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Ask the Expert: Build-to-Rent Video Series

Part 1

No deferred maintenance, high tenant desirability, a builder’s home warranty, and lower insurance premiums are just a few of the many reasons an increasing number of investors are cashing in on the Build-to-Rent model …

With all the current buzz surrounding this exciting niche, we’ve invited Chris Funk, Founder and CEO of Southern Impression Homes and SunCoast Property Management to join Russell Gray for a special Q&A session!

Russell Gray is the Co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show and a financial strategist with a background in financial services dating back to 1986.

Chris Funk is a driven business executive with a commitment to excellence who initially founded SunCoast Property Management when he recognized favorability in the real estate market. Following the company’s success, Chris and his leadership team founded the builder and development sister company known as Southern Impression Homes.

Ask the Expert: Build-to-Rent Video Series

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Episode 1
Episode 2 

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