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Use a 1031 Exchange to Convert Real Estate Equity into High Yield Cash Flow in Oil

with Bob Burr and Brad Simmons

Real estate is the foundation of a real asset portfolio… but it isn’t the ONLY asset available … And when real estate starts overheating (which is arguably the case at hand) we begin looking for ways to hedge. So even though we’re The Real Estate Guys™, we’re big proponents of looking at the bigger picture … identifying supply & demand imbalances, opportunities to buy below cost of production … which exist outside of real estate too. 

Between the shift in administration, energy supply issues created by COVID, the economy reopening, and the fact that the FED is printing money like there’s no tomorrow … It’s the perfect storm for creating rising energy prices. So how can real estate investors get into the game and reap the benefits? 

Use a 1031 Exchange to Convert Real Estate Equity into High-Yield Cash Flow in Oil! Oil and Energy Expert Brad Simmons from Petroleum Strategies has done this many times, and in this video he joins Russell Gray, Cohost of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show and Bob Burr from Panther Exploration to discuss where the oil industry is now, current opportunities, and give a high-level overview of this strategy.

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