Boots-on-the-Ground Market Insights:
Mobile Home Parks

Explore how Mobile Home Parks will fare as the Coronavirus crisis impact unfolds …

Join Russell Gray, Co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, and Mobile Home Park expert investor, Paul Moore, as they discuss what’s going on right now in the Mobile Home Park niche …

Points of discussion include:

  • How to Invest in Mobile Home Parks without the Headaches
  • How to Find Vetted Deals & Diversification with a Margin of Safety
  • Warren Buffett’s Claim to Fame
  • Current Macrotrends that Show Economic & Financial Stress
  • Coronavirus Concerns & Opportunities in Mobile Home Parks
  • Commentary on Security of Cash Flow
  • Diversification within Various Mobile Home Parks
  • Keys to Investing in the Right Assets at the Right Time
  • Sourcing Mobile Home Parks
  • Value of Consolidating for Economies of Scale & Operational Efficiency

Learn more about how Mobile Home Parks are being impacted and find out if there may be opportunities in this asset class for you …

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