skills, you can make deals, build businesses, raise money, acquire assets, create cash flow … YOU have the power to attract the resources you need to make things happen.

People who can’t sell, go out of business, go broke, or settle for whatever job someone else is willing to offer.

Sales is an ESSENTIAL survival skill  … yet most people put very little effort into mastering the art of selling.


Financial selling requires special skills …


When you’re offering someone a financial deal … whether it’s an investments, a strategic relationship, or a business opportunity … there’s often no “test drive” or “free sample”.

You’re talking to someone about an INTANGIBLE … a financial result somewhere in the future. Even seasoned salespeople struggle when offering financial outcomes.

How to Win Funds and Influence People is designed to teach you the specific sales skills needed for success when raising money, negotiating deals, and forming strategic alliances.


Sales can be learned …


 The GOOD news is … sales is also a LEARNABLE skill.  If you can communicate, you can be trained to sell effectively.

Sales is NOT about being pushy or tricking people into buying things they don’t want or need.

Master salesmanship is the art of diagnosing a problem, recommending a solution, and persuading people to move forward in their own best interest.  

A PROFESSIONAL salesperson is a MASTER at identifying problems, offering solutions, and gaining agreement to implement those solutions.

Skill at sales makes your income recession proof.   It helps you attract the people and resources you need to build a successful business or investment portfolio … any economic climate…


If you’re in the business of raising money, selling financial products or services, or negotiating high value deals …

THIS is the workshop you need to go to the next level!


How to Win Funds and Influence People




July 30-31, 2021


Dallas, Texas, USA


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When you attend How to Win Funds and Influence People,  you’ll discover …


  • The simple 3-step conversational process to convert problems into opportunities

  • How to uncover what people REALLY want and why, so you can earn their trust…and their agreement to move forward

  • The magic question to turn a No into a Yes!

  • The 3 questions to ask to get great heart-felt testimonials



Meet your trainer …


Russell GrayRussell Gray has over 35 years of real world experience in both corporate and consumer sales.  

From boardrooms to kitchen tables and everywhere in between, Russ has decades of experience talking one-on-one with decision makers about money, deals, and investments.

Never on a salary, Russ has always relied on his sales skills to generate income, start businesses, negotiate deals, raise money, develop strategic alliances … and to remain independent even in the most challenging of economic times.

He’s distilled decades of real world experience into simple, powerful techniques anyone can use to take control of their own financial future…in any industry or economic climate.


What past participants have to say …


Fantastic knowledge and delivery of information.” – Rafael S.


“The training was inspiring…a huge confidence booster!” – Erik P.


Very relevant…a MUST for every syndicator.” – Randy H.


“A switch went off in my mind, creating an avenue for new growth and confidence.  I can’t wait for more sales training!” – Peter H.


Absolutely terrific!  Fun from beginning to end!” – Sep B.


“I learned a lot…I wish I had this program earlier in my life…I would be in much better position today.” – Kim L.


Great event! Guaranteed to supercharge your sales!” – Matt B.


“Exactly what I was looking for.  I feel confident and know exactly what I need to do to become a great salesperson…highly recommend!” – Sarah M.


“I used the skills I learned to go become the top producer at my company…even though I’m the youngest, most inexperienced rep.  It works!” – Sean G.


This training was outstanding and allowed me to gain confidence in interviewing.” – Jana L.


“I have a guy committing to invest after my first meeting with him…so the training has already helped me.  It feel like it’s getting easier and momentum is starting to build.” – Linda M.


“This is great training that I highly recommend. Very impressed with the quality.”- Bryan A.


Excellent workshop. Well prepared! Thanks!” – Chris K.


Great in so many ways beyond sales.  Can change the way a person lives their life.” – Aran D.


“I came in knowing I would get WAY more value than I paid, but I received well above my already highly inflated expectations.” – Chase K.


“Thanks for the sales education. Not a day goes by that I don’t find a way to apply the knowledge you’ve shared.  Talk about compressing time frames!   I’ll never be the same.” – John K.


“This was so tremendously valuable. Thank you!” – Monick H.


Worth a million dollars!” – Travis D.


When you know How to Win Funds and Influence People
you attract the people and resources you need to succeed…in ANY economy.


How to Win Funds and Influence People




July 30-31, 2021


Dallas, Texas, USA


Registration Opening soon!
To be sure you get Priority Access Registration …



Winners, losers, also-rans, and the clueless …

If you’ve ever been in a crowd when something surprising happened … or even in a game of musical chairs, you know …

… people respond VERY differently when stressed.

Some think, decide and act very quickly. Experience, confidence, coaching, and maturity are all factors.

Then there are those who act quickly … without thinking. It doesn’t always end badly, but it often does.

With the shoot-first-ask-questions-later group, it’s usually immaturity, inexperience, lack of training, arrogance … even desperation … that gets them in trouble.

Others take way too much time to think … and then act too slowly. They often miss the best opportunities or fail to avoid rapidly approaching danger.

This quintessential “paralysis of analysis” is usually rooted in inexperience and lack of training. But pride and extreme fear of failure is often the biggie.

And of course, they’re the folks who completely freeze under pressure.

They can neither think nor act … they’re the proverbial deer in the headlights … suffering emotional and intellectual overload.

These folks are often in denial … using avoidance and reliance purely on hope as their primary strategy … and abdicating personal responsibility for their results.

Which are YOU?

It’s a hard question. We all want to be Joe Cool … calm, confident, collected, decisive … taking effective action under pressure.

Yet we all have our limits. And sadly, we don’t often discover them or work at expanding them until we fail under fire. Not good.

This is a VERY timely topic because in case you hadn’t heard … the world’s economy and financial system is under EXTREME stress right now.

Some of it is likely to roll downhill onto Main Street real estate investors. So if you’re not stressed yet … get ready.

NOW is a really good time to look honestly at your own investing and emotional IQ …

… not based on your goals, aspirations, ideals, or vision … but rather on your actual history of performance under pressure.

If you’re younger, you may not yet have a resume of stressful investing or business experiences to reflect on.

So use what you have … experience in school, sports, games, and even relationships (they’re stressful!) … to find clues into your psychology.

It can be humbling. But it’s an important exercise.

It’s well known by those who study the emotional side of investing … the art of managing fear, greed, procrastination, and arrogance …

… successful investors are able to act decisively and diligently in times of extreme stress.

That’s because they’ve learned to stay level-headed, think clearly, rely on data and expert advice.

Those who FAIL to keep their cool under pressure usually only win small (if at all) … often lose (often big) …

… and sometimes aren’t even in the game at all … missing opportunities like a little-leaguer swinging against a big league pitcher.

There’s a lot of shift happening right now.

And with a polarized election season now added to the mix, it’s about to get a whole lot shiftier … and emotional.

Our friend Blair Singer says …

“When emotions run high, intelligence runs low.”

Your mission is to remain aware, prepared and rational … so when threats and opportunities pop up, you’re able to act wisely and decisively.

Easy to say. Sometimes hard to do. Yet VERY important to work at nonetheless.

In tumultuous circumstances, it’s natural to want to stop, sit down, or cling to anything or anyone familiar in search of stability.

Sometimes that’s smart. After all, there’s a reason money is moving into real assets like metals and real estate.

But it’s not smart to cling on to obsolete strategies, paradigms, or methods. As things change, you might need to change also.

How do you know what to think and do?

One of our strategies is to watch experienced investors … especially those with access to great advisors and quality research.

That’s why we noted billionaire Sam Zell’s and Warren Buffett’s moves into gold.

You may or may not be interested in gold … but the overt and implied reasons behind big money moves contain clues …

… about the economy, financial system, currency, and interest rates.

All investors, real estate and otherwise, are wise to pay attention to those things.

But while gold and real estate are both considered “real assets” … they are also very different.

Real estate is the opposite of a commodity or an asset class. It’s not uniform in all places. Every property is unique right down to the address.

Yet even seasoned real estate investors tend to think about real estate only in the context of their niche and markets.

If you’re into apartments, that’s what real estate is to you.

Or if you’re into office buildings … or retail … or farmland … or single-family residences … that’s what real estate is to you.

Of course, real estate is also more than a niche …

If you’re into residential real estate in New York, you’re having a certain kind of experience right now.

But if you’re investing in residential real estate in JacksonvilleCentral Florida or Phoenix, you’re having a VERY different experience than those in New York.

Overall, residential real estate … especially housing … is red hot. Housing starts are upHomeownership in the US soars to its highest level since 2008.

But that doesn’t mean every house in every market is on fire. Some are. Some aren’t. Some for good reason. Others … not so much.

It’s the ambiguity of real estate which creates the opportunity. And when shift happens, pockets of opportunity and disaster open up.

The important point here is real estate is NOT an asset class … and as things shift, there will be winners and losers.

So back to billionaire watching …

Reuters reports … sovereign wealth funds are re-thinking once-reliable real estate.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced sovereign wealth funds to think the previously unthinkable.”

Perhaps the same thing that happened to Warren Buffett and his position on gold.

“ … the funds are retreating from many of the real estate investments that have long been a mainstay of their strategies.”

“… shifting … funds increasingly investing in logistics space, such as warehousing, amid a boom in online commerce during the pandemic, while cutting back on deals for offices and retail buildings.”

Such shifts in behavior can have seismic effects on the global real estate market …”

Of course, if you’re investing in Main Street self-storage centers or mobile-home parks … you’re likely well-insulated from the “seismic effects” created by the equity repositioning of these behemoths.

But while their moves might not affect you … and you may not emulate WHAT they do … you can still learn from WHY they’re doing it.

They’re responding to the STRESS of COVID-19.

Do you think these behemoths think COVID-19 and its ramifications will pass quickly and the world will soon be back to business as usual? Or not?

After all, Buffett backtracked on one of his most outspoken positions and pulled a page out of Peter Schiff’s playbook … dumping dollars and buying gold.

Similarly, these sovereign funds are shifting HUGE long-term holdings from certain real estate niches (the projected “losers”) into others (the projected “winners”).

As shift happens bigger and faster, winning will require more intelligence and greater emotional control.

If you’re not already diligently developing those things … it’s probably a REALLY good idea to get started soon.

Notice that the big boys aren’t taking a Wait and See approach, but rather they Think and Do. That’s a clue.

Meanwhile … what’s clear is the world is changing quickly … the big boys are making their moves … and old paradigms are being re-evaluated.

Our experience, both good and bad, tells us the informed, level-headed, rational, decisive investors will most likely be the biggest winners.

Think and Do is better than Wait and See.

Headlines say real estate funds performing well …

Regular followers know we’re news hawks.  We scour the headlines for clues about opportunities and threats facing real estate investors.

We look at the good, the bad, the ugly … and consider things at the micro, macro, geo-political, and systemic level.

Even though we watch a broad range of real estate niches … we tend to look at the world through the eyes of a syndicator.

We think raising private capital to invest in real estate is the single BEST opportunity for real estate investors … and one of the best business opportunities in ANY industry.

So it didn’t surprise us when the following headline popped up on page one ofYahoo Finance, the most visited financial website on the internet …

Closed-End Real Estate Funds Are Performing Well

The real estate market is booming … Not surprisingly … funds that focus on real estate have been posting good numbers …”

A “closed-end fund” just means a fund which raises a specified amount of money, then closes to new investors.

This is different than a typical “open-end fund” like a mutual fund which continually accepts new investors.

Our point today is … 

Mainstream headlines are informing the market real estate is a winner …

…and that individual investors can access real estate through funds … versus taking on the personal hassles of tenants, toilets, and termites.

Of course, the aforementioned article is talking about publicly traded funds, which come with a host of risks most Main Street investors are unaware of.

But if YOU are thinking of investing in real estate through a publicly traded fund, OR …

… if you’re talking to Main Street investors about investing in YOUR real estateprivate placement (syndication) …

… then you’ll find it VERY helpful to understand the risks in public funds.

Publicly-traded real estate funds can be used as gambling chips in Wall Street casinos … just like any publicly traded stock.

This means speculators (gamblers) can short-sell, trade on margin, and use options … all of which add volatility to the share price.

So even if the underlying asset is as stable as the rock of Gibraltar … the share price can bounce all over the place as it’s traded in the casinos.

Of course, if you’re a long-term buy-and-hold paper-asset investor, maybe that doesn’t matter to you … just don’t watch the share prices or you might get nauseous.

But MUCH less understood is the counter-party risk every paper-asset investor faces because of the way paper-asset trading is facilitated.

In short, counter-party risk is the exposure you have when an asset on your balance sheet (a stock, bank account, a bond) which is simultaneously someone else’s liability.

In other words, they own the the asset and OWE it to you.  YOU own an IOU.

If the counter-party fails to perform or deliver … you LOSE.

Most people understand the concept of counter-party risk … but many don’t understand all the places they’re actually exposed to it.

And it’s a LOT more than you might think.

In the case of publicly-traded securities, like closed-end real estate funds, you’re NOT the registered owner … your broker is.

You get “beneficial ownership” through what is effectively an IOU from your broker to you.  The fund doesn’t even know you exist.

Of course, this is all fine as long as the financial system supporting all this is sound.  But in a crisis, if the broker fails, you might end up a loser.

It’s not unlike what happened in the 2008 financial crisis …

In short, individual mortgages … which are great assets to own … were pooled into securities and made into gambling chips in the Wall Street casinos.

Because the “beneficial ownership” of the mortgages changed hands so quickly, it was all facilitated through a system called Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS).

When the financial system nearly collapsed in 2008, the flaws of MERS were exposed … as the legal documentation required to affirm clean title to the asset wasn’t properly maintained.

Some of the beneficial owners of the mortgages couldn’t prove legal ownership and lost when property owners challenged foreclosure in courts. Huge mess.

So there’s a BIG difference between “beneficial ownership” and actual ownership.  And the difference isn’t exposed until it matters.

Sometimes that’s ugly for investors.

The GREAT news for you and your investors is … it’s NOT necessary to play in the Wall Street casinos to get into a real estate fund.

In fact, we’d argue it’s better if you don’t.

If you’re following The Real Estate Guys™, you’re probably already a fan of real estate and may already be a successful individual property investor.

Maybe you’re considering, or have already started, putting together groups of investors to syndicate bigger deals.

Or maybe you’re tired of being an active investor … and now you’re looking to stay in real estate, but as a passive investor in another investor’s deal.

In any case, it’s important to understand the BIG differences between public and private real estate fund investing.

As an investor in a private offering, you directly own the entity which directly owns the asset.  There’s no counter-party who owes you the shares. YOU own them.

We think when you delve into the differences, you’ll agree private offerings are arguably a MUCH better way to go.

Of course, if you’re interested in starting your OWN real estate investment fund, the timing couldn’t be much better.

Headlines are telling the marketplace real estate funds are performing well.

And when you explain the important differences between public and private funds, we’re guessing you’ll get more than your fair share of investors interested in investing with YOU.

Main Street investing in Main Street … outside of the Wall Street casinos.  We like it.

Until next time … good investing!

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Ask The Guys – Raising Money, Refinancing, Retirement Funds and More

In our most recent edition of Ask The Guys, we weigh in on topics that are relevant to YOU.

From how to leverage retirement funds to how to get started in real estate without much capital, our questions have been handpicked with our listeners in mind.

Keep in mind that we are not legal or tax professionals. We do not give advice. The ideas in this show are simply that … ideas.

In this edition of Ask The Guys you’ll hear from:

  • Your infinitely wise host, Robert Helms
  • His wise-guy co-host, Russell Gray



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Question: I want to get started in real estate investing, but I don’t have a lot of capital. What can I do to get started now?

Two of our listeners, Miles from Atlanta, Georgia, and Jose in Mesa, Arizona, asked us this question … and it’s no surprise.

When we think about investing, we think about money. But currency doesn’t always mean dollar bills.

Relationships, opportunities, and knowledge are all valuable currency in the real estate investment game.

Find more experienced investors who have equity but don’t have a lot of time. Unlike them, you have time to be boots on the ground and make things happen.

Find a network where you can gain knowledge. Then, bring ideas to the people with cash and show them how to use YOUR hustle for THEIR benefit.

Here’s a quick example … and remember this is just an idea. Always consult professionals before taking action.

You may find someone who owns a dilapidated house. The owner is equity rich but the cash flow is poor. Maybe you could take the opportunity to partner with him. You could say, “I don’t have the money to fix this up, but if it were fixed up, you could get steady cash flow. You have a good credit score and income, so you can borrow. You get the cash, and I’ll do the deal.”

You do the work and fix up the property. You supply the hustle. You make the deal … and then you both split the profits!

The one thing you can always do … right away, everyday … is build your brand, build your reputation, and build your network.

Question: The market for multifamily properties is so competitive. How do I find a property?

Our listener Sid owns a business in Daphne, Alabama. He’s wondering whether he should give up on his search for a multifamily property and focus on setting up a hard location for his business.

Multifamily is SUPER, SUPER COMPETITIVE. It’s hard to find deals that work and even harder to get one of those deals.

The first question to ask when it comes to multifamily properties is, “Am I in the right space?” If you’re like Sid, and the market is hopping, the answer is probably yes.

If you’re in the right space … but it’s a little picked over … try looking off the beaten path to see if you can find a property that will offer more than just financial returns.

If you own a business, consider buying a building bigger than you need and housing tenants adjacent to you.

Find one-off deals that meet your unique set of needs. Be careful with your numbers and have a good plan.

Keep your business and your real estate investments separate.

This gives you flexibility down the line. You may decide one day that you’re going to sell your business and keep the building because you have nurtured and created great tenants. OR, you may decide to sell the building and get some cash but keep your tenancy to operate your business.

Question: What’s the mock real estate game you reference on your show and recommend playing?

Rob in Circleville, Ohio, wants to know about this game we’re always talking about.

It’s called CASHFLOW 101 and was invented and developed by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.

Now, it isn’t a real estate game necessarily … but it IS a financial game.

When you play a board game you have mental and emotional reactions. If you take the time to dig in and find out why you are reacting in certain ways, you can discover a lot about your mental makeup … and how to change it.

So, this game isn’t as much about information as it is about transformation. It’s a chance to identify your strengths and weakness and take risks in a low-stakes setting.

Question: I need to learn how to raise money. What would you recommend I do?

Jim in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, was bummed to learn that our next Secrets of Successful Syndication seminar isn’t offered until March 2018.

Jim wants to get started in with residential assisted living, but he feels he needs to learn how to raise money first.

There are plenty of things you can do now to learn this valuable skill.  

Syndication is the most entrepreneurial form of real estate. Entrepreneurs go out into the market and find a problem to solve. Then, they convert that problem into an opportunity.  

To create opportunity as a real estate investor, you need to organize your resources … money, people, and ideas.

Get in an environment where you can learn from people who are already syndicating.

Find someone who is successfully doing syndication and say, “Hey, I love to learn. Is there something that I can do to help you?”

Offer your skills … whether you’re good at market research or social media promotion or building websites. Build relationships.

A key to success is learning how to talk to people one-on-one about money.

To raise money, you need to learn the language of investing AND get really comfortable asking the right questions in order to understand another person’s financial situation.

There are a few things you can do to get started:

  • Come to our event How to Win Funds and Influence People.
  • Pick up a book by Sam Freshman called Principles of Real Estate Syndication. This is NOT a motivational book. It’s literally the textbook on syndication and a great way to learn the nuts and bolts of the topic.
  • Listen to syndication-focused episodes of our show on our website. Simply go to the search bar and type in “syndication.”
  • Listen to general financial podcasts. You need to learn the language of money to communicate with other investors about your projects.
  • Sign up for Secrets of Successful Syndication in March. Get on the advanced notice list here to be the first to know when tickets are available.

Question: How can I be sure I’ll have money to refinance a commercial loan when the balloon is due?

Charles in North Palm Beach, Florida, owns a handful of small apartment buildings and a multi-use building with no mortgage. He plans to purchase a 20-unit building when he finds a deal … and he wants to cash out by refinancing his multi-use building when he does.

But Charles … like many of you … keeps thinking about 2008. Because commercial loans now have short terms of 5 or 10 years, he wants to be sure he’ll have money to refinance when the balloon is due.

There is nothing you can do to completely ensure there will be a loan available 5 or 10 years down the line. But even if there isn’t, you WON’T be lost in the woods.

Private capital is always an option.

In order to take advantage of private capital, you need to make sure you have a strong operating property that is generating good cash flow. Cash flow is the price you pay to get your hands on capital.

The other thing you can do is check your balance sheet and make sure you can cross collateralize your loans.

One perk of private lenders is their flexibility compared to other sources. Lenders are more willing to consider multiple sources of equity. And if a private lender doesn’t bite, consider using syndication to refinance instead.

Don’t sit out of the market. You don’t make money sitting out.

Be proactive. Don’t be paranoid.

Charles also asked how we’ve found our best deals.

The answer is relationships. Build your brand. Build your network. Every great deal we have done is with people who know us and understand us.   

Question: Where can I find the “Prepare” report by Chris Martenson that you mentioned on a recent podcast?

Maryanne from Newburyport, Massachusetts, is referring to a recent show that included a special conference call with Chris Martenson and Brien Lundin.

On that call, we discussed a major announcement from China.

China is proposing to deal in the oil trade using a gold-backed currency. This could be a game changer in a worldwide system that isn’t backed by anything.

At the end of that discussion we addressed what you can do to prepare. Listen in to get access to Chris Martenson’s special report.

Chris Martenson will be on the investor Summit at Sea™ with us this year … we also recommend his book Prosper!

Question: Will there be a Belize discovery trip in summer 2018?

Bob in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and his wife wanted to know how far out we schedule our Belize discovery trips. They want to include a discovery trip in their anniversary vacation … now that’s a good anniversary!

We don’t have the dates for upcoming Belize discovery trips yet, but we do schedule them several months in advance. For a trip in June, check our website in March or April.

Get on the advanced notice list to be notified as soon as dates are announced!

Question: Can I use money from my retirement accounts to make updates to my house?

Daniel in Livermore, California has both a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA. His goal is to maximize his tax deductions and avoid using cash savings to make updates to his home.

We’re not tax advisors … BUT … our understanding is the answer is no.

When it comes to retirement accounts there are lots of things you CAN do, but one of the prohibited transactions is anything to do with your own personal residence.

We suggest talking with a CPA or a lawyer before making any decisions.  

Question: Do you know of anyone who has purchased training for the Residential Assisted Living Academy, and have you heard about subsequent real world successes?

Our final question comes from Lou in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

You’ve probably heard us interview Gene Guarino on our program. He’s the founder of RAL Academy and teaches folks how to do residential assisted living.

We have been to his trainings and know dozens of people who have not only taken his classes but also found success in the RAL market.

A reminder … we don’t gain anything from Gene’s success … except happiness for him and everyone else.

We love that Gene actually practices what he preaches. You can tour his properties and meet his staff. He has all sorts of resources and services available on the back end if you’d like more help beyond his classes, too.

If you’re serious about being in this or any space … you need a mentor. If you don’t have a mentor in a particular field, hire someone!

More From The Real Estate Guys™…

The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.

Real estate wins …

Real estate investing can be lonely.  Very few financial conferences or commentators even talk about real estate … much less endorse it as a wealth building vehicle.

So real estate investors huddle together in obscure corners of the financial community … quietly making money and muttering about the trials and tribulations of tenants, toilets and 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.

But recently, mainstream financial headlines seem to be painting a rosier picture of real estate …

Several news outlets published articles referencing this article and survey which says Americans prefer real estate over cash, stocks, gold and bonds …


















The article says …

“… for the third consecutive year real estate is the favorite way to invest money not needed for at least a decade …”

“… home prices have gone gangbusters recently, climbing back above their record pre-crisis levels … according to CoreLogic.”

Click Bait and Switch

But then the balance of the article is essentially dedicated to telling readers why the survey respondents are wrong for preferring real estate over stocks …

“Still, ‘it’s a rather poor investment,’ says [a] RBC Wealth Management financial advisor.  ‘It’s highly illiquid, and markets aren’t always rational.’”

“One study … found that housing only returned 1.3 percent per year after inflation from 1900 to 2011, while stocks tended to perform more than four times better.”

As you might guess, RBC Wealth Management deals in paper assets.

Their trite critiques of investment real estate reveal a lack of understanding at best … and a dishonest bias at worst.

Let’s break it down.  Because whether you’re raising private capital to invest in real estate …

… or just trying to convince your spouse or in-laws real estate is a viable alternative to stocks, bonds and mutual funds …

… it’s important to be able to rebut the financial fake news bias against real estate.

Liquidity – LOL

The flip side of liquidity is volatility.  When traders can move in and out of an asset quickly, it makes the asset price volatile.  So liquidity isn’t automatically a good thing.

The survey asked about money “not needed for at least a decade” … so liquidity isn’t what investors are looking for when they buy real estate.

Besides … to say housing is “illiquid” is inaccurate. 

“Illiquid” means “not easily converted into cash” and “of a market with few participants and a low volume of activity”. 

Sure, you can’t day trade houses … but we see that as a plus.  It keeps prices more stable.

And when you can usually sell a house at a fair market price in about two months, that’s hardly “illiquid”.   Drop the price, and you’ll sell it faster.

Market Rationality – ROFL

A paper asset promoter saying real estate “markets aren’t always rational” … are you KIDDING???  That seems a LOT like the pot calling the kettle black. 

Way back in the 90’s before the dot-com stock crash, Alan Greenspan famously accused stock market participants of “irrational exuberance”.

Of course, a few years later the stock market crashed … and scared investors flocked TO real estate in the early 2000’s.

With the stock market at nose-bleed levels today, we’re guessing that’s why people are preferring real estate over stocks again.

Only Returned 1.3 Percent – LMAO

The idea that “housing only returned 1.3 percent per year after inflation” is so off the mark it borders on absurd.

The argument is the PRICE of a home in 1900, adjusted for inflation to 2011, only grew on an annual basis of 1.3 percent …

… and that during that same period, stocks grew by “about four times that.”

This argument assumes the only financial benefit of real estate ownership is price appreciation, which is a false premise.

We won’t bore you with all the math, but you should grab a calculator and do it all so you can quickly blow-up this ridiculous idea that stocks beat real estate over the long haul.

Here it is in simple terms …


When you put 25 percent down, you own property at 4:1 leverage.  So 1.3 percent appreciation is a 5.2 percent equity growth rate.

Right there, you’re even with “about four times that”.  But wait!  There’s more …

Cash Flow 

Also missing from the comparison of stocks versus real estate is the rental income.  

Even if you’re before tax positive cash flow is only two percent, with 4:1 leverage, your cash-on-cash rate is 8 percent. 


A 30-year fully amortized loan at 5 percent reduces the loan balance (i.e., builds up equity) at a rate of over 2.6 percent per year.

Add 4:1 leverage, and you’re growing equity at over 13% per year.  Now you’re destroying stocks.

We’ll skip tax benefits, which make it even BETTER, and let you tally the total. Any ONE of the three beats “four times that” all by itself.  Together … it’s a wipe out.

People Aren’t Stupid

Main Street investors have common sense … and at this stage of the information age, they’re able to research and fact check quickly.

They know stock prices are being propped up by cheap money and corporate buybacks … and with the Fed raising interest rates, the party might be ending soon.

The survey reinforced what our anecdotal conversations tell us … Main Street investors are nervous about the stock market. 

Their preference for cash over stocks for a ten year hold says a lot.  Main Street is looking for safety and surety.

And Main Street investors like real estate.  They understand real estate.  They TRUST real estate.

But it’s not just Americans seeking financial safety in real estate.  Foreign buyers just purchased a record amount of U.S. houses.

Real estate is where people park money for long term wealth development and preservation.

Go with the Flow …

Even though home ownership in the U.S. remains at decade lows, it’s actually a boon for real estate investors.  Less homeowners means more renters.

For flippers and syndicators, real estate is highly regarded and in demand.  Money wants to be in real estate … so there’s a big opportunity helping it get there.

And while anything can happen, it seems the appeal of real estate isn’t abating any time soon.

Until next time … good investing!

 More From The Real Estate Guys™…

The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.

What do Trump and Sanders primary wins say to real estate investors?

Trump and Sanders and a Bigger Economic Picture

In the recent New Hampshire primary vote, Trump and Sanders brought home big wins. Donald Trump summed it up in his New Hampshire victory speechTrump and Sanders NH Primary Wins - Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primary by a large margin

If we had 5 percent unemployment, do you really think we’d have these gatherings?

He could be right.

In spite of “glowing” employment reports and a Fed so confident in the “strength” of the economy it raised interest rates a “whopping” 25 basis points for the first time in nearly a decade…the ire of the electorate (and the stock market) could be telling a much different story.

John Burns Consulting recently issued a report confirming something we’ve been projecting for quite some time:

Americans Are Leaving Big Cities for More Affordable Cities in the South and Northwest

When it comes to real estate, for homeowners or renters (and therefore for landlords), the basis for growth isn’t from foreigners snapping up U.S. real estate as a safe haven…or from hedge funds pumping billions of dollars into single-family home speculation…The real driver underneath fundamental real estate strength is real growth in both jobs and wages.

But in spite of the 4.9% unemployment rate touted by the government, that same government says labor participation is historically very low.

Look at this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

trump and sanders win - U.S. labor participation rate has seen falling substantially for the last 10 years

U.S. Labor Participation Rate – Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Boomers to blame? 

Some say the decline in labor participation is due to baby boomers retiring, but the government’s very own stats don’t support this assertion…

From 2004 to 2014, the only age group to INCREASE in labor participation was age 55 and OLDER.

Labor participation for anything UNDER 55 was actually NEGATIVE.

Clearly, baby boomers aren’t driving down the labor participation rate.  They’re the main group propping it UP!

What about wages?

Back in October 2014, Pew Research revealed that real wages have been stagnant (at best) for decades:

Trump and Sanders and the economy - purchasing power chart

Source: Pew Research Center

More recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported real earnings notched up a tad, but a big chunk of the tiny gain came from a lower CPI (Consumer Price Index).

So small pay raises supplemented by lower prices produced a slight increase in purchasing power.

Is that enough to sustain the robust rental increases landlords have been enjoying the last couple of years?

No.  That’s probably why people are moving to more affordable markets.  A trend we expect to continue.

As you can see, it’s easy to get lost in the statistical weeds.

But the New Hampshire results are telling an easy to understand message on both sides of the aisle.

This economy isn’t booming for working class folks.

Trump and Sanders NH Primary Wins - picture of bernie sanders

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

So the voters want to kick the bums out, make America great again, return the power to the people, and stick it to the Wall Street elites…which explains (at least partly) the surprising popularity of candidates like Trump and Sanders.

Will the Fed continue to raise rates in an attempt to instill confidence?  

Based on the market’s reaction, it’s hard to imagine they will.  After all, the stock market’s been throwing a hissy fit since the December “hike”.  Just like Peter Schiff said they would.

As we discussed in a recent newsletter, the Fed rate increase resulted in a DECREASE in mortgage rates.

That’s because investors dumped stocks for the “safety” of bonds, pushing yields down (yields or interest rates DECREASE when the prices of the bonds are bid UP by growing demand).

Great!  Cheaper money is always nice for real estate investing.

It’s a reminder that bad times can be great times for investors, so don’t be dismayed by economic uncertainty.

Oil’s still not well…

Another big concern for 2016 remains the impact of lower oil prices on the credit markets.Falling oil prices threaten to implode the bond markets.

If oil prices remain suppressed for whatever reason, while it’s great for consumers (your tenants), it makes it harder for indebted oil companies (employers) to meet their debt obligations.

No surprise U.S. oil bankruptcies have spiked 379%!

And if Wall Street levered up on oil bonds the way they did with sub-prime mortgage bonds, a meltdown in oil bonds could trigger another epic financial crisis…maybe even The Real Crash Peter Schiff has been warning about.

We don’t know.  We just keep watching.

For real estate investors, the message is the same as it’s been for a while…

Affordable properties in tax and business friendly states with good infrastructure, diverse economic drivers, and quality of life amenities will probably see a disproportionate influx of people and businesses.

So while real estate, like everything else, will be impacted by a financial crisis…it isn’t an asset easily dumped by panicked investors.

And the powers that be, from governments to central banks to big business, are all highly motivated to prop up real estate.

Even better, if you’ve locked in super cheap mortgage money for the long term, and picked properties which conservatively cash flow, you’re in a position to ride out a storm.

And if you’re really prepared, you may have converted some of your equity into cash in case prices fall.

As he told us before he was a Presidential candidate, Donald Trump says in the down times, it’s always good to have some cash on hand to go bargain shopping.

For now, the Trump and Sanders freight train seems to be telling us Main Street isn’t drinking the “all is well” Kool-Aid.

So our focus remains on markets, properties and financing structures which position real estate investors to prosper in an economy that isn’t yet on solid footing for Main Street.

After all, that’s where our tenants live.

Until next time…

Good Investing!


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Thanks to you both and your team for providing such great content on a regular basis. You compliment each other well, and always stay on topic and understand how & when to ask the deeper, more revealing questions. ”  – Laurance W., 7/27/17

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“Since my last trip to Belize I have purchased 3 rental homes and 1 flip so you motivated me.  They were cheap fixer uppers but I’m moving in the right direction and getting my kids involved too.  I listen to your podcast all the time.  I wish I would have many years ago.” – Janice S., 6/30/17

“I have been looking to get into real estate investing and am glad to find such a great resource.  Thanks.” – Jason V., 6/30/17

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Great podcast!  My husband and are just getting started learning about investing in real estate and we are big fans of your podcast!  We are so grateful for all the valuable insight we have learned from you guys and the guests on your shows! ” – Kelly & Walter E., 5/25/17

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I always appreciate your great insights on the bigger picture. Thanks for your research, candor and insight.My real estate investing has been better, smarter and more lucrative over the last 10 years because of you!” – Douglas L., UT, USA, 3/1/17

AWESOME and GREAT Guys Thanks for sharing your knowledge with people who are interested in trying to make this world a better place to live…” – John K., 2/24/17

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Love the PODCAST, it’s taken my real estate business to another level!” – Andre S., 02/08/17

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You two have taught me so much and podcasts like this help me to continue to learn. Thank you. I will be sharing with family and friends…” – Ed C., Charlotte, NC, USA, 12/19/16

“…I can tell you I’m already one of your biggest followers! Your dynamic approach to real estate is a refreshing listen to the barrage of quick flip and investment information I’m accustom too. Thank you for the great podcast, keep it up…” – Andrew M., USA, 12/14/16

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Absolutely love your show!  I find it both educational and inspiring.  Your show fills a gap that other real estate podcasts do not cover.  Thank you and keep up the great work!” – Adam M., Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA, 7/1/15

Sometimes when I listen I feel like I am part of a special Mastermind Group that the team has created.  Really a privilege to be associated with the podcast as a Listener.” – Craig H., Medford, Oregon, USA, 6/27/15

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Excellent thought provoking podcast.” – Daniel G., Overland Park, Kansas, USA, 6/22/15

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I LOVE YOUR SHOW…I have it on my iPod so wherever I go, I listen to one of the podcasts.  Thank you so much!” – Sasanna S., Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 3/8/12

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I have found all of your shows to be helpful.  Keep up the great work!” – Mike S., 2/29/12

You guys rock!” – M. N., 2/28/12

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Your shows get better and better. Thanks for keeping things fresh and substantive.” – Jackson P., Rajasthan, India, 2/24/12

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You guys rock!  Love the boardroom webinar (with Robert Kiyosaki)” – Jason B., 2/21/12

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Love the show – just bought my first property in So Cal.  Keep up the great work.” – Nathaniel H., 2/19/12

I’ve learned a lot from your shows.  I appreciate your win-win underpinnings.” – Wayne V., Tucson, Arizona, USA, 2/19/12

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I’m hooked on your show. thanks for making it happen!” – Burke W., 1/25/12

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“I love your podcast.  You guys are amazing and I’ve learned so much since I started listening.  See you on the cruise!” – John C., Anchorage, Alaska, USA, 1/23/12

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You guys are awesome!  Can’t wait to join you this year for the Summit.” – Gary P., Connecticut, USA, 1/12/12

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“I absolutely have taken a dive head first into your podcast! I spend a lot of time in the car driving and since I have found your podcast I do not get tired during my trips because I listen to show after show and am soaking in so much information.  Thank you for all that you do to help driven people like myself who need direction so badly.” – Jon K., Dayton, Ohio, USA, 1/10/12

“Hey guys, I love your show!” – Scott B., Denver, Colorado, USA 1/10/12

“All of the content you guys deliver is really second to none.” – John Z., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA 1/9/12

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“I’ve listened to your podcasts faithfully.  You guys are great!  Continue to rock the real estate podcast world!” – Derek H., Boise, Idaho, USA, 12/30/11

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“The Real Estate Guys have been a great resource for me. I have been an avid listener throughout my time in college.” – John J., Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 12/17/11

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“Thanks you guys! I’m learning a lot from your podcasts.  Keep up the great work!!!” – Mariel D., 12/14/11

We’ve been following your show for over a year now and we love it!  Thank you for being open minded and courageous about taking on controversial guests like Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff and G. Edward Griffin.  Thank you for your show.” – Todd S., Redding, California, USA, 12/14/11

“Love the show!” – David D., 12/13/11

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“Hey Guys, I love your show. I very much appreciate hearing your point of view on all matters economic.  Keep up the great work with the up to date information rather than the sell-fest so many fall victim to.  Cheers!” – Rick S., Bozeman, Montana, USA, 12/7/11

“Hey Guys! Love your show.  I have been listening for three years. Every week I get something really valuable I can think about or implement in my investing strategy.  Thanks and keep up the good work!” – Michael B., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 12/5/11

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I really appreciate the great information you guys put out there.  You guys have truly opened my eyes and always expand my reach in everything I do. Keep up the great work!!!” – Julien P., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 11/19/11

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Love your show!” – Debashis S., 3/30/11

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Great podcast! ” – Angel P., 3/28/11

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Great podcast guys, I always learn something new. I have a notebook filled with notes from all the podcasts I’ve listened to.” – Alex R., Brea, CA USA 3/25/11

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Regarding our 2011 Conference Call to Action“Thanks Real Estate Guys, this was fantasticExactly what I needed to hear to kick start my year!” – Marc P., Southern California 1/15/11

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Love your podcast…my all time favorite!” – Justin H. 12/6/10

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Your radio show is awesome, I’ve learned about lots of things listening to it!” – Kingsley H., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 10/4/10

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“I just want to say thank you for the awesome show you do. Your positivity and enthusiasm are great. I really resonate with the undertones of personal growth and some of the ideas you talk about which are bigger than investing. Thanks for the inspiration!” – Bob M., 10/2/10

“After listening to everything I could find for a few months I narrowed it down to my favorite source… The Real Estate Guys.  I  just finished reading Equity Happens which turned out to be by far the best book on the subject I have ever read. It was replete with good sense, great eye-opening ideas and practical information. ” – Joel L., France, 9/26/10

“Thanks a ton and I really love the show!” – Jim S., 9/22/10

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Great podcast guys!  My first time listening and have all your previous shows to catch up on now.”  – Ruben A. , New Jersey, 8/21/10

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Your show is the best and it will be tough to top the Freedom Fest show!” – Mitch D. 8/4/10

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Love the information. Keep it coming.” – R. Williams 7/29/10

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Fantastic show about wholesale and what an excellent idea for investors!  Keep up the great shows!” – Michel G. 6/20/10

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I’ve learned SOOOO much from your show over the past few years that I owe you thanks for my upcoming success. Keep up the GREAT information!” – Darin R. 6/2/10

“I enjoy the radio show very much.” – Herman S. 6/1/10

Fantastic.  These guys are great communicators, positive and well informed.  It has been a huge help to us as we start to invest in real estate.” – goyo626 on our iTunes page 5/26/10

Love your podcasts. Thanks!” – Dave L. 5/25/10

The best R.O.I. ever!!!” – gerneallee72 on our iTunes page 5/24/10

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Love the podcasts!!” – Greg E. 5/17/10

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Awesome show!  Thanks.” – Al 5/5/10

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Good stuff you guys!” – Tim C. 4/27/10

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I am a big fan of your radio show and listen to it every week on iTunesGreat topics, guests, advice and insight into so many pertinent real estate issues of today.” – John M.  3/7/10

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“Thank you for the Olympics podcast.  I was out bid on houses for the last year and I was ready to quit.  After your podcast, I am inspired to keep trying to buy a house!!!” – Mark R. 3/1/10

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“Hi Guys, Love the show!  Thanks to you I discovered the wonderful works of Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad/Poor Dad company. Thanks so much guys.  FYI one of my 2 year goals (besides getting out of the rat race) is to earn enough that me and my wife can go on the investor summit.  Thanks for all you do!” – Rob S.  2/2/10

“These guys are the real deal. No hype. Great content. I listen to all the shows I can. Keep up the good work!” – Doug S. on iTunes 1/30/10

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“Hey Guys, I love the show and am so glad I found it. I listened to every real estate podcast they had, and whittled it down to only listening to yours. Your shows are always packed full of useful info and great guests.” – Mike L. 1/8/10

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I really enjoy listening to your podcasts, great information. I want to thank you for doing such an exceptional job for us real estate investors to continuing learning and updated on things. Keep up the good work.” – Dominque  10/15/09

“I love your show!” – Bob E. 10/8/09

“Great show!” – Paul 10/1/09

My real estate knowledge grows a lot every week because of your shows.  Keep them coming!!” – Merlin L.  9/28/09

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Looking for trouble? You should be …

What do pro investors do when the market show signs of peaking?

They start looking for trouble … in a good way.

Industrial Property Owners Increasingly Go After Value-Add Projects – NREI, 4/19/19

“With prices for stabilized properties rising … industrial owners invest in value-add and redevelopment.”

In this case, the trouble is …

“The lack of land for ground-up development in many … markets …” 

That’s a supply constraint, which is a favorable problem for creating an equity-building supply and demand dynamic. 

That’s because when you can’t build more, what’s already there is potentially more valuable … IF there’s strong demand.

In the case of industrial property, there is currently very strong demand …

 “… the growing appetite for space” in the “red-hot industrial sector …” 

So troubled tenants need more industrial space, but troubled developers can’t find big lots of land to build on. 

The existing building inventory is apparently problematic in its current form … or those troubled tenants would be signing big long-term leases on them as is.

So that means more trouble.  This time for current owners of outdated properties which aren’t meeting the needs of the changing marketplace. 

Trouble, trouble, trouble, and more trouble … which all spells opportunity for someone. 

Of course, renovating huge industrial properties is a BIG stretch for a Main Street Mom and Pop investor.  These projects take many millions of dollars to get done.  And that’s a problem too.

One way to play is to invest in publicly-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs).  But as our veteran audience knows, we’re not fans of publicly-traded investments.

Publicly-traded investments are expensive to set up and operate … which dilutes profits to shareholders.  Worse, public shares can be “bet” against in the Wall Street casinos.

On the other hand, a well-run private placement (a syndication), pools the investment power of many small investors into a large, professionally run fund … just like a REIT, but without the Wall Street shenanigans.

So for passive investors, private placements can be an attractive alternative to REITs.  They’re just harder for Main Street to find … although it’s gotten easier and there are ways to find opportunities.

Of course, for active investors, syndicating is a great way to do bigger, more profitable deals.  It can make sense to share most of the profits with your passive investors because your small piece of a big pie can be very satisfying.

But you don’t have to be an industrial property investor to play this game.  In fact, you don’t even need to deal in dilapidated properties. 

That’s because you’re not looking for property problems.  You’re looking for people problems … or better stated …

You’re looking for people with problems you can solve … profitably.

Consider the plight of home builders …

New-home sales roar to a 16-month high on deeply-discounted inventory – MarketWatch, 4/23/19

It’s not necessary to get into the weeds on this one because national housing statistics are fairly meaningless.  There’s no useful “average” in real estate investing. 

If that puzzles you, think of it this way …

When you have one foot in near-boiling water and the other in near-freezing water, on average you’re comfortable. 

But in the real world, you’re in severe pain.

Real markets are LOCAL.  Problem ownerships are INDIVIDUAL.  Every deal is different.  Great deals and bad deals exist at the same time.  Same for markets.  They only average each other out in statistics.

That’s why there’s SO much opportunity in real estate investing.

Most other forms of investing involve buying the exact same thing everyone else has access to at the exact same price everyone else is paying at the particular time you invest. 

Those non-real estate investors can’t negotiate on an individual basis.  All they can do is attempt to time an entry or exit. 

Sure, some of the more ambitious might study fundamentals hoping to find something in the financials others are missing.

But most simply divine charts and graphs looking for signs of a “breakout” against trend line “support” or “resistance” so they can front-run a price move up or down.

Real estate investors look for problems they can solve profitably by adding value … one relationship and property at a time. 

And they know “value” is in the eye of the beholder … whether it’s the tenant, buyer, or seller. 

When you focus your attention on creating value for the other party

… you can charge more rent, reduce turnover, sell for a higher price, buy for a better price, or receive more concessions.

Learning how to identify exactly what with the other party wants is core to the How to Win Funds and Influence People sales training workshop.

While we could talk about adding value to tenants or buyers, for now let’s just focus on those new home builders who are dropping prices to move product.

Consider that some of those troubled home builders might be in markets with product types that would make attractive rentals … at the newly discounted price.

You and/or your investors might be able to solve a problem for the seller (the home builder) by buying not just one home, but several all at once … for a bulk discount.

If you’ve been around awhile, you may remember seeing this movie before … in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis.

We’re not saying another crisis is around the corner.  But who knows?

So it’s probably smart to focus on properties and financing structures which emphasize positive cash flow.  This puts you in a better position to ride out a storm should one occur.

Remember … market peaks aren’t the time to speculate on further moves up … even if you get a great deal on the buy.  Hot markets can fade fast …

Recently Hot Housing Markets Now See Biggest Sales DeclinesBloomberg, 4/22/19 

Right now, interest rates are back down.  That keeps your mortgage payments lower.

Certain home builder … especially small ones … may be motivated to discount in order to move product in bulk. 

Lower interest rates and lower prices is a combo that helps your initial cash flow.

And if you find the right deal on brand new property … you’re less likely to have expensive repair surprises in the early years of ownership.  This gives you time to build up reserves and raise rents as the local economy may permit.

But whether you simply want to write a check and let someone else do the dirty work … or you’re the hands-on type who plans to find the deal and oversee it … 

When the market starts to heat up, it’s time to focus on building relationships with people whose problems you can solve profitably by adding value.

Until next time … good investing!

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