Fast Track to Financial Freedom Through
Short-Term Rental Investments

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Demand for short-term rentals is growing MUCH faster than supply. Savvy investors who are a part of the solution are enjoying a pretty profit … And it’s your turn to get in the game!

Join Tim Hubbard … international investor, world traveler, and Owner and Managing Director for Rest Methods and Midtown Stays … for an event packed for maximum impact!

This live training event is the fastest way to learn time-tested methods for short-term rental success and be ready to take action the moment you leave. 

During the multi-day experience you’ll learn:

✓ How to find, finance, and acquire your own short-term rental property

✓ Ways to maximize NET positive cash flow without risking your shirt

✓ How to implement a foolproof system for evaluating the right property

✓ The secrets to finding the best properties and financing options

✓ Tips for hiring the right team so your rental can operate without you

✓ How to become an “off-site” business manager

✓ Strategies for maintaining high occupancy without sacrificing high rates

✓ Processes for automations that make it easy to scale up your portfolio

✓ How to attract investors and raise capital 

✓ Basics for developing systems, operations, and procedure manuals

✓ How to analyze the financials of actual projects

✓ And more!

Before the learning begins … be sure to join Tim and enjoy a pre-event reception where you’ll network with fellow students from all over the country!

On Day 1 … Learn what makes a good investment property for short-term rentals and how to avoid competition while saving money.  Explore creative options available like lease arbitrage and exit strategies to reduce risk. You’ll also learn the signals of a hot short-term rental market and watch in real time as Tim sifts through the marketplace of properties available. Learn how to acquire financing, get the best furnishing tips and review multiple case studies! 

On Day 2 … Participate in automation training. Learn the fundamentals of how to streamline your processes and operations and receive proven market secrets for choosing the right team!  Analyze the financials of actual projects and tour operating properties. See the inner workings of Tim’s business that generates a seven-figure annual gross income. You’ll also take a tour to real properties in Memphis so you can see for yourself how simple it can be to create passive income from short-term rentals.

You’ll leave ready to take action and get started! Walk away a confident investor with a game plan to build wealth quickly and sustainably with short-term rentals!

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Dates Coming Soon!

To be sure you get Priority Access Registration …

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