Boots-on-the-Ground Market Insights: Precious Metals

June 2020

Precious metals diversify any real estate investment portfolio AND protect against inflation …

As the Fed shows no signs of a halt in printing money, Russell Gray, Co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show interviews Dana Samuelson, president of American Gold Exchange and lead numismatist to discuss the state of Precious Metals and what we can do to hedge against disaster.

Listeners will gain knowledge and perspective on the current state of Gold in an ever-changing environment while also learning practical strategies within the market.

Here’s some of the areas Russell & Dana discuss …

  • High Grading and a Halt in Exploration – The lag in supply vs. demand
  • Cost of Oil – How the cost of oil plays a role in the value of precious metals
  • Printing of Dollars – How this plays a BIG role in the health of Gold
  • What’s Happening with Gold and Other Currencies – Discover the clues that we need to be paying attention to on a global scale
  • Converting Equity to Precious Metals – How to hedge against loss as Credit Markets constrict
  • And much more!

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