Paraguay Citrus & Greenhouse
Plantation Tour

October 15-19, 2022

Discover the exciting growth potential of agricultural investing in Paraguay, presented by The Agri-Terra & Paraguay Ag Invest Team!
The tour will be packed with education … and produce!  Plus you’ll dive deep into a real-life farming operation and get an opportunity to get in the game of global investing in the agricultural space. 
Food is a commodity everyone needs.  In a bubble market, concerned investors are drawn to farmland and agricultural commodity investments.
Owner and CEO of Agri-Terra KG, Carsten Pfau, will spend some time teaching about what to look for when considering investing globally in agriculture.
While jurisdictions, property rights, and natural resources are not created equal all over the globe … there is growing opportunity in offshore agriculture that savvy investors are picking up on.
Agricultural investments give you the chance to make long-term, consistent income.  
Now you can explore how to farm for profit … without getting your hands dirty!
Discover a couple of ways you can get paid for meeting the global needs of the ever-increasing demand for FOOD  … by owning farmland and “little greenhouses”.
Carsten Pfau and his experienced team will guide you on a tour of Paraguay Ag Invest’s beautiful plantations.

During your tour of the Paraguay plantations, you’ll ….

  • Experience first hand the agricultural strength of Paraguay and why it is highly rated by many investment experts today.
  • Visit our citrus plantations with over 385,000 trees of different varieties and ages up to 6 years old.
  • Visit our Nueva Italia greenhouse operation, where you will see the most modern technology producing delicious red & yellow peppers and tomatoes.
  • Meet the experienced local farming engineers and staff.
  • Join Carsten Pfau, Agri Terra Group CEO for dinner, listen to his experiences in Paraguay over the past 25 years, and ask him all of your important questions
  • Experience another culture, meet other like-minded investors, and have FUN!

Trip Diary:

Each tour may vary slightly.  Upon reservation you’ll receive the latest agenda.

Saturday –
 Arrive in Panama, have dinner with the Paraguay Ag Invest team who will accompany you to Paraguay
Sunday  – Depart for Paraguay on an afternoon flight to Asuncion, arriving before midnight
Monday – Some morning R&R after traveling, mid-day educational lunch presentation, welcome dinner with Carsten Pfau
Tuesday – Full day citrus and greenhouse plantations tour, closing dinner with Carsten Pfau
Wednesday – Departure for Panama & Home
You’re the guest of honor!  All your ground transportation to and from the airport, your stay in a 5-star hotel and all your delicious meals are covered.  (You pay for your airfare)
Spaces are limited in order to ensure the best possible experience.

October 15-19, 2022

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