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The Men Who Saw the Future
of Money and Wealth

Robert Kiyosaki

Warned of the Lehman Brothers collapse on national TV

just before it happened.



Peter Schiff

Mocked as he warned about the sub-prime mortgage crisis
just before it happened.


It’s good to watch all 8 minutes, but if you’ve got a short attention span … jump to 3:08 where Peter gets into housing, sub-prime.  Notice how Peter used gold as an indicator to accurately predict the mortgage crisis and subsequent impact on housing.

MANY people … especially real estate investors … were WIPED OUT by the 2008 financial crisis because they didn’t even see it coming.


Obviously, they COULD have.  They just weren’t listening to the right people, watching the right indicators, or taking the right precautions.


So what do Robert Kiyosaki and Peter Schiff  think TODAY?  Who do they listen to?  What indicators are they watching?


That’s what we wanted to know.  So we’ve spent the last several years getting to know Robert Kiyosaki and Peter Schiff … and many of the people they listen to.


We put them all in a room for TWO FULL DAYS and asked them to share their thoughts about the Future of Money and Wealth.


Best of all, we video-taped the ENTIRE thing … 20 videos with over 14 hours of presentation and panel discussions …  and YOU can get them ALL for less than $25 per video.


To your future,

Robert Helms and Russell Gray
Hosts, The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show
Producers, the Investor Summit™ and the Future of Money and Wealth video series

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