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Weekend 2 Wealth

New Dates Coming Soon!

Brad has helped many listeners of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show break into investing in multi-family investing … 

Now you can join the list of Brad’s students who (some with no previous investing experience) have retired and/or increased their net worth over $1,000,000.

Join Brad Sumrok for a transformative weekend in Dallas, Texas that could redefine your financial future in the world of real estate. Brad Sumrok, your mentor and guide, invites you to an immersive Real Estate Mastery Weekend Event like no other.

Are you ready to discover the secrets that can help you skyrocket your real estate investments? Brad Sumrok, a seasoned real estate expert with over 20 years of experience, will empower you with the knowledge and strategies to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Simply fill out the form below to get on the Advance Notice List …

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