Powerful Cash Management Strategies Using Infinite Banking


With a title that cool, how could you not want to read it?


But if you need a little more motivation, consider how savvy investors have used real estate for cash management over the years.

Ahhh, do you remember those equity lines of credit that were just SO handy to have around?

You could dump cash into the equity and thereby reduce your interest expense, which was often higher than what you’d earn in a passbook savings account.

But then you could turn right around and write a check.  It was very liquid!  Sure you had to pay interest on the money, but it was tax deductible.  Besides, the rate was so low, you could often create positive arbitrage on your equity.  Meanwhile, you still got to enjoy the use (or the rental income) of the property. Winner!

But a funny thing happened on the way to the bank.  All of the sudden real estate equity started disappearing. Lenders were reducing, or in some cases, completely cancelling those credit lines. Yikes!

Sorry if we just traumatized you.  We’re sure traditional real estate lending will improve…..some day.

But we have GREAT NEWS! A tried and true, but largely overlooked, financial tool still exists today,  And it will make you forget all about those equity lines of credit.  In fact, you could say it’s to die for (that’s just a figure of speech).

We’re very excited about it and think you will be too.  To learn how it works, simply….

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