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On the road again….

The Real Estate Guys™ are headed to San Antonio, Texas on May 31st for The Texas Expo!

Click here to join us! C’mon!  It’ll be fun!

It’s no secret we like Texas.  After all, it’s the number one state for job creation (followed by Florida…one of our other new favorites).

Texas is also consistently rated as one of the top states to start and run a business.  No wonder they create so many jobs!

So a couple of months ago we spent the day in Houston at an all day real estate expo.  We met a lot of great folks and attended some informative educational sessions.  Most of all, we got a chance to talk with lots of people and get a street level view of all the buzz we’d been hearing about Houston.

Now, we’re headed to San Antonio.  If you don’t know it, San Antonio is the first major U.S. city on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) highway.  So when products make their way from Mexico to the U.S., they come through San Antonio.

San Antonio’s also one of the biggest cities in the U.S. and has moved up a couple of notches (currently #7) since we first started visiting there nearly 10 years ago.  And of the top 10 biggest U.S. cities, it’s the fastest growing.

So what’s so great about San Antonio?  Now that we’ve heard the buzz, we’re going to go find out as we talk to real life real estate investors that are actively investing in the San Antonio market.  And we’ll probably come back with a few interviews!

Of course, you don’t have to wait.  YOU can join us on May 31st for the Texas Expo in San Antonio, Texas.  We always like to visit with our listeners.  Why don’t ya’ll come out and say hi?

CLICK HERE now to learn more about the San Antonio Texas Expo on May 31, 2014.

Join The Real Estate Guys at the San Antonio Texas Expo on May 31, 2014




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