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Adleson, Hess & Kelly, APC

Think you’re covered just because you have a big fat insurance policy?

Even though they aren’t supposed to, sometimes insurance companies deny valid claims in order to boost profits. Worse, all those policies are written in confusing legalities that create loopholes that provide excuses for companies to deny, reduce or resist your claim.

And they’re written by clever lawyers who are looking out for the insurance company and not you. And just because your insurance agent says you’re covered, what really decides is your policy. So what can you do?

First, it’s REALLY smart to have your policies reviewed by “coverage counsel” … that’s a lawyer who specializes in insurance. It’s a lot cheaper to pay the coverage attorney to review the policy, even if you pay a little extra premium, to make sure you have enforceable policies that really cover the risks you’re taking. 

And if you end up in a situation where a claim you’ve made has been denied, then you’re definitely going to want an insurance lawyer who’s on YOUR side. That’s what Adleson, Hess and Kelly do.

So if you need help with your insurance policies – or worse, need help getting a claim paid, simply fill out the form below to get the help you need.

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