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When you work hard to organize your ideas into a book, it feels great to hold the finished product in your hands.  It’s even better when best selling authors and qualifiedEquity Happens - Building Lifelong Wealth with Real Estate experts tell you that you did a good job!  The BEST feeling of all is when the people you wrote the book for tell you that not only did they enjoy your work, but it’s making a real difference in their lives. THANK YOU to all of you for sharing your kind words.  We wish you the greatest of success!

house-dotWhat the Experts say about Equity Happens:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Equity Happens. Robert and Russell have created a masterfully comprehensive guide to the why and how of real estate investing. Read this book. You will learn from it just as I did!”Gary Eldred. PhD., best selling author, real estate faculty member of Trump University “Conventional real estate wisdom is to buy, hold and hope. If you’re looking to collapse time frames and create sustainable wealth, read Equity Happens… at least twice!”Jim Rohn, author of The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle “If you are a Real Estate Professional, then this book is a must-read for you and your clients. It has the power to positively Order Nowchange their life and your business, forever. Equity Happens provides a blue-print for success in the business of real-estate investing.”Shayna Goldstein, Top Producing Real Estate Agent and Candidate for Realtor Magazine’s Top 30 Agents Under the Age of 30 Award “There’s so much noise in the real estate education sector today it’s easy to get confused and disillusioned. Equity Happens is a breath of fresh air.  Robert and Russ have a wonderful way of making complex topics simple.  Better yet, they don’t just teach theory.  They rely on their personal experience in the real world.” – Kyle Wilson, President of

house-dotReader Reviews of Equity Happens:

Priceless information! I only wish I had this information 20 yrs. ago. I would be retired and living the good life. This books shows you how to create wealth with real estate. We all know real estate is a good invenstment, but few of us know how to play the game. This book spells it out in black and white, easy to understand terms.” – Debbie S. “Outstanding! Best education in real estate. As a relatively new real estate investor who has profited greatly, I was looking for a tool in order to teach friends and family that there is a way to build wealth that doesn’t have to be accompained with big risk. You can’t read this book and argue that real estate is not only extremely profitable, but also has an extremely limited amount of risk associated with it. Read this before buying your first investment property!” – D. Killion “Nothing else like it! I’ve spent a good deal of time listening to Russell and Robert and they are excellent investors and teachers. (Also great to listen to live by the way) You just can’t go wrong buying this book. They have combined the heart of their teachings into these pages that can literally help anyone make huge changes in the way they invest and come to view money in general.” – Peter Pellizari “Great insight and simple to understand. I’ve been looking for insight on how to invest in real estate, and this book is the map. Robert Helms and Russell Gray have placed all their hands on knowledge and experience in this book, and you will not be disappointed by its contents.” – John Yoo “I’d gone to seminars and read many books. I never was able to know what to buy or actually go and buy a property, I am so grateful that after getting “Education for Effective Action “…last year I actually made more money from my properties than in my day job!” – Roland S. “Equity Happens provided the spark I needed to purchase my first investment property.  Robert Helms and Russel Gray’s style of writing is motivational, entertaining, and provides the basis and foundation on how wealth can be created through real estate. I consider it the ‘bible of real estate investing.'” – Daniel James “These guys have a great and entertaining way of writing about real estate. They are also honest, there’s none of this “make a million overnight with real estate” garbage. Instead they lay out the foundations for changing your mindset, which a lot of books dont even mention. How are you going to win at the real estate game if you have the wrong mental attitude and work ethic going in? After they change your attude, they lay the foundation for getting started in real estate, and telling you realistically that there will be ups and downs, but over the long haul, like a 15 year or more period, you will make substantial wealth with real estate. Loved the tone of the book as well, funny and frank with their information. They have a home study course, which I’m sure goes into more detail than this book does, and I’m going to order it. But this book is a great place to start.” – R. Rivera “This is a book that turns conventional wisdom on it’s ear. This book was eye-opening for me in much the same way that “Rich Dad Poor Dad” was years ago. This book is a great starting point for anyone interested in real estate investing.  I also recommend looking up their podcast on I-tunes called The Real Estate Guys”. – “igneousy” “This is a very good book, I’ve read several real estate books in the past and this one is one of the better ones. Content is more down to the real world and has a lot of number crunching which is great. Recommended reading.” – SSS “They got it right! I have longed for a book to give me real estate book that provides me the meat I am looking for without all the gimmic “surprises” and “secrets.” Absolutely a wonderful book. You really are THE Real Estate Guys I will continue to buy books from you.” – Hamel Patel “I learned of the book through a weekly podcast of Real Estate Guys Radio, which is hosted by the authors. I have read many books on real estate investing, but this one really challenged my thinking on several philosophies. (I hate to admit this, but I had some similar ideals to the fictitious Conrad Soomer in the introductory section).  Since finishing the book, I have created a written plan and made an offer on a six unit apartment building. I have also re-evaluated my previous guiding principle of paying down loans faster and am planning to pull some equity out of existing properties.  I strongly recommend this to any reader who understands that real estate investing is a proven way to build net worth, but needs a kick in the pants to get started.” – Curt Stevenson “Disillusioned working for Big Corp? Read this book and take back your life!  If you have ever attempted the futile climb up the corporate ladder, you will relate to the quick fictional story that starts this book.  These guys give solid, realistic advice.  BONUS: If you really want to dig deeper, subscribe to their podcasts!  They are listed in iTunes under The Real Estate Guys.  Thank you Robert and Russell! I’m on my way to making equity happen.” – DP “I have read many real estate investing books over the years and I must say, Equity Happens is the best one I have ever read! This book offers real-world strategies and tactics as well as how to “think” your way to becoming a successful real estate investor. Need a book on real estate investing? I would recommend “Equity Happens” be the very first book you read as it will lay the foundation for success! – Frank Q. “I gained so much from reading (and re-reading sections) of the book, I bought copies for all my RE partners. I read A LOT of real estate books and was very impressed with the ideas and the presentation. A must for newbies to help you get the concepts down and experienced people to reflect and review and learn some new things.” – Virginia Pitts “Best kept secret! This book is awesome! I highly suggest it for the novice and the experienced investor! Buy it for your friends too!” – Emily Galloway

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