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Santa’s finished with his list. Now it’s YOUR turn.

Here we are on the threshold of a brand new year.  No matter your age or station in life, this new year is the first of the rest of your life.  No one really knows how many he or she has left.

What’s on YOUR list for 2014?

While getting gifts is great, what’s truly enriching is setting goals and achieving them.  In other words, often the treasure isn’t in the having, it’s in the earning – who you become through the effort, and how you feel about the result when attained.

How to set and keep compelling goalsSadly, far too many people pour too much effort into pursuing things that don’t have much meaning or reward when finally attained.

We’re not judging what someone should value.  Values are highly personal.  And that’s the point.

Often our values are assigned to us by parents, spouses, children, employers, partners…even (especially?) the media.  And we dutifully go about living out these external values without ever taking the time to explore our own heart.

Then we wake up one day disappointed and disillusioned, wondering why we have so much, yet feel so empty.

Real estate is just a financial vehicle…a way to make money.  And money is just a tool to store, transport and exchange value.  The key word is value.

To give your money and investing true value to YOU, what it does for you needs to be based on what’s important to you.  Yes, it’s all about you and that’s okay.  As the old proverb says, “Don’t muzzle the ox while he treads out the grain.”

In other words, if you’re going to do the work, it’s only fair that your “hunger” is satisfied.

So what are YOU hungry for?  What do you REALLY want?  When they turn the light off on your life, how do you want to have lived?  What will be your legacy?

Hopefully, your “list” will have lots of boxes checked off and you’ll have few important things left undone.

But with so many things to do, that may seem impossible, right?  So much to do and so little time!

So you can see the importance of making your list carefully.  Keep distractions off it.  Stay focused on what really matters to you.  Then stay busy working on keeping the main things the main things.

It sounds so easy.  Of course, if it was easy, everyone would do it and a quick look around tells you that most people don’t.  That’s because it isn’t easy.  And that’s what makes it so rewarding.

We choose to go to the moon because it is hard - John F. Kennedy“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.” – John F. Kennedy

What’s YOUR moon project?  What goals will serve to organize and measure the best of your energies and skills?  What challenges are YOU willing to accept, are unwilling to postpone, and you intend to win?

It’s a BIG question.  More importantly, it’s the RIGHT question.  One that too few people even ask, much less take the time to answer.  Even answering this question is hard work.  Is it a challenge you are willing to accept, unwilling to postpone, and intend to win?
We hope so.  And we’re here to help.

There is an art and science to asking and answering the questions which create life-changing compelling goals.

Each year, we produce an event that provides the environment and structure to help you unleash the compelling goals within you.  Of course, for you to benefit, you have to be there.

So click here now to make your plans to join us at Creating Your Future – The 2014 Goals Retreat in beautiful San Diego, California on January 10-12, 2014.

Yes, there are many things competing for your time and attention.  You probably have a big list of chores and projects waiting for you.  Maybe there are parties or family commitments.  We understand.  They’re all important.

But what greater gift could you give to all the people who care about you and count on you than to get clear, focused energized and busy finding and fulfilling your personal mission?  We’re guessing the people you love will all be better served by a better you.

We’re not telling you what to do.  We’re just trying to help you find the right answer by asking the right question, which is what Creating Your Future is all about.

Click here now to make your plans to join us at Creating Your Future – The 2014 Goals Retreat in beautiful San Diego, California on January 10-12, 2014.


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