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Since we’re technology neanderthals, we don’t have strong opinions about which brand should rule the galaxy.  But we realize that some people have their favorites and we certainly don’t want to discriminate.  Well, maybe we do a little bit.  Let us explain.

Here’s the deal:  You can access the show any way you like.  Just to make it easy, we’ve put some options on the sign up page.  But before you run off…

There’s something we want you to know (and do) in YOUR ENLIGHTENED SELF-INTEREST.

iTunes ranks podcasts by their popularity. Popularity is measured by the number of downloads and favorable reviews from listeners (do you see where this is going?).  When shows are highly rated, they get more prominent placement – sometimes even being featured.

In addition to being able to strut around our office with our big foam fingers proclaiming, “We’re #1!” (which we like to do), having a high ranking is REALLY helpful when requesting interviews with all the amazing guests that we’re sure YOU want to hear from.

So to help us do a better job for YOU (after all, it’s all about you),  PLEASE:

1) Subscribe to the free iTunes podcasts ; and

2) Submit favorable reviews to iTunes (don’t know how?  Click here for a step-by-step guide)

In exchange for your kind support, we will get up early every day and work hard to deliver practical, fun and relevant news, information and commentary – including interviews with both popular and little known but super smart subject matter experts.

Deal?  Thanks!

Robert and Russ
The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show

P.S.  If you REALLY want to help out, then be sure to tell ALL your friends to get on board too! Thanks!

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