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Discover powerful cash management strategies through the creative use of properly structured life insurance contracts!

Most people think of life insurance as a death benefit.  Sometimes they use it for a savings vehicle.  But large banks, corporations and wealthy individuals use properly structured life insurance contracts to obtain tax benefits,
increase yields on cash, reduce borrowing costs and create positive arbitrage on equity loans.  In other words, it’s a powerful cash management tool!

Wow!  Really?  All that from life insurance?

This is NOT your typical life insurance, which would be better named death insurance. When used correctly, permanent life insurance is a unique asset which provides substantial benefits that can be enjoyed while you’re living:

  • Dollar for Dollar Equity Growth (every dollar paid in is a dollar of liquid equity!)
  • 100% Liquidity
  • Safety of Principal – even in the toughest of market conditions
  • Guaranteed Equity
  • Powerful Tax Advantages

Few, if any, other investments can claim these unique characteristics. Best of all, what works for the big players can work for you too!  Whether you make your money in business, at a job, through real estate and other investing – or any combination – the right kind of permanent life insurance used the right way will help increase the security of your gains! The markets can be fickle and volatile, but your finances don’t have to be. Contact Paradigm Life and discover how you can add certainty and security to your investments.

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