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If you’re here, it should be because you got the same email message from us twice.  Sorry about that!

BUT…if you still want to hear from us, PLEASE don’t unsubscribe from one of the lists simply to avoid the duplication.   You’re probably on both our “premium” and “regular” lists.  Hey, at least we don’t have diesel too! 😉

Please understand that even if you unsubscribe from just one of our lists, Walter (our email room manager) may take it as a complete personal rejection and unsubscribe you from ALL lists.  Yes, it’s a complete overreaction.  What can we say?  Walter’s very sensitive.  We suspect he’s a little hen-pecked at home, but that’s just a guess.

Of course, if you never want to hear from us again, then by all means unsubscribe.  Hopefully, Walter will get over it.  But have you seen Hitchcock’s “The Birds”?  We’re just sayin’….

Anyway, we’re working on upgrading our system, but we’re not quite there yet.  Okay… we’re not even close.  But it’s definitely on our “To Do” list.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.  Obviously, we’re The “Real Estate” Guys and not the “email database management” guys.

Meanwhile, if you want to unsubscribe, update or remove an email address, or just spout off about how much you appreciate our amazing shows, just use our Feedback page.  But please, for you own safety, don’t criticize Walter.  He can be a real pecker when his feathers get ruffled.

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