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A holiday musing of clarity and focus

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through my life,

Were big dreams and false-starts all buried in strife.

My to-do list was hung on my computer with care,

In hopes a ‘round-to-it soon would be there.

My family and friends are supportive and kind,

They really don’t know that I’m losing my mind.

My high hopes and big dreams seem so real in my heart,

But a sad lack of focus has hindered my start.

I run from one thing, and then on to another,

Tugged at by fires I’m expected to smother.

Smiling and laughing, I pretend it’s okay,

I fixate my hope on that elusive “someday.”

But the days pass by quickly and soon become years.

And when I’m alone, my smiles turn to tears.

I’m not hopeless or failing … I’m just certain there’s more.

I feel trapped in this life, but can’t find the door.

I know that it’s out there, if I could just see more clearly.

I’d run like a cheetah and grab my dreams dearly.

A life so worth living, every moment a treasure.

Good health, friendships, love, and success in good measure.

But just as I go to shut down for the day,

An email hits my inbox and shows me the way.

It’s clever and funny, but more importantly, clear …

Revealing the secret for a successful New Year …

It says high achievers all have this ace in the hole …

They take time to dream big, and then write down their goals.

I’d heard this before, but could it truly be …

The key to action which matters … is a more focused me?

Say NO to the good to make room for the great!

If I want more things done, I need LESS on my plate.

I’m not tired … I’m bored. I need goals that inspire.

A compelling WHY is the fuel for a life full of fire.

But it takes time and deep focus to dig into one’s heart.

Asking great questions is the best place to start.

Two days in a workshop, away from the grind …

Connecting dreams from my heart to the will of my mind.

Now it’s time to decide. With my future at stake …

To wait again for “someday” would be a mistake.

If goals are the secret, I just need to know how …

I’m committed to action, so I’m clicking here NOW >>



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