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Actually, you probably know that’s ridiculous.

Obviously, Walter can’t fit through the spam filters with the content taped to his leg.  So he’ll only deliver a hot link (which is much tastier than spam) and it will take you to our top secret hidden free report vault.  There you can download the content and view a completely dry and unwrinkled version on your own computer screen.

But don’t tell our scribes. They think Walter is delivering their masterpieces.  We don’t tell them what Walter REALLY does with them.  Let’s just say Walter’s floor covering business is crappy.  And for Walter, that’s a good thing.

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Walter probably delegated the task to one of his bird-brained assistants.  So the email was probably sent from Infusionsoft on our behalf.  If you don’t have it, send us a message through our Feedback page and we’ll send Rex the Rescue dog into the cyber-wilderness to search for it.

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