Podcast: Three Ways to Get Started in Apartment Investing

Apartment investing is one of the hottest niches in real estate. And for good reason!

Apartments provide economies of scale, lots of cash flow, great tax breaks, and many financing options.

Making the leap into bigger building can be intimidating at first … but it’s actually easier than you may think.

So tune in as our special guest Brad Sumrok explains three ways you can get started in apartment investing … and how you can find out where he thinks the best opportunities are heading into 2020.

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Apartment Investor Training – Brad Sumrok

Apartment Investor Training – Brad Sumrok


Break into investing in Multi-Family Apartments! Brad Sumrok can help you …


Life in the corporate rat race wasn’t Brad Sumrok’s style.  So, in 2002, he jumped into real estate investing.  In just three years, he was able to retire from his corporate job with over $1,000,000 in PROFIT.  

Now Brad is putting his knowledge and experience to work for investors like you.  

Through his Apartment Investor Weekend Training, Brad educates investors on what he likes to call the “Rat Race 2 Retirement.”  

In two jam-packed days of content and training, Brad shares his entire process step-by-step with specific how-to’s gleaned from his own investing experience. Network with like-minded investors and learn how to earn double digits by investing in apartments.  

We’ve been to Brad’s training ourselves. We loved what he had to say so much, we’ve had him join us as a faculty member on the Summit at Sea™! 

Learn more about what Brad’s experience can do for you!  Simply complete the confidential form below …