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Oil & Gas Market Report

Don’t overlook a REAL asset with REAL opportunities for profit.
Take a deep dive into a market with major mojo … OIL AND GAS!

Real estate investors looking for a lucrative market have their eyes out for the next best new thing … But the right investment could be something VERY, VERY old. 

Oil and natural gas began forming MILLIONS of years ago … But today they represent one of the hottest investment niches. 

Demand for energy … Like oil and gas … Survives every cycle and every crisis. 

In 2018, the world demand for oil reached over 100 million barrels per day

And with new innovations in technology that improve efficiency throughout the exploration, extraction, and refining process … production costs are dropping dramatically!

One of the most attractive elements of the oil and gas market is passivity. You can cash in a cut of the profits … Without doing any of the “dirty” work. 

Here’s a clue! … Oil has created more wealth for individual owners than any other investment class. 

The Energy Information Association (EIA) predicts that oil prices will reach as high as $125 per barrel by 2030 and $230 per barrel by 2050

ATTENTION HIGH INCOME EARNERS … Oil and gas investing offers the best tax benefit of just about any other investment. 

These tax benefits can be taken against your ORDINARY income … Not just passive or investment income. Score!

The U.S. tax code allows investors to deduct up to 85 percent of their domestic oil investment in their first year. 

The oil and gas industry offers many different ways for investors to get involved: 

✓ Drilling and exploration

✓ Energy funds

✓ Production programs and syndication

✓ Salt water disposal facilities

✓ And more!

Oil and gas is a REAL asset with REAL opportunities for investors like YOU. 

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