What this legendary real estate investor is buying NOW …

Even though most of us will never become billionaires, it’s sure fun trying.

But if we want to have a chance of making it BIG, it’s probably smart to watch and listen to those who’ve actually done it.

After all, as Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.”

To which the Godfather of Real Estate, Bob Helms, adds … “You don’t need to give natural childbirth to a good idea … you can adopt!”

So when multi-billionaire real estate investor Sam Zell has something to say, we pay attention and take notes.

In a recent appearance on Bloomberg News, Zell reveals what he’s doing right now and why.  It’s a short clip, and you can watch it here.

There are some great pearls of wisdom to glean … and if you’ve been followingThe Real Estate Guys™ for a while, some of them will sound familiar.

But that’s not because we’re super smart.  It’s more because we’re well- informed from spending quality time with lots of really smart people.

Sam Zell is buying gold … for the first time in his life.

We think that’s REALLY interesting.

Of course, we’ve been following gold for quite some time … for a lot of reasons.

So while it’s interesting that Zell is buying gold for the very first time in his long and uber-successful investing career … what’s even MORE intriguing is WHY.

In the interview, Zell offers up two reasons.  One is obvious.  The other is more subtle … and leads to some even more subtle lessons.

All this from a guy who wrote a book titled Am I Being Too Subtle?

First, Zell says he’s buying gold because of the supply and demand dynamic.  He overtly states he sees gold supply constrained going forward.

It’s obvious from Zell’s comments that it’s important to understand supply and demand when investing in anything, because …

When supply is low relative to demand, there’s opportunity.

Yes, we realize that’s Investing 101.  But it’s also a GREAT reminder that even at the billionaire level, successful investing is based on basic, timeless concepts.

However, there’s MORE to be gleaned from Zell’s comments about gold …

While he openly explains that he sees the supply being constrained, he onlyimplies his confidence in persistent demand for gold.

 After all, if supply drops … but demand drops too … there’s no imbalance, and therefore, no opportunity.  Zell’s too smart to miss that.

So Zell must see gold demand holding … or increasing.

That means the supply and demand dynamic in gold is SO compelling that billionaire Sam Zell is buying gold for the FIRST time in his EPIC career.

That’s telling in and of itself.  But wait!  There’s more …

In addition to constrained supply combined with persistent and growing demand going forward … Zell must think the opportunity in gold is quite good right now relative to other investment options.

Which begs the question …

What’s different in TODAY’s world to push the prospects for gold so high up Sam Zell’s priority ladder?

After all, he’s been around a LONG time … through stock market crashes, recessions, financial crises.  What’s different NOW that makes gold alluring? 

That’s a topic too big for this commentary … and our limited brains …

… but it will be a hot topic of discussion with gold experts Brien Lundin, Dana Samuelson and Peter Schiff aboard the upcoming Investor Summit at Sea™.

We’re guessing part of the answer is wrapped up in Sam Zell’s second subtle comment …

Sam Zell is buying gold as a “hedge.”

Hmmmm … that’s interesting.   A hedge against what?

Investopedia defines a hedge this way …

“A hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset. Normally, a hedge consists of taking an offsetting position in a related security.”

Well, THAT’S interesting.

So Zell is using gold to “reduce the risk of adverse price movement in an asset.”

And he apparently considers gold to be highly useful as “an offsetting position in a related security.”

Which begs yet another question …

What asset / related security is Zell worried about … for the first time in his long and illustrious career?

Our guess is it’s the U.S. dollar.  In fact, we’d bet a beer on it.

And there’s one more clue we think bolsters the argument Zell is hedging the dollar …

Zell is bullish on oil.

 Wow.  What a coincidence …  our recent episode on precious metals was immediately followed with an episode on oil and gas.

Maybe Zell’s been listening to The Real Estate Guys™ radio show???

Um, probably not.

More likely, we’re learning a lot from all the smart folks we hang out with and listen to … and we’re starting to think like billionaires.  We hope so.

So why oil?

Also coincidentally … just a week before the Sam Zell interview was published, we published our weekly newsletter and talked about … oil.

So we won’t take time here to explain why we think oil could be a big story going forward.  You can read our thoughts here.

But this Zell interview affirms what we and many of our big-brained pals have been monitoring carefully for several years …

The dollar is under attack … from both internal and external forces.

So anyone who earns, invests, borrows, lends, or denominates net worth in dollars … most likely YOU … should probably take steps to become more aware and better prepared.

After all, if multi-billionaire real estate investor Sam Zell is hedging against the dollar … it’s smart to pay attention and consider doing the same.

Until next time … good investing!

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3/25/12: Finding a Golden Real Estate Agent and Developing Your Midas Touch

The right real estate agents are worth their weight in gold.  Part of developing your Midas Touch is learning how to find great agents and work effectively with them.

And speaking of Midas Touch, best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki calls in to share some thoughts about his new book by the same name.  He wrote it with some guy named Donald Trump.  We hear he’s a pretty successful real estate guy and businessman.  So you can bet there are some nuggets of gold in this episode!

The golden voices featured into today’s enriching episode:

  • Your host, the golden boy of real estate radio, Robert Helms
  • A man who’s nickname for this episode is the Goldfather of Real Estate, Bob Helms
  • Special guest, our 2012 Summit at Sea™ featured faculty member and co-author of The Midas Touch, Robert Kiyosaki

As Mr. Kiyosaki reminds us deep into the broadcast, “You can’t do a good deal with a bad partner.”  We think we can safely add to that, “or a bad real estate agent.”

The very term “agent” means that the real estate agent you choose represents YOU.  Sometimes we act like they’re just checkout clerks at the grocery store (with all due respect to checkout clerks at the grocery store).  But a real estate agent isn’t just processing a transaction.  He (or she) is representing YOU in the marketplace…your agent, your mouthpiece.

Long time listeners will remember all our rants our reputation and that good deals go to people who have great relationships.  Now if you’re agent in a market is a schmuck, guess what the effect is on YOUR reputation in that market?  Of course, when you stop and think about it, it’s “Duh!’.  That’s why we do these shows.  So we all stop and think about these things.

Now that we’ve covered the obvious, the bigger discussion is about HOW you find a great agent and work effectively with them.  Since this isn’t a transcript of the show, but an enticement to get you to listen, we won’t belabor the details in this blog.  But considering The Goldfather has been investing since 1957 and brokering since 1980, you can be sure he knows a little bit about the topic.  And of course, Robert worked side by side with Bob for nearly 20 years before hanging up his license and becoming a hot shot radio talk show host.

Half way through the show, we take a call from our very good friend, Robert Kiyosaki.  We’re just days away from hanging together with several dozen (actually over 200!) investors and faculty for our 10th annual Investor Summit at Sea™.  But don’t worry about a sales pitch because the Summit is SOLD OUT.  Don’t cry.  There’s always next year.   But be sure to get on the Advance Notice list, or you might miss the boat next year.

Mr K (as we call him, since we have our own Robert in the house) tells us about his latest book, The Midas Touch.  And he shares some interesting personal insights into Donald Trump, now that they’ve written two books together.

Kiyosaki and Trump are also speaking together at live events promoted by the National Achievers Congress.  We’re obviously bug fans of Robert, but we’ve also seen Mr. Trump speak live a few occasions and he’s been great.  Much of TV (and radio) is scripted, edited and produced for brevity, so it’s a real treat to hear icons of success like Trump and Kiyosaki (did we mention Tony Robbins is also speaking?) live and raw.  Plus, there’s just something about getting out and away from the computer, phone and other noise of our daily routines to soak in knowledge and networking at a live event.

To learn more about the upcoming National Achievers Congress, visit SeeTrumpLive.com.  We’ll be there.  We hope you are too!

For now, enjoy this week’s episode of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show!


Trump, Kiyosaki and Robbins LIVE in San Jose, California April 10-12, 2012

See Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins LIVE and IN PERSON April 10-12, 2012 in San Jose, California!

If you’re reading this, then we’re guessing you care deeply about your personal success. You probably want more than you have and are looking for great ideas to help take you to the next level. Congratulations! You’re in the right place.

In every generation there are people who become living legends, icons in their field and powerful brands that millions of people recognize and identify with.

In personal development and motivation, no one is more recognized than Anthony Robbins. Millions of people around the world including actors, athletes, captains of industry, powerful politicians and ordinary people of all types have turned to Anthony Robbins to make life-changing breakthroughs in their personal achievement.

Robert Kiyosaki has impacted the lives of tens of millions of people through his teachings on personal finance, investing and entrepreneurship. His signature book, Rich Dad Poor Dad has been translated into dozens of languages and is the best-selling financial book in history.

And of course, Donald Trump is one of the best known real estate and media personalities on the planet. He almost needs no introduction.

What do these amazing achievers have in common and how can they help you?

We can’t presume to speak for any of them (that’s why you should go hear what have to say for yourself), but based on our conversations with Robert Kiyosaki, reading several of each guy’s books, and having seen them all speak several times, we have some ideas.

First, they want to make a difference in the world. Just like Steve Jobs told John Sculley when he was recruiting him away from Pepsi to join Apple, their businesses are bigger than just making money. They want to change the world.

Next, they know the power of ideas. Each one, in their own way, talks about how super-achievers think. And that the difference between being average and being exceptional starts with what’s happening inside your head. Read any of their books and it becomes very clear that they all believe in the power of the mind.

We also think they understand the power of being there. All of these guys, and especially Trump, can reach millions of people through media for a lot less hassle than flying into San Jose to talk to a few thousand people in a conference center. And none of them need the speakers fees. It’s obviously important to them to be there live.

We know that when you get people in a room to hear a live presentation, it is so much more powerful than watching the TV or listening to the radio. That’s why, even though we’re radio guys, we still do live events. It’s harder for us, but it’s more impactful for the audience.

After all, what is the value of just one good idea? Especially when you hear it in an environment where it can really sink in. We can’t promise this event will change your life. But it might. One thing’s for sure. If you’re NOT there, then nothing they say will make a difference for you.

It’s why we make it a point to attend live events and encourage all of our listeners to do the same. We don’t know how many more opportunities you’ll have in your life to see any or all of these three living legends speak live, but they’ll be in San Jose in April. We’re going to be there and we encourage you to be there too!