Recommended Reading and More!

Dewey Johnson – The Real Estate Guys’ Bookstore Manager

Finding the best books and training on real estate investing can be daunting!  However, a great book or training program can be worth far more than it’s weight in gold, so it’s worth the work!

That’s why we have Dewey, our bookstore Manager.  He just looks smart, doesn’t he?  Well, Dewey digs around libraries and bookstores and comes back with all kinds of treasures.  We review them and put the best ones on our Recommended Reading list.

So that’s what you’ll find in our bookstore.  All the good stuff.  Because there’s no question that to be successful, you need to fill your mind with great ideas.

Now Dewey works really hard. But you can help him out!  If you find a great program you want us to know about, use our Feedback page to let Dewey know.  Then he’ll order us a review copy and if we dig it too, you may just see it on our store with a shout out to you for helping us find it.

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