Timber, Coconut, Coffee & Real Estate Discovery Tour



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Come spend an informative, relaxing weekend in sunny, beautiful Nicaragua, getting to know the best potential tenants you’ll ever meet. 

They’re quiet. They make no demands. Best of all, they always pay the rent on time … that’s right, these tenants aren’t people. They’re trees!  

In the words of Jeremy Grantham, timber is “the only low-risk, high return asset class.” 

Here at The Real Estate Guys™, we’re a big fan of getting our boots on the ground. So when we spot an interesting trip hosted by someone else, we like to give it a shout out. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what past tour participants had to say: 

“There was no pressure, no hard sell, just good honest people who work hard.” – Carl Z.  

“I found what I was looking for, a company I could trust.” – Steve T. 

“I was apprehensive at first, but am so happy I decided to go.”  – Tina W. 

Precious Timber’s two-day tours offer investors an opportunity to get to know their exciting asset classes in a welcoming, educational environment.  

A preview of what you’ll get to experience: 


Still not convinced? Consider these benefits of expanding your portfolio with Precious Timber’s alternative assets: 

  • Privacy, asset protection, and tax benefits from investing offshore 
  • Socially conscious investing that produces jobs and bolsters the local environment 
  • Environmentally conscious investing in a renewable resource 
  • Direct ownership of real assets 
  • Long-term growth with market-beating returns 

Sound like a smart investment?  Come see for yourself …

On Precious Timber’s discover tour, designed for accredited investors only, you’ll experience two due-diligence focused, fun-filled days. Itinerary highlights below: 


  • Visit local charitable works 
  • Tour mature precious hardwood trees in Sapoa and Guadalupe forests 
  • Lunch and tour at La Rejega Coconut Plantation 
  • Beach-front dinner 


  • Tour young precious hardwood trees in La Estancia Forest 
  • Tour the Valle Nuevo Amanecer Coconut Plantation 
  • Message from the CEO + Q & As 
  • Visit Paradise Bay (an oceanfront residential property) & the Pacific coastline 

Each tour is limited to 12 people to maximize investor experience and provide a collegial environment. Spots fill up quickly, so if you’re interested, get in touch NOW!  

Dates coming soon!

Get on the advance notice list to be among the first

to know when we schedule our next trip.