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Short-Term Rental Investments

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Demand for short-term rentals is growing MUCH faster than supply. Savvy investors who are a part of the solution are enjoying a pretty profit … And it’s your turn to get in the game!  

Join Tim Hubbard … international investor, world traveler, and Owner and Managing Director for Midtown Stays … for a two-day virtual event packed for maximum impact days! 

This live training event is the fastest way to learn time-tested methods for short-term rental success and be ready to take action the moment you leave. 

During the multi-day experience you’ll learn:

✓ How to find, finance, and acquire your own short-term rental property

✓ Ways to maximize NET positive cash flow without risking your shirt

✓ How to implement a foolproof system for evaluating the right property

✓ The secrets to finding the best properties and financing options

✓ Tips for hiring the right team so your rental can operate without you

✓ How to become an “off-site” business manager

✓ Strategies for maintaining high occupancy without sacrificing high rates

✓ Processes for automations that make it easy to scale up your portfolio

✓ How to attract investors and raise capital 

✓ Basics for developing systems, operations, and procedure manuals

✓ How to analyze the financials of actual projects

✓ And more!

On Day 1 …You’ll learn the fundamentals of real estate investing and why short-term rentals will catapult you towards financial freedom in minimal time. You’ll learn exactly how to find them, finance and effectively acquire them as well as the operations needed to manage them from wherever you are. You will get the proven marketing secrets to keep your rentals occupied and how to find the right team to operate them so you can scale quickly and efficiently.

On Day 2 …This is the day you put it all together. Analyze the financials of actual projects as well as examine site selection, design and how to plan for the most cost-effective, highest producing property. You’ll do virtual tours of actual properties in operation and their performance. You’ll cover case studies of actual properties owned and operated by your trainer Tim Hubbard. Day 2 is the highlight for most students where they truly understand how easily they can get into the business, make it work with minimal effort, build true wealth, and become financially free with as little as one property!

Easy access from the comfort of your own home …

The seminar will be held via zoom, making it easy for you to ask questions, comment and meet others via virtual breakout sessions!

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 Dates Coming Soon!

To be sure YOU get Priority Access Registration >>

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