5/8/11: Healing America…One House at a Time

Investors are playing a vital role in helping the housing market heal.  But who are these investors and how are they doing it?

To find out, The Real Estate Guys™ get face to face with the CEO of a distressed property wholesaling company that “re-allocates” over 200 houses a month.

In the radio ER for another heart-stopping episode:

  • Your host and doctor of dialog, Robert Helms
  • Co-host and bed-pan boy, Russell Gray
  • Special guest, Econohomes CEO, Jeff Ball

It seems the last decade has more than its fair share of disasters, including Katrina, the Gulf Oil spill and the Japanese tsunami – to name just a few.   And of course, how could we forget the Great American Real Estate Recession, which still seems to be years away from bouncing back.

What they all have in common is the human effort which plays such a vital role in cleaning up and rebuilding – and the fact that most of that “grunt work” goes largely unnoticed by the rest of the world.  Still, slowly, over time, because of the tenacity and talent of the individual workers, eventually the rest of the world sees recovery.

Of course, those closest to “ground zero” get to see the progress first – and they know better than anyone how far and how fast the healing is happening.

So when it comes to real estate in America, and the housing market in particular, who’s closest to the action?

You could make the argument that real estate agents or REO portfolio managers for lenders are pretty close.  But what about the individual investors who go into a devastated market and begin to buy, repair and re-sell or rent out abandoned and often dilapidated houses?  Those brave souls are arguably the closest to the trend since it’s their own initiative, planning and resources that make everything else happen.  But no one sees the fruit of their ambition until it shows up later as transactional activity.  And because they’re mostly all independent small time operators, they themselves don’t even see the collective trend they are creating.

Fortunately, Econohomes CEO Jeff Ball commissioned a study of over 1,000 individual investors to find out who they are, what they’re doing and where they’re finding inventory.  Listen in as Jeff discusses the report and what he sees for the housing market from his perspective.  And if you listen all the way through, he’ll tell you how you can get a free copy of the report for yourself!

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1/16/11: The Age of the Entrepreneur – Creating a Future and Not a Job with Ken McElroy

One of our favorite quotes comes from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky: “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

Of course, a statement like that carries even more weight because the person saying it is highly qualified to have an opinion worth listening to.

So when we think about wanting to be great real estate investors, we like to listen to people who are highly qualified to tell us where they think “the opportunity puck” is going to be.  We’re very fortunate to have access to just such a person.

Do YOU want to hear what he has to say?  We thought so!

Skating across the icy landscape of a jobless economic recovery discussing where the opportunity puck is going to be:

  • The Center of Attention, Host Robert Helms
  • Your On the Right Wing Co-Host, Russell Gray
  • Special Guest, Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor, Ken McElroy,

In case you don’t know, Ken is a self-made millionaire real estate entrepreneur.  He started out as a property manager, began investing, and then expanded by syndicating big deals.  While the rest of the world was crying about the how “bad” the real estate market was over the last two years, Ken was out acquiring over $300 million of properties – mostly apartment buildings.

In addition to being a successful businessman and prolific investor, Ken is the Real Estate Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of mega-best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Ken is also a best selling author himself.  His latest book, The Sleeping Giant, was just recently released.

But what we’ve learned about Ken is that in addition to all of the above (and being a super nice guy!), he is a very strategic thinker.  As a big time apartment investor, he pays close attention to the jobs market.  He spends a lot of time thinking about where and why jobs are being created (or not) because the need and ability to pay for housing is directly tied to jobs.

So during a phone call to discuss our upcoming Summit at Sea™ (shameless plug) where Ken will us as special guest faculty, he said he thinks he knows where the jobs puck is going. Well, THAT certainly piqued our interest, so we invited him to share his ideas with our radio audience, which is the basis for this episode.

Then, the conversation transitioned into a discussion of what someone should be doing TODAY to be ready for what’s coming tomorrow.  That led to a decision to do a special conference call with both Ken and Wayne, which we called our 2011 Conference Call to Action: Designing Your BEST YEAR EVER – Developing 20/20 Hindsight in 2011. We actually recorded and released the conference call first because we didn’t want to wait for the next radio show broadcast to get the information out.

So rather than steal any of the thunder from what Ken says in this episode, just listen in and you can hear from Ken directly.


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7/4/10: Profiting from Your Vacation – Exploring New Markets in Your Bathing Suit

Most people don’t get into real estate investing because they like tenants, toilets and all the tribulations you go through. And most of the time, they don’t get into properties they would like to live in or visit on vacation.  In fact, most investors would be happy if they never saw their properties.  That’s probably why stock investing is so popular.  You just buy a line item on your brokerage statement.  You never visit the company or meet the management.  It’s all very sterile and anesthetized.  Maybe that’s why you almost can’t feel it when the stock market gives you a networthectomy.  But we digress (how unusual).

Anyway, with summer time in full swing and people heading off for a well-deserved vacation, we thought it would be refreshing to talk about how to combine real estate business with vacationing pleasure.

In the radio mini-van, headed to the beach of broadcasting for fun in the sun and investing too:

  • Your host and mini-van driver, Robert Helms
  • Captain Speedo, Russell Gray
  • The Godfather of Real Estate, Bob “Board Shorts” Helms

Before we hit the road of conversation we do a quick check of the packing list.  Did we remember to pack our investor mindset?  What about our notebook to keep track of our ideas, conversations and those all important (potentially) tax-deductible expenses?

We’re all good, so off we go!

Since most people don’t vacation in C-class neighborhoods, we start our conversation on the idea of resort area investing.  But as soon as we jump out of the mini-van, we are faced with that ugly limiting belief, “I can’t afford it”.  It’s easy to look at real estate in a beautiful area and disqualify yourself before you even get started.  So we talk about how to push through the traffic of doubt in one’s mind by asking the question, “How can I afford it?”

We decide to ride this train of thought and talk about the importance of getting the right answers and advisors, by learning how to ask the right questions. Bad questions yield bad answers.  It’s like, “Which Speedo looks best on Russ?”  That’s a bad question (and worse visual) with no good answer.

Of course, we can’t miss the opportunity for some shameless self-promotion, so we hang a u-turn on the notion of making one’s vacation an opportunity to look for real estate.  What about the idea of using a real estate trip as a vacation? Many of our listeners have come with us on our Investor Summit at Sea™ or field trips to Belize, Cabo San Lucas or other fun places we’ve gone.  Even though the main purpose of the trip is to look at real estate, is it against the rules to have fun?  So, when time and budget is limited, it just makes good sense to leverage your vacation / real estate “research and development” budgets.

We have a fun time with this show.  We think you’ll like it too!

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