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Ben says the recession is over!



Well, that’s what Ben Bernanke said.  But what does that mean to you?

It depends on who you are.  Which brings up the next VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who are you?

If you’re a seller, life still sucks.  The recession is NOT over for you.

If you’re a landlord with POSITIVE CASH FLOW, then you can hold on until we return to “target” inflation of 3-4% (which is the Fed’s proclaimed goal).  Of course, if you’re way upside down, it may take years to get back to even.  Not as bad as being a seller right now, or trying to hold on with negative cash flow and negative equity.  But still not great.

BUT…if you’re a BUYER in this market, LIFE IS GOOD!


Many believe most of the DOWNSIDE IS OVER.  So prices are low, but so are interest rates. How often does THAT happen?  Rents in markets with strong economies remain comparatively strong.  Low Prices + Low Interest Rates + Strong Rents = POSITIVE CASH FLOW!

Imagine a market where:

  • PRICES ARE LOW enough to easily fit under the FHA and Fannie/Freddie guidelines.  This means financing is available to buyers, which helps increase demand and bolster values.  And if you’re far enough below those loan limits, there’s room for prices to rise while still having affordable loans available to finance purchases.
  • JOBS and INCOMING MIGRATION are STRONG.  People with jobs make GREAT tenants!
  • RENTS are HIGH compared to the prices.  Positive cash flow!
  • VALUES HELD UP through the recession. A market with proven resiliency!

Is this Fantasyland?  No.  It’s DALLAS Texas!

(WARNING: Shameless self promotion to follow. Parents, ask you children to leave the room.)

The Real Estate Guys want to take YOU to Dallas on an educational 3 day FIELD TRIP. “Educational” means that no one is going to lock you in a room and subject you to hard closing manipulative sales tactics.  If you’re into that kind of thing, let us know and we’ll set up a timeshare field trip ;-).

Our trips are always fast paced, fun and highly educational.  You’ll hear from local market experts and tour a variety of sub-markets, while learning what Robert Helms looks for when doing market due diligence.

A field trip with The Real Estate Guys is a VERY EFFICIENT WAY TO LEARN a new market because all of the advance work is done.  You’ll discover more about Dallas in this one trip than if you took multiple trips on your own.

Click here to learn more.

Hope you decide to join us in Dallas!


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