How to Win Funds and Influence People

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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How to Win Funds and Influence People is a powerful, two-day, highly interactive sales training workshop especially designed for real estate investors, syndicators, and financial professionals.
Discover the Simple Secrets to …
  • Raise Big Money
  • Negotiate Great Win-Win Deals
  • Form Powerful Strategic Alliances
  • Build a Loyal Network of Investors, Clients, and Team Members

“Every entrepreneur needs to be good in sales.”
– Robert Kiyosaki, Before You Quit Your Job

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Sales is essential to financial freedom …

You either know how to generate revenue, or you work for someone who does.  Even landing a job takes sales skills.

So EVERYONE is “in sales” … whether they admit it or not.  The only question is whether or not you’re any good at it.

When you know how to generate revenue, form strategic relationships, recruit and inspire team members … you’re FREE.

With solid sales skills, you can make deals, build businesses, raise money, acquire assets, create cash flow … YOU have the power to attract the resources you need to make things happen.

People who can’t sell, go out of business, go broke, or settle for whatever job someone else is willing to offer.

Sales is an ESSENTIAL survival skill  … yet most people put very little effort into mastering the art of selling.

Financial selling requires special skills …

When you’re offering someone a financial deal … whether it’s an investments, a strategic relationship, or a business opportunity … there’s often no “test drive” or “free sample”.

You’re talking to someone about an INTANGIBLE … a financial result somewhere in the future. Even seasoned salespeople struggle when offering financial outcomes.

How to Win Funds and Influence People is designed to teach you the specific sales skills needed for success when raising money, negotiating deals, and forming strategic alliances.

Sales can be learned …

The GOOD news is … sales is also a LEARNABLE skill.  If you can communicate, you can be trained to sell effectively.

Sales is NOT about being pushy or tricking people into buying things they don’t want or need.

Master salesmanship is the art of diagnosing a problem, recommending a solution, and persuading people to move forward in their own best interest.  

A PROFESSIONAL salesperson is a MASTER at identifying problems, offering solutions, and gaining agreement to implement those solutions.

Skill at sales makes your income recession proof.   It helps you attract the people and resources you need to build a successful business or investment portfolio … any economic climate…

If you’re in the business of raising money, selling financial products or
services, or negotiating high value deals …
THIS is the workshop you need to go to the next level!

How to Win Funds and Influence People


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Phoenix, Arizona, USA


To be sure YOU get Priority Access Registration >>

When you attend How to Win Funds and Influence People,
you'll discover ...

  • The simple 3-step conversational process to convert problems into opportunities

  • How to uncover what people REALLY want and why, so you can earn their trust…and their agreement to move forward

  • The magic question to turn a No into a Yes!

  • The 3 questions to ask to get great heart-felt testimonials


Meet your trainer ...

Russell GrayRussell Gray has over 35 years of real world experience in both corporate and consumer sales.

From boardrooms to kitchen tables and everywhere in between, Russ has decades of experience talking one-on-one with decision makers about money, deals, and investments.

Never on a salary, Russ has always relied on his sales skills to generate income, start businesses, negotiate deals, raise money, develop strategic alliances … and to remain independent even in the most challenging of economic times.

He’s distilled decades of real world experience into simple, powerful techniques anyone can use to take control of their own financial future…in any industry or economic climate.

Here is what our event attendees are saying...

Fantastic knowledge and delivery of information.” – Rafael S.

“The training was inspiring…a huge confidence booster!” – Erik P.

Very relevant…a MUST for every syndicator.” – Randy H.

“A switch went off in my mind, creating an avenue for new growth and confidence.  I can’t wait for more sales training!” – Peter H.

Absolutely terrific!  Fun from beginning to end!” – Sep B.

“I learned a lot…I wish I had this program earlier in my life…I would be in much better position today.” – Kim L.

Great event! Guaranteed to supercharge your sales!” – Matt B.

“Exactly what I was looking for.  I feel confident and know exactly what I need to do to become a great salesperson…highly recommend!” – Sarah M.

“I used the skills I learned to go become the top producer at my company…even though I’m the youngest, most inexperienced rep.  It works!” – Sean G.

This training was outstanding and allowed me to gain confidence in interviewing.” – Jana L.

“I have a guy committing to invest after my first meeting with him…so the training has already helped me.  It feel like it’s getting easier and momentum is starting to build.” – Linda M.

“This is great training that I highly recommend. Very impressed with the quality.”- Bryan A.

Excellent workshop. Well prepared! Thanks!” – Chris K.

Great in so many ways beyond sales.  Can change the way a person lives their life.” – Aran D.

“I came in knowing I would get WAY more value than I paid, but I received well above my already highly inflated expectations.” – Chase K.

“Thanks for the sales education. Not a day goes by that I don’t find a way to apply the knowledge you’ve shared.  Talk about compressing time frames!   I’ll never be the same.” – John K.

“This was so tremendously valuable. Thank you!” – Monick H.

Worth a million dollars!” – Travis D.

When you know How to Win Funds and Influence People, you attract the people and resources you need to ANY economy.

How to Win Funds and Influence People


Next Date Coming Soon!

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


To be sure YOU get Priority Access Registration >>

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