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March 22-23, 2024

Dallas, TX

Real-world training that works for real people …

“I attended the Secrets of Successful Syndication event in August and just closed on my first syndication three months later utilizing the information taught during the conference. Forget the ROI for real estate, the real ROI is made through attending your conferences. Thanks guys!” – Ricky Q., Texas, USA

“Tremendously informative! Each speaker provided terrific insights about getting started, overcoming challenges, and putting teams and deals together.” – Bob G., Silicon Valley, California

“The information will allow my partner and I to continue our goal setting and beginning our syndication of deals. This clinic helped us validate where we’re at with our investing and what we need to do next.” – Jana H., Spokane, Washington, USA

“This is my second syndication seminar…not stale or repetitive. In fact, content was fresh and very relevant.” – Dr. Jason B., New Jersey, USA

“Hands down the best real estate syndication seminar available. It’s life-changing and astonishingly gets better every year.” – Sepehr B., Mission Viejo, California, USA

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