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St. Louis Metro Market

Looking for solid returns in a market that can weather financial storms?
St. Louis is the place for you!

St. Louis is more than just a bustling port city … it’s the LARGEST metro area in Missouri, not to mention one of the largest in the U.S.  It is home to multiple Fortune 500 companies and a major player in the technology, healthcare, and agriculture industries.

St. Louis weathered the 2008 market crash like a pro. Its low interest and tax rates are an added bonus!

Within the educated millennial demographic, St. Louis demonstrates a solid rate of growth. Millennials are attracted to St. Louis’ job opportunities and vibrant culture, making it a top-10 city for millennial home ownership. 

Why so popular?

  • Affordability. 
  • Low cost of living.  
  • High quality of life.  Free museums, one of the best zoos in the world (also free!), a robust sports culture, and family-friendly communities make St. Louis a great place to live. 
  • Education opportunities.  St. Louis is home to almost 40 colleges and universities.  
  • Strong job growth and infrastructure.  St. Louis is popular in the startup scene and shows robust job growth in many industries. 

St. Louis is BOOMING and shows no signs of stopping.  

Due to its high capacity for handling grain barges, St. Louis is known as the Agricultural Coast of America.  The city is strategically positioned to become a major player in transporting high-demand agricultural products like corn and soybeans.  

And St. Louis boasts an impressive number of clean energy jobs … a sign of a rapidly growing clean-energy industry within the state. The city has also added thousands of tech jobs in recent years. 

St. Louis isn’t a temporary craze. The city shows signs of sustainable long-term growth … and we expect this metro area to make steady, reliable progress for years to come. 

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