Investor Summit at Sea 2018 – Part One

This is our 16th year hosting our annual educational event … the Investor Summit at Sea™. Guests and faculty have all disembarked from a wonderful week learning about the future of money and wealth.

We didn’t want our wonderful listeners to miss out entirely on the treasure trove that is the Summit … so we hosted a live recording session on board the ship!

In this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ show, we chat with some of our illustrious faculty members. Listen in to hear their reflections and insights on our week at sea.

You’ll hear from:

  • Your adventurous host, Robert Helms
  • His seasick co-host, Russell Gray
  • Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, the brains behind Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island
  • Securities law attorney Mauricio Rauld
  • Victor Menasce, author of Magnetic Capital
  • Glen Mather, president of NuView IRA



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Lessons from Robert and Kim Kiyosaki

It was a pleasure to have the always inspiring Robert Kiyosaki and his wife, Kim, on board for the Summit. “It’s more important than ever before to come on Summit at Sea because so much has changed,” Robert says.

The duo enjoyed hearing from experts with many different points of view. “The conversations happening behind the scenes are the most important part,” Robert adds.

Lucky attendees were able to hear from Robert … and female attendees joined Kim in a women-only breakout session about finding financial freedom.

We asked Robert and Kim about their opinions on educating younger people … and why it’s important to have youth at the Summit.

“It’s important we teach the younger generation,” says Robert. “We need to teach kids to look at the world from a different point of view. Most kids haven’t been trained to see a problem as an opportunity.”

Kim adds, “What they teach you in school is the opposite of what it takes to be successful.” According to Kim, school teaches you there’s only one right answer … and you should never make a mistake.

But investors need to learn there are many right answers … and mistakes are the best way to learn. Plus, says Robert, “Student loan debt will never amortize on you.”

Robert and Kim recently celebrated the 21st birthday of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. “The message remains the same,” says Kim. Lessons like “your house is not an asset” and “savers are losers” still ring true, Robert says.

A red pill from G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin gives this review of the Summit: “I’m amazed at what I learned and that so many people learned so much!”

Edward walked us through the process of writing his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. He almost gave up twice because he thought he couldn’t do the content justice … but he persisted. Today the book is on its 48th printing!

What about the young people? “Young folks can buy into the idea that the banking system is stealing from them in a legalized fashion,” Edward says. “We’re at a huge tipping point.”

Edward created the Red Pill Expo to get the word out to people that things aren’t always as they seem in the world of money and banking. “You have to be aware before you can do something about the problem,” he says.

The Expo aims to help people “take the red pill, break out of the matrix, and see reality.”

Edward had some great words of wisdom for everybody listening … “We have within all of us the power to understand that most of the great barriers in life are not the barriers we think they are.”

Three experts on the power of community

The author of Magnetic Capital, Victor Menasce, reports, “When you break bread with people, the level of connection and the environment is amazing.”

Attorney Mauricio Rauld agrees. The Summit provides attendees with the opportunity to “absorb knowledge like a sponge,” he says. “It’s an amazing environment.”

Faculty member Glen Mather believed in the power of the Summit so much he brought his first-time property buyer daughter so she could learn too.

Glen has seen the Summit work its wonders firsthand … on himself. “I can’t listen to these guys without thinking, ‘There is so much we have to change,’” he says.

We think getting together to learn is incredibly valuable … if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have created the Summit at Sea™. We offer materials like our podcast and educational reports as the start of a relationship … with the hope that listeners will take that relationship to the human level.

Gathering as a community is a powerful experience … and experiences like the Summit allow both fledgling investors and experts alike to learn new information, open their minds to ideas, and form life-long connections.

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The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.

9/29/13: Retirement Account Real Estate Investing – Borrow, Lend or Partner

Retirement accounts hold trillions of dollars of assets.  Almost all of it is in the hands of Wall Street through stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities.  For those who want to move their money closer to Main Street, real estate, precious metals and private placements are appealing alternatives.

But even though many real estate investors have already discovered the powerful benefits of self-directed retirement account investing, the vast majority of U.S. investors falsely believe that Wall Street is their only option.  And even those familiar with the idea of self-direction may not be up to speed on the latest and greatest innovations.

It’s been several years since we’ve examined this topic in depth, but notwithstanding the latest pullback attributed to the government shutdown and looming debt ceiling debate, stocks have been at bubble like highs.  So if you or your prospective investors are looking to move from paper assets to something more tangible, self-directed retirement account investing could be just what the doctor ordered!

On location in Orlando, Florida probing the depths of self-directed retirement account investing:

  • Your Doctor of Dialog and host, Robert Helms
  • Your analytical co-host, Russell Gray
  • Self-directed Retirement Account expert, Glen Mather

Glen Mather has been helping people all over the U.S. convert their rollover 401ks into self-directed individual retirement accounts.  So we figure he’s the perfect person to brief us on fundamentals of self-directed retirement account investing.

We open up talking to Glen about the psychology of investors when it comes to their retirement accounts.  Not only does retirement seem far away, so there’s no sense of urgency, but people have been conditioned to think that the government, their employer, or even their financial guru, will take care if it.  Of course, you’re not the complacent type or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  But that doesn’t mean you aren’t surrounded by people who are – and maybe YOU can help those people by partnering with their retirement accounts for deals you put together.

To make sure no investor is left behind, Glen describes the roots of individual retirement accounts from WAY back in the 70’s. Back then, Uncle Sam realized that Social Security was going to be broke at some point in the future (now), so it was important to get citizens more engaged in building an asset base capable of providing for their own retirement.  Great idea!

Big corporate employers liked it because it took the Defined Benefit monkey off their back.  Now an employer could set up a 401k and even toss in some matching funds and have ZERO exposure to the investment results.  From the corporation’s perspective, this turned out to be a great move when the stock market tanked in 2000 and again in 2008.  Investors got the shaft, while corporations were in the clear.

So the burden of asset management was transferred from professional pension plan managers and handed to the individual.  For those who put in the time and effort to get educated, it opens up a world of opportunity.  For those who don’t, they become dependent upon a growing army of Wall Street salespeople.

Wall Street liked it because now they had a short path to private investors.  Just go in and sell the employer a 401k package and get all the individuals’ retirement assets.  And to make it simple for the sales guy and the employer, most offer simple plans with few options.

Don’t get us wrong.  We know people who make a lot of money playing the stock market.  And we know a few Wall Street folks that are good guys, who are working hard to help people achieve their financial goals.   We’re not slamming those people (at least, not badly).

But for those investors who want to understand what they’re investing in, have a reasonable amount of control, and choose from the widest selection of options, Wall Street is probably not the best fit.  That’s where a self-directed retirement account can be a great tool for the educated investor.

Now there’s a few rules you MUST be aware of to do self-directed retirement account investing right.  But it’s easier to talk about what you CAN’T do because the list is short.

You can’t invest in life insurance or collectibles.  Everything else is fair game.  So real estate, private notes, shares of pre-IPO or other non-public entities (private placements), precious metals, oil; PLUS all those paper assets you’re used to from Wall Street.

Also, you can’t do business with a disqualified person or entity, which is also a short list including you, your spouse, or your ascendents and descendents.

Last, you can’t enjoy a current benefit.  Everything you do must be for the benefit of the retirement account. You have to wait until retirement to partake.

So again, the list of what not to do is pretty short.  And there’s more good news.  Opening a self-directed account and making your investments isn’t rocket science.  It’s actually pretty straight forward, though you might get some push back from your current custodian.  No one likes to lose customers.

But before you print out this blog and use it as your guide (please don’t…we’re just two guys on the radio, so be sure to use a quality custodian and consult with your tax advisor), Glen was nice enough to put together an FAQ which you can request by clicking here now.

For now, listen to this episode and discover how you can harness the power of individual retirement accounts to help yourself and others grow retirement portfolios with real assets.

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