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What happens when you mix Quality Properties, Quality Neighborhoods, and Quality Tenants?  Trouble-Free Passive Income


Take the headache out of real estate investing…

American Real Estate Investments takes pride in providing the highest quality properties throughout the United States.  When you invest with them you’ll feel safe and secure knowing you have truly TURNKEY PROPERTIES.

Discover how this knowledgeable and trustworthy team can help you expand your portfolio with…

  • Stable A-Class Single Family Investment Properties
  • In Growing Metropolitan Areas (like Dallas/Fort Worth)
  • That have been Fully Rehabilitated
  • And have in place a Qualified Business Professional Tenant

Sound too good to be true?  Find out how John’s team continues to find GOOD DEALS in GROWING MARKETS.

Contact American Real Estate Investments today and discover how YOU can increase headache-free CASH FLOW.