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What’s the BEST asset class to invest in?​

That was the topic of the Big Asset Class Debate on The Real Estate Guys™ 2013 Investor Summit at Sea.  Freedom Fest founder Mark Skousen liked it so much he decided to reprise it a few months later at his 2013 Freedom Fest conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carrying the torch for real estate investors, The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show co-host Russell Gray takes on Andrew Schiff (Euro-Pacific Precious Metals), Chris Versace (Eagle Publishing newsletters) and Lenore Hawkins (Meritas Advisors).

Who wins? Watch for yourself. Then YOU decide!

(If you like this debate, check out our report on Real Asset Investing.  Click here to request yours)

Get in on the fun, too! 

Even though we’re The Real Estate Guys™, we attend a variety of conferences on economics, investing, and (gasp!) … the politics behind them.

Of course our FAVORITE is our very own Investor Summit at Sea™.

Since 2002, every year we assemble a truly AMAZING collection of thought-leaders, subject matter experts, and successful real world investors for more than a week of seminars, hot topic panels, roundtable discussions, networking parties, educational shore excursions … and more!

In addition to the Summit, there are other events we produce or promote because we think they’re great.  To see the latest and greatest, click here now to visit our Events page.

We hope to see YOU at a live event soon!  Until then, stay free and prosperous!

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