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Tim Hubbard's
Short-Term Rental Playbook

Replace your rent, your job, and yourself with morning “Mailbox Money” through short term rentals!

Tim Hubbard is an international real estate investor, world traveler, and self-proclaimed digital nomad who also operates a multi-million dollar short-term rental business.

Tim owns properties across multiple states and countries which generate 7-figures per year while the systems, software, and staff he developed run the business … So he’s free to live in paradise …

… And he’s passionate about helping other investors achieve the same level of freedom in their lives too!

Welcome to the NEW American Dream …

With only one or two modest properties, it’s possible to earn enough passive income to replace your job so you finally start experiencing life fully.

In his Short-Term Rental Playbook online event, Tim will guide you through the process of starting and scaling a 7-figure Airbnb business that generates predictable passive income.

The Short-Term Rental Playbook will help you discover …

✓ How to confidently hunt hot deals

✓ Proven marketing tips to keep your rentals occupied

✓ Resources to furnish properties

✓ Operational systems and processes to save you time

✓ How to hire a team

✓ Templates, scripts, and checklists

✓ Case studies and virtual tours of real properties

✓ And MUCH more!

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