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Rented & Rested:

The Rested Investor’s Playbook For A Mostly Passive 7-Figure
Short-Term Rental Business With Unlimited Vacation Days

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Tim Hubbard is an international investor, world traveler, and Owner and Managing Director for Rest Methods and Midtown Stays …

… And he’s passionate about helping others achieve the same level of freedom and success by investing in short-term rentals.

To help his hard-earned secrets to success reach even more people, he’s going virtual with his popular live Rented & Rested event!

Join Tim from the comfort of your own home to learn step-by-step the methods he used to earn millions with short-term rentals … And the exact operations he uses to run the portfolio PASSIVELY!

When you attend this LIVE online training, you’ll walk away with the game plan and confidence to acquire properties, attract guests, and automate procedures so you can passively scale your short term rental business!

During the packed 2-day online experience you’ll discover …

✓ Tim’s fundamentals of real estate investing

✓ How to find, analyze, finance, and acquire your own short-term rental property

✓ Creative options like lease arbitrage and exit strategies to reduce risk

✓ The signals of a hot STR market

✓ How to maximize your nightly rate

✓ How to flip a listing for less than $3K-$6K

✓ How to increase occupancy rate

✓ How to choose photos

✓ How to price your STR

✓ The software stack Tim uses to manage over 40 Airbnbs

✓ How to streamline your processes and operations

✓ How to outsource and automate operations

✓ Tips for managing maintenance and repairs remotely

✓ How to build operating procedures to scale to 7-figures

✓ And MUCH more!

To be sure YOU get Priority Access registration ...

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