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Nearly all properties of all types exist in a large eco-system which includes people (demographics), businesses, governments, and property owners.  Markets are dynamic, complex, and nuanced … right down to the neighborhood.

A strong market can support and even supercharge the return on any specific property … even a weak one. A weak market is a drag on even the strongest property and best management team. So markets matter.

The secret to mastering markets is a combination of good data, context, and experienced Boots-on-the Ground insights.

Our national network of real estate agents, brokers, investors, property managers, and market analysts help us stay on top of many of the major metros … as well as hot sub-markets and several emerging and under-the-radar areas which show promise.

You can start with the free reports … and when you get SERIOUS about a market, you’ll want to sign up for the premium Market Analysis reports. These very affordable, high quality premium reports not only help you stay up to date on the markets which matter most to you, but they’re great additions to your due diligence documentation when raising money from private investors.

So grab your shopping bag, peruse the list, and load up on lots of valuable market intelligence! 

Available Market Reports ... and More Coming!


  • Little Rock


  • Phoenix


  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • Tampa


  • Atlanta


  • Boise


  • Indianapolis


  • Memphis


  • Dallas
  • Houston


  • Salt Lake City

We’re releasing TWO new markets per month, let us know which ones you’re interested in … 

Each reports invaluable economic data, real estate analysis and actionable intelligence to help you make better investing, lending and borrowing decisions.  While the emphasis is on residential real estate, these market reports are extremely useful for any niche investor to understand critical underlying economic drivers, migration patterns, and overall market vibrancy.

Consistently formatted and updated monthly (for subscribers), each report contains a TON of valuable information …

  • Local Investment Score and Rating – Scores and ratings are based on five economic factors: population growth, job growth, unemployment, changes in home prices, and affordability. Helps assess overall strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  • Forecasts – 1, 2 and 3 year forecasts at both the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) and county levels. Gain insight into the possibilities of the overall metro and where pockets of opportunity might exist between counties in the MSA.
  • Equilibrium Home Price – When actual prices are higher than the EHP, it’s an indication of an over-heated market and a gauge of how far prices may fall in a retraction to equilibrium.
  • Valuation – The percent difference EHP and current prices, which is useful to gauge how over- or under-valued a market may be.
  • Peak Quarter – The year and quarter with the highest home price value.  Provides a time frame to research correlating factors to better understand the drivers underneath peak pricing.
  • Peak Change – The percent difference between the current home price value and the peak quarter home price value.  Can help you identify upside potential and where the market may be in a cycle relative to a prior top.
  • 12 Month Home Price Change – The percent change in home values in the last 12 months.  Helps you identify new short-term pricing trends as they emerge.
  • Local Market Risks Premium – This is a factor which can be used to adjust target cap rates for market risk based on the home price forecast.  The forecast is based on changes in prices causes by both economic forces, market cycles, and pricing inefficiencies.
  • Current Monthly Rent – This data is gleaned from the annual American Community Survey with quarterly updates and forecasts based on inflation, and pressure from jobs and home prices.
  • Home Price to Rent Ratio – Also known as Gross Rent Yield, the Price to Rent Ratio is one of the most useful metrics there is for determining the cash flow potential of a market compared to other markets.
  • PLUS … essential economic data including Population, Unemployment Rate, Job Growth, Employment by Industry, and Single- and Multi-Family Housing Permits.

Critical market intelligence so you can see opportunities and challenges early enough to take effective action!


Single Market

$ 97 per Report

  • ONE Report on ONE Market
    ONE time

6 Individual Market

$ 197 for 6 Reports

Less than $33 per report!
  • One Report for EACH of SIX Markets
    ONE time

3-Market Monthly
Reports Subscription

$ 297 Yearly

Less than $9 per report!
  • One Report for EACH of THREE Markets EVERY MONTH

6-Market Monthly
Reports Subscription

$ 497 Yearly

Less than $7 per report!
  • One Report for EACH of SIX Markets EVERY MONTH
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