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1/17/10: Organizing Your Real Estate Investing Business

This is the time of year when you find out how organized (or not) you are.  The holidays are a distant memory, football games are few and far between, and all your year end statements are coming in.  Plus, it’s not only a brand new year, but a brand new decade!  It’s hard to believe Y2K was ten full years ago!

For this week’s show, we thought it would be fun…okay, it’s not really very fun…let’s say, “useful” to focus on organizing your real estate investing business.  It’s one thing to know it’s important to do, but it’s a completely different thing to actually know what what to do and then actually do it.  We can’t help you in the “actually doing it” department.  That’s up to you.  But we can give you some practical things to think about from our experiences and observations over the years!

Sitting upright behind the shiny microphones in The Real Estate Guys’ studios – with their pencils neatly lined up and every hair in place (those that are left) are:

•    Your prim and polished host, Robert Helms
•    Co-host and chief pencil sharpener, Russell Gray
•    The Godfather of Real Estate, Bob I-never-forget-where-anything-is Helms
•    Special Guest, technology guru and creator of The Real Estate Investor’s Virtual Office, Adrian from

Working from efficiently typed and indexed notes, The Real Estate Guys kick off this episode discussing the important role of your Personal Investment Philosophy and Strategy – and the significant impact they have on how you organize your real estate investing business.

Staying to the script, we move on to the topic of finding and organizing the team of advisors you’ll need to be able to gather and interpret information and opinions to help  you make good investing decisions.

Have you noticed how many different contacts, documents and factoids you have to keep track of as a real estate investor?  And if you have multiple properties in multiple states, the confusion can multiply pretty fast!  What’s an investor to do?

Thankfully, our special guest Adrian from TREIVO is one of those technology wizards who decided rather than complain about being buried in minutiae, he’d design a system to keep track of everything.  So we took some time to get to know him and find out how his systems can help organize our real estate investing for better profitability.

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