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Getting away from your computer and out in the real world is a BIG part of successful real estate investing.  Exploring new markets, building local teams and interacting with other investors is all part of being a serious real estate investor.  It’s where the education “rubber” meets the effective action “road”!

Of course, we’re big fans of our field trips.  We wish we would have been around to mentor us when we were just getting started!  But rather than have us yammer on, here’s some feedback from everyday folks who’ve attended one of our trips:

“Very valuable information.  As a current investor in this market, I was able to learn more than I could have on my own!” – Randy H., Kennewick, Washington, USA October 2011

“Great group of people who attended!” – Craig H., Medford, Oregon, USA, October 2011

“Exceeded my expectations.” – Larry H, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, October 2011

“The most important thing I learned was how to evaluate a market and I learned about Memphis from many perspectives.” – Deborah H., Burbank, California, USA, October 2011

“Excellent job!” – Jason S., Vero Beach, Florida, USA, October 2011

“This was a great field trip! ‘Bonus time’ came about half way through.” – Troy S., Pinole, California, USA, October 2011

“Worth the time? WOW!” – Greg F., Westbrook, Connecticut, USA, October 2011

Get in on the fun!  Visit our Events page and reserve your space on our next field trip to marvelous Memphis, Tennessee!

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