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What do you call a man who has been investing in real estate since 1957, has been a practicing real estate broker since 1980 and has been a powerful mentor to Robert Helms, Russell Gray and hundreds of others in his lifetime?  We call him “The Godfather of Real Estate”.  Most people know him as Bob Helms.

In his career Bob has owned, managed, bought and sold hundreds of properties for himself and his clients.  He has been both a top producing agent and a managing broker overseeing sales agents in a thriving real estate office.  Bob has probably forgotten more about real estate than most people will ever know.  Yet, well into his 70’s, Bob continues to practice real estate both as a broker and an investor.  And he remains an avid student of the business.

Bob specializes in investment properties, and in his book Be in the Top 1%: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Getting Rich in the Investment Property Niche“, he will show you how he and his clients have successfully invested in the U.S. and abroad over the last SEVEN decades. BE IN THE TOP 1% is a why to, how to, when to book for real estate agents who want to become uniquely successful and get RICH in the investment property niche. This book is ideally suited for real estate agents who want to learn to become investment property specialists because investors desperately need your help, and you can quickly become their go-to agent and valued team member!

Bob’s wealth of professional knowledge and personal experience have made him a featured contributor to The Real Estate Guys™ radio and TV shows, as well as a popular speaker at live events and our annual Investor Summit at Sea™.  More than anything, Bob loves people – and he enjoys getting to know them as much as he enjoys sharing his wisdom. To connect with Bob, come visit him at one of The Real Estate Guys™ Upcoming Events!

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